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An Interview with Kola Boof, one of my favorite writers

An Interview with Kola Boof, one of my favorite writers

An interview with Kola Boof, a writer who dedicated her autobiography to the Atlantic Ocean.


Tell me about Undefeated: A North African Writer’s Support for Israel. You said it’s very personal. What do you mean by that?

This book is personal because of my lifelong desire to see the Arab Muslim empire lose control of North Africa. I am an African mother; my life has been ruined by vaginal cutting done to me, as well as the assassination of my parents for speaking against slavery in Sudan. I feel that Islam via Shariah Law is the cruelest and most destructive institution on earth. The Arabs enslaved my people for 1,400 years and continue to do so. My people back home are like ghosts in my mind beckoning me to rise up and speak for them. So that I must do.

Why are you publishing this book yourself?

None of my regular publishers would touch it. White Western corporations fear being called “racist” and Islamophobic. But more than that, it’s crucial that I write about this from the heart with no Western camel shit, no political correctness. I’ve never self-published before now.

You told me that you want to change the way black Americans view Israel. Could you please elaborate?

Black Americans don’t have their own country and don’t know the history or the full extent of the Arab destruction of Africa. Black American activists do not center on Africa and the best interests of Africans when looking at the Middle East. They somehow think being enslaved by Arabs is better than having an Israeli kick us out with a check for $3,000. They have been fed on anti-Israel propaganda and fail to see that the Arab states are one hundred times worse.

Black Americans tend to think they’re morally superior to the people who have recently—key word—recently oppressed and conquered us. This moralizing leads to a lack of strategy. I feel if they read my book, it will be a lot harder for them to demonize Israel and romanticize Palestine and Islam. It will also make them realize what power and riches the Black Race could have if we stopped being the “slave-mentality” water boys for Arab Islam. The Arabs make $100 trillion a year off Africa’s land and oil. They own more infrastructure in Africa than Blacks and Whites combined. We should be helping Israel whoop the shit out of the Arabs!

How did you become such a passionate supporter of Israel?

My modeling career began in Tel Aviv in 1994. I’ve lived there twice and in Haifa. I had wonderful experiences in Israel. My husband is a White Ashkenazi Jew. But most of my passion for Israel comes from watching my birth parents murdered in front of me in Sudan by the Murahaleen when I was six. It comes from the chronic abuse I experienced as a Sunni Muslim girl child; it comes from watching Arab Muslim imperialism enslave, occupy, and choke Africa into a new colonialism that is ignored. The Arabs waged genocide in Sudan. They even exterminated Black Muslims in Darfur. They enslaved many of the Dinka, Nuer and Shilluk people. My passion is about wanting to see North African Blacks ally with Israel so that we too can overcome the Arabs and get our land and oil back.

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Your bio says that you have no formal education. How in the world did you learn to write the way you do?

From reading the very best literature since I was fourteen and could finally command English. All my life, the public library has been my second home. God bless America for having such monstrous wealth to offer children free libraries to live in. And I also slept with very smart professors and powerful, smart men. The male Nerd is my God. I always tell women, “It’s not enough to be on your back going up the ladder—it has to be the right men.” But you see, candid observations like that one are why Americans find me so polarizing and unsettling.

You’ve been the target of much criticism. Who criticizes you and why?

Arab Islam and Arab-American businessmen spend enormous money via expert David Hoile—smear-campaign champion of ESPAC in Germany—to slander and silence me because of my views on Arab Muslim imperialism and political Islam. But it’s important to mention that I hold views that are extremely controversial to a number of groups. For instance, I fully reject the American one-drop blood rule, and that infuriates mixed race Blacks, African-American academics, and the American Black upper class. I am also constantly accused of hating Black men. In reality, I actually feel a great love for Black men. I’m the mother of two Black men. But the general Colorism, the pimp-mentality Negro version of patriarchy, and the lack of strategy in political matters has debilitated the African race. Black men, no matter how much I love them, have not adequately loved me, The Black Woman, and have been leading us the wrong way for a very long time.

I am also hated for wanting to abolish all man-made religions. I tell hard truths about Islam, and I talk openly about being vaginally infibulated. To avoid deportation in 2002, I confessed to the U.S. State Department about my relations with Osama Bin Laden and Hassan al-Turabi, which infuriated the experts who make their living writing about those men, notably Peter Bergen, who viciously attacked me to the point that he slipped up and made inaccurate claims about Ayman al Zawahiri’s imprisonment in Dagestan, but it turned out my autobiography—and not Mr. Bergen—had the accurate account. Mr. Bergen was also caught lying on me. He contacted many journalists and universities and spread very damaging false information about me. It was an outright smear campaign.

When MSNBC featured me in a two-part interview and billed me as “former Bin Laden” mistress without using the word “alleged” (because they had fact-checked me for two weeks on their own), Bergen threatened and attacked them. He and Hoile have also been instrumental in intimidating universities into not inviting me to speak. Hoile told a major professor at Emory University, “The last thing we need is another Ayaan Hirsi Ali.” She told me that after she booked me to lecture. But it has still been extremely hard getting invites to speak due to all the smear campaigns by both Arab PR heads and journalists.

Regarding the murder of your parents, you said that it was so traumatic that it was a rebirth. You became fearless, which you describe as being ready to leave this life. How does a person live when she’s ready to go at any time?

Being a mother has anchored me. I live for my sons. If I didn’t have them, I think I might commit suicide just from sheer intellectual reckoning. This world is a pot of meaningless repetitive aging and heartbreak. But what’s on the other side? At least we know what’s here on earth, so I’m not ready enough to go see what comes after death.

What do you believe is the greatest improvement humans as a group could undertake?

We had better become environmentalists, and men had better start valuing and respecting women as their mirror reflection. Love is really all that matters—not romantic love, but the love we feel for nature, healing and life. So we need to teach empathy, love and sensitivity and get rid of these outdated religions. Love—not fear, rules and judgment—is the only thing that can redeem any of us.

It appears that you’ve lived much of your adult life under threat. Is that true, and if so, how do you handle it?

I am frightened to even answer this question because I get not only death threats—but I have suffered terrible surveillance. I don’t know if it’s the U.S. government or foreign governments doing it. But I have severe paranoia and anxiousness because of being constantly watched and threatened. In there somewhere is a protector—but I don’t know what organization that is either. It’s very scary. I almost never leave the house. I’m a recluse.

Much of your writing is about alienation. Do you still feel alienated, or have you found your place in the world?

I’m an orphan of the world. I finally accepted that it’s always going to be that way. Just when I think I fit in, something happens to show that I don’t. I’ve had a horrible life.

Since I began defending Israel, I’ve been subjected to a level of hate I never before experienced. Jew-haters are the most depraved people I’ve ever encountered. At one point I had to be hospitalized due to a severe gastritis attack. Has being the object of hate changed you in any way?

In 2008, I was successfully treated for cranial sarcoma—brain cancer—at Loma Linda’s Proton Therapy Treatment and Research Center. I feel that was a manifestation of everything that is torturing me. I was already swimming in people’s animosity. But when I married a Jewish man in 2013, it multiplied. I had never realized how intensely people hate Jews. Especially in the Black activist communities. That sincerely shocked me. But it’s real.

I know what it’s like to be almost universally misunderstood, which is why I chose my solitary life. Do you ever get the urge to simply walk away from everything?

HAHA! Yes. If I ever get some real money, like twenty million dollars, you would probably not hear from me ever again. I would spend every day fishing, cooking, gardening, watching old movies… I would build my dream house and never leave it. You see, my two husbands had money, not me. I’m a broke chick but I look rich because of these husbands. I’d definitely become an even bigger recluse if I could afford it. I’m a weary and heartbroken soul.


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