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Grady Harp review of Ghosts and Ballyhoo

Grady Harp has reviewed Ghosts and Ballyhoo on Amazon. Five stars! Thank you, Grady. I was going to write a post about how Mom’s death has left me in a state of hyper-irritation. Most of what I see and hear strikes me as unbearably trivial. The radio spews out the same set-piece political bitch-fests that…


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One of these dreams again

I had these dreams almost every night for years. This one’s different in terms of the emotional ambiance. Back in San Francisco, I went to Lola’s row house to spend the night. She wasn’t home, but I let myself in and stretched out on the sofa where I slept when I visited her. Dark outside,…


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Good old-timey nightmare

Haven’t had a nightmare like this in a long time. Though back in college, I was my present age. I shared my dorm room with Bill Carroll of KFI AM 640, Los Angeles. The room was long and narrow, like a train car, with bunk beds. Everyone else in the dorm was ecstatic at the…


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