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Explosive force can be directed and used to defeat bombs

Explosive force can be directed and used to defeat bombs

The videos coming out of Syria show new weapons. Through battle-damage assessment (BDA), I can determine what a munition is doing. Then I go looking for patents. First I found a patent for ordnance that combines fuel-air explosive (FAE) with a warhead that creates nonnuclear electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). Now I’ve located the patent for directing the explosive force of FAE.

Here it is. The patent was filed in 1967 by an inventor working for the North American Rockwell Corporation. That company no longer exists; it’s defense-contractor wing was bought by Boeing, which has a subsidiary in…Israel.

This is from the patent description.


The FAE warhead is fitted with explosives that direct the cloud of vaporized fuel before it’s ignited. You can clearly see such directed force in this video of Jaysh al-Thuwar, an Arab component of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

In the sequence below, an FAE munition hits the ground, the vapor is ejected upward, and then the shock wave of the explosive is directed downward onto terrorists in a trench.





You couldn’t ask for a better illustration of how the force from FAE munitions can now be directed. The video above proves once and for all that Jaysh al-Thuwar is comprised of professional special operators using weapons developed by Israel.

What’s so astonishing about these new munitions is that the force of the explosion can be stopped in its tracks, literally right next to a person.

An explosive that spares lives

In the video below, a BGM-71 TOW missile with an FAE warhead is fired at a communications tent guarded by an Iranian draftee.

After the explosion, the Iranian gets up and walks away.

The men who fired the missile are Arab, African, Asian, or Central Asian professional special operators. Their code of honor prevented them from killing a hapless, unarmed draftee. Therefore they let him live.

Even armed enemies are allowed to live. Below, an EMPFAE Tow missile is fired at a Syrian T-72 tank. All the screeching was dubbed in later to hide the identify of the men who shot this advanced weapon.

The tank commander was standing on the hull, leaning over, facing to the left (red arrow). You can see that the missile hit right beside him (green arrow).

This was an EMPFAE munition; a HEAT (high-explosive antitank) warhead creates a completely different fireball. In the screen grabs below, the vapor is ejected and then ignited.

When the smoke clears, the commander moves to his left and then jumps down, perfectly alive.

The ammunition in the tank caught fire, but the man in the center of the explosion survived. I think I know how these new munitions destroy and not-destroy.

Explosive versus flammable

Clouds of explosive vapor can either detonate (explode) or deflagrate (burn off). I believe that the Israelis have figured out how to control when the vapor explodes and when it burns.

The blast effects from vapor cloud explosions are determined not only by the amount of fuel, but more importantly by the combustion mode of the cloud. Significant overpressures can be generated by both detonations and deflagrations. Most vapor cloud explosions are deflagrations, not detonations. Flame speed of a deflagration is subsonic, with flame speed increasing in restricted areas and decreasing in open areas.

Significantly, a detonation is supersonic, and will proceed through almost all of the available flammable vapor at the detonation reaction rate. This creates far more severe peak over-pressures and much higher amounts of blast energy.

We’ve seen with our own eyes that the explosive force of EMPFAE munitions can be directed. It’s also apparently possible to set the intensity of the explosion by choosing how much of the fuel explodes and how much burns. The video above shows something I thought would be impossible. But it’s now reality.

Gues what? There’s yet another way to skin this cat. So to speak.

Binary liquid explosive

A binary explosive is comprised of two substances that won’t blow up until mixed together. Liquid explosives have several advantages over solids.

a. Higher energy yield.

b. More easily transported, put into munitions, and deployed on scene.

c. More easily detonated by less complex methods.

d. More easily and safely manufactured.

e. Less expensive and made from more easily obtained raw materials.

The problem is that mixing the two liquids makes a very unstable explosive that can’t be stored. Well, another patent overcomes that issue.

The two parts of the warhead are filled with different compounds that mix in flight as the munition flies toward the target. That could explain this extremely powerful, yellow-green explosion from a weapon fired by Jaysh al-Thuwar.


I’m pretty sure that the image above shows a chemical FAE. It produced no smoke, and the color of the explosion is extremely unusual.

Now, the best news of all.

Fuel-air explosive versus car bomb

The Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) are comprised of Kurds, Arabs, Syriac Christians, and Turkmens. There’s no doubt that professional special operators are attached to them in large numbers. Battle-damage assessment shows that the QSD has support from helicopter gunships, for example.


Those holes in the cement were made by .50-caliber bullets, so the gunship was almost certainly the Emirati NorthStar 407MRH.

NorthStar_ 407MRH

The QSD has released almost no combat videos. Below is an amazing piece of film that the Arab League and their allies want the world to see. It shows the QSD defeating an Islamic State vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) at Tell Abayd, Syria.

First, a man ducks under the camera.

Even as a VBIED threatens his life, he still has the presence of mind to not be caught on film. He’s the one who blew up the truck bomb. Nerves of titanium.

Heavily-caliber weapons are fired at the VBIED.

Then the man who ducked under the camera launches a shoulder-fired FAE missile.

The VBIED explodes.

However, the QSD edited out the flight of the missile. I overlaid the explosion and the millisecond before it; the two X’s show the instant change of the horizon.

Some video was removed. That’s fine. We don’t need to know the precise weapon used.

The FAE munition creates a massive fireball.

And then something almost incomprehensible happens: Since the force of FAE weapons can now be directed, the pressure wave and fragments from the VBIED are pushed into the ground. It’s as if a giant fist smashes the enemy explosion.

Tongues of earth and clouds of smoke squirt out from under the fist squashing the Islamic State blast.

The explosion is identical to the one made by Jaysh al-Thuwar in Aleppo.




There wasn’t even a shock wave from the Islamic State VBIED. The EMPFAE totally neutralized it.

Who but the Israelis could’ve developed weapons of cataclysmic violence, but for use only to render violence obsolete?

Remember when this guy accused Israel of testing murderous new weapons on civilians in Gaza?


The smirking, aging slatterns of The Electronic Intifada repeat that lie to this day.


Well, I finally have a Palestinian contact. If what he tells me is true, it means that the problems of Israelis will be over soon, courtesy of new weapons actually being used in Syria.

This story below has nothing whatsoever to do with what I’ve been talking about.

Members of Hamas’s Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades are starting to refuse orders to dig underground tunnels, which have mysteriously collapsed one after the other in recent months as the Palestinian terror group attempts to rebuild the network of cross-border attack tunnels that Israel destroyed during Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

In an open field east of Khan Younis on Thursday, a tunnel being dug by the al-Qassam Brigades collapsed, killing 31-year-old Muhammad Musa al Astal, Hamas said. Palestinian media quoted senior Hamas officials who confirmed that an additional five tunnel diggers were missing. Thursday’s tunnel collapse was the seventh such incident in recent months.

Only attack tunnels are collapsing. In Palestinian territory that’s under constant surveillance. Yet Hamas is helpless to stop it. Weird!

Invisible Hands behind the scenes
Invisible Hands to keep things clean
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Invisible Hands behind the scenes
Invisible Hands to keep things clean
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Invisible Hands behind the scenes
Invisible Hands to keep things clean
Invisible Hands to shine for you
Invisible Hands to change the function

Invisible Hands
Invisible Hands
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