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Father-son liars tell idiots what they want to hear

Father-son liars tell idiots what they want to hear

You can’t get more dishonest than the father-son duo of Sidney and Max Blumenthal. Sidney is a longtime Clinton sycophant. He was the head of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private intelligence-gathering organization, even though Blumenthal is a journalist and has no training whatsoever in spycraft. Sidney’s son Max Blumenthal is an author and journalist who’s never written a single truthful piece in his life. He has a pathological bug up his exhaust pipe about Israel. His book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel explicitly compares the Jewish state to Nazi Germany.

This is “Holocaust inversion,” a favorite strategy of the Jew-hating political left and the padded-room wing of libertarianism.

What has been called ‘Holocaust Inversion’ involves an inversion of reality (the Israelis are cast as the ‘new’ Nazis and the Palestinians as the ‘new’ Jews), and an inversion of morality (the Holocaust is presented as a moral lesson for, or even a moral indictment of ‘the Jews’). More: those who object to these inversions are told – as they were by [Liberal Democrat MP] David Ward – that they are acting in bad faith, only being concerned to deflect criticism of Israel. In short, the Holocaust, an event accurately described by Dan Diner as a ‘rupture in civilisation,’ organised by a regime that, as the political philosopher Leo Strauss observed, ‘had no other clear principle except murderous hatred of the Jews,’ is now being used, instrumentally, as a means to express animosity towards the homeland of the Jews.

Social media is a marvelous invention, but it’s also the milieu of bizarre, Jew-hating robots that spool out the same stupid memes over and over. Yesterday an imbecile told me that Zionism was modeled on fascism. If so, that would mean that Theodor Herzl had a functioning time machine, since he formally established the Zionist movement in 1897, while Benito Mussolini founded the National Fascist Party on November 9, 1921, twenty-four years later.

In all my time on social media, never once has a Jew-hater said, “Oops! I got that wrong. Sorry.” Instead, they just try to move on to the next lie. This proves that their hate isn’t based on anything real. Jew-hate comes first, and then the Jew-hater goes looking for ways to bolster the preexisting viewpoint.

I don’t know how Sidney Blumenthal feels about Israel, but he was the one who told Hillary Clinton that the September 11, 2012, attacks on the US mission and annex in Benghazi were not terrorism.

Blumenthal blamed Benghazi attack on protesters in email to Clinton

Emails reveal Hillary Clinton’s personal engagement in the political controversy that exploded in the days after the attacks.

In a memo sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a day after the Sept. 11, 2012, attack in Benghazi, Libya, longtime friend Sidney Blumenthal blamed demonstrators who were protesting “The Innocence of Muslims” video on YouTube.

According to emails obtained by The New York Times and published Thursday, Clinton forwarded the email to Jake Sullivan, a top foreign policy adviser, requesting “More info.”

These are excerpts from the actual Sidney Blumenthal e-mail, stolen from his account by a hacker named “Guccifer.”




Blumenthal indeed uses the Comic Sans font on pink, and he refers to “the highest levels of European governments,” “Western Intelligence and security services,” and “sensitive sources.”

He’s writing to the United States Secretary of State. She had what’s called “Top Secret security clearance,” on a par with that of the president. Blumenthal’s e-mail reads like a Grade Z movie script. Why did he withhold the identity of his sources? Well, because this is who they were.

Much of the Libya intelligence that Mr. Blumenthal passed on to Mrs. Clinton appears to have come from a group of business associates he was advising as they sought to win contracts from the Libyan transitional government.

Who better to analyze terrorist attacks than business associates?

The reality is that Blumenthal knew what he was expected to report. Here’s what President Obama said on January 24, 2012, in his State of the Union address.

For the first time in two decades, Osama bin Laden is not a threat to this country. Most of al Qaeda’s top lieutenants have been defeated…

Ending the Iraq war has allowed us to strike decisive blows against our enemies. From Pakistan to Yemen, the al Qaeda operatives who remain are scrambling, knowing that they can’t escape the reach of the United States of America.

It was vital that nobody admit what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012: A massive attack by al-Qaeda affiliates killed four Americans who had been warning the US government for weeks that something bad was coming their way. If Sidney Blumenthal’s sources had been worth a damn, he would’ve known immediately that Libya was the only Arab nation in which there were no demonstrations against the trailer for Innocence of Muslims. There are no media reports of protests in Libya. None.

Also, the terrorist attacks were carried out by over 150 men armed with gun trucks, rocket-propelled grenades, mortars, and heavy machine guns. That’s the equivalent of an entire company of infantry. Blumenthal told Clinton on September 13, 2012, that his sources said that Ansar al-Sharia had planned the attacks for a month, launching them under the cover of the protests.

But there were no protests. Even when he told Clinton the truth, he still lied.

Like father, like son

Sidney Blumenthal’s son Max doesn’t even bother to have “sensitive sources.” He simply makes stuff up. Here’s what he said on Twitter recently.


He’s factually incorrect, of course, as anyone with the slightest knowledge of Israel would know. The IDF won multiple tank battles in the 1982 Lebanon War, which the Israelis call Operation Peace for Galilee. During that conflict the IDF engaged tanks of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). Yes, the PLO had tanks.


It also had heavy artillery. The PLO took entire residential buildings hostage by placing their weaponry on the roofs or inside apartments.

In order to spare civilian lives, the IDF invented new methods of combat, such as dropping inert training bombs filled with cement and using self-propelled howitzers for direct fire. The M109 is meant to shoot at targets out of the crew’s line of sight—indirect fire.


Because the gun is far from the fighting, it has no armor. However, the IDF drove their M109s right up to the target and fired at it from point-blank range. This ensured accuracy, but it exposed the Israeli artillerymen to incredible danger from Syrian and Palestinian tank-killer squads. These men are armed with rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs).


Another Syrian weapon was the French-made MILAN antitank guided missile (ATGM).


But even heavy machine guns could pierce the thin skin of the M109.


To deal with Syrian tank-killer squads, the Israelis used the M163 Self-propelled Vulcan Air Defense System (VADS), a 20mm cannon that fired 100 rounds per second.

Israeli commandos also hunted the tank killers, only 10 percent of whom survived the war. Of the 800 Israeli tanks sent into battle, 150 or 19 percent were destroyed. The Syrians fared much worse: 350 of 352 tanks were destroyed or captured, a loss of 99 percent. Since the PLO was forced out of Lebanon, it lost 100 percent of its tanks.

Max Blumenthal writes for idiots and the deranged. His Twitter feed is a view into hell. Imagine the mindset of a person who thinks that the lack of transnational war involving Israel is a bad thing. Max sneers at the IDF for not having fought enemy tanks since 1982; he’s apparently too stupid to grasp the reason why the IDF hasn’t had to engage in tank warfare for over thirty-three years.

Usually you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in Max Blumenthal’s case, what you see is what you get.


He has what’s called “flat affect.”

A severe reduction in emotional expressiveness. People with depression and schizophrenia often show flat affect. A person with schizophrenia may not show the signs of normal emotion, perhaps may speak in a monotonous voice, have diminished facial expressions, and appear extremely apathetic. Also known as blunted affect.

We all have baggage; I carry several steamer trunks with me. My opinion is that those of us who’ve suffered have a greater responsibility to not cause harm. In Max Blumenthal’s robotic face, I see the damage done to him, which is why he sickens me.

Every morning he wakes up and chooses once again to cause as much destruction as he can. Instead of being honest and aiming his suppressed rage at the person who deserves it, he takes it out on people who’ve done nothing to him.

There’s no excuse for his behavior. He’s an evil bastard.

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