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Fear is your enemy

Fear is your enemy

In the war against the Islamic State, the terrorists have been granted all their victories. These triumphs were not earned. President Obama sabotaged a status of forces agreement (SOFA) with Iraq so that he could bring home all our combat troops, and then the Iraqis decided to flee from the enemy, leaving behind massive amounts of sophisticated weaponry. The Islamic State uses fear as its main weapon. When the terrorists meet the fearless, they always lose. Always.

I can provide you with endless evidence. In the Syrian town of Kobane, less than 2000 Kurdish and Arab riflemen and women held off over 10,000 Islamic State terrorists, even though the latter were armed with main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and heavy artillery. Kurdish militia called Peoples Protection Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Gel‎ or YPG), fifty members of the Free Syrian Army, and 150 Iraqi Peshmerga were on their own in Kobane from October 2, 2023 until December 26, 2015, when US and Arab air strikes began.

For multiple stupid geopolitical reasons, the world refuses to help the Kurds create First World armed forces. The Iraqis and Turks oppose arming the Kurds, which is grotesque, given that the Iraqi military excels only in retreating at warp speed, and Turkish intelligence is giving weapons to the terrorists that Turkey is pretending to fight.

One of the reasons I support Israel and the Kurds is that they’re vastly more straightforward than everyone else in the region. They’re also magnificent warriors who are not afraid. Since the world refuses to really help, the Kurds have developed tactics based on what weaponry they can obtain. A typical Kurdish assault—prior to the addition of sporadic air support form the US and other countries—began with scouts determining where the enemy was located.

In the night, Kurdish engineers with bulldozers built earthen berms around the target city. Then civilian vehicles fitted with heavy machine guns, light cannons, or recoilless rifles were parked behind the berms.

These vehicles are called “technicals.” When Kurdish assault troops advanced on a city, the technicals covered them by pouring fire onto enemy positions that the scouts had identified beforehand. Snipers with .50-calber rifles destroyed crew-served weapons such as mortars and killed terrorists with long-range shooting.


The assault infantry were typically organized into hunter-killer teams of three.

From the left: a light machine gunner, a rifleman, and a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) gunner. These are Syriac Christians; the man in the center is Swiss national Johan Cosar.

Kurdish hunter-killer teams are absolutely devastating to the enemy. However, the teams must get close enough to use their short-range weapons. They rely on the technicals and snipers to force the enemy to keep his head down. If the hunter-killer teams can get within fighting range, they’ll win. That sprint across vast open fields takes a level of courage that can’t really be comprehended.

After the hunter-killer teams destroyed the Islamic State tanks, armored vehicles, and mine resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAPs)—gifts from Iraqi soldiers running away as fast as they could—the Kurds sent in homemade tanks for mopping up.


Snotty, callous, “sophisticated” western military analysts laughed, but the tanks are incredibly effective if covered by infantry. And the Kurds always cover their tanks. Dismounted infantry watch for enemy RPG gunners or missileers. By using walk-talkies to coordinate homemade tanks with infantry, the Kurds defeated an enemy armed with state-of-the-art weaponry.

So: In Kobane about 2000 Kurdish and Arab riflemen and women stood fast against 10,000 terrorists armed with main battle tanks. In Ramadi about 6000 Iraqi defenders armed with main battle tanks fled from 150 Islamic State terrorists armed with suicide car bombs, suicide vests, and bulldozers.

The video below illustrates why we had that disparity.

May you live to be a thousand, Hazhar.

People have asked me about the French police special forces—GIGN, RAID, and BRI. Their policy is to save as many hostages as they can, at the cost of their own lives. That’s why they use pistols instead of assault rifles. They do have riflemen and men with submachine guns, but the assaulters use pistols, generally the .357 magnum revolver.


Because it’s a pistol instead of a rifle, the police must get as close as possible to the terrorists. To do this, the French have developed bulletproof shields; ballistic helmets; face protection, and body armor that covers the throat, shoulders, chest, and groin. Their arms and legs are protected by the shields—they can’t wear armor on their extremities because that would impede their movements.

I’ve never in my life seen police stand in front of a criminal who was firing an assault rifle at them from point-blank range.

The cops made an assembly line. As each officer emptied his pistol, another man smoothly took his place, creating a wall of bullets. Amedy Coulibaly was hit so many times that he was unrecognizable. He also fired over thirty rounds before making his desperate lunge for freedom.

None of the police officers even flinched as bullets went flying past his head. Special-forces wannabes criticize the French for using pistols, but the decision to carry such short-range weapons was made in order to spare civilian lives. Each French police special operator knows that he’s going to be massively outgunned, but he chooses to go into battle anyway.

The head of the French RAID revealed that his men have been trained by Israel. There’s a lot of truly amazing things happening, most of which isn’t reported by the pathetic global press. Journalists believe that Muslim terrorists have legitimate grievances, so you have to go digging to see how united the world really is in fighting depraved mass murderers.

On November 20, 2015, terrorists took over the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako, Mali. Initially it was reported that they were from the Islamic State, but they may have been members of Al Mourabitoun and Al Qaeda. If so, this attack shows that the Islamic State isn’t the only terrorist group losing its grip. The terrorists burst in, firing in all directions and screeching, “Allahu akbar!” They separated Muslims by having everybody recite an Islamic declaration of faith, and then they took 170 hostages.

From looking at all the photos, I’ve determined that the description below is the most accurate. It’s from the usually demented TASS.

Special units of the armed forces of Mali, with the support of the French security services began to assault the building and pushed the [terrorists] to the upper floors, where an intense battle continued. At that time, the armed forces with the assistance from dozens of US militaries withdrew hostages from the hotel. The Al-Mourabitoun group claimed responsibility for the attack.

This makes the most sense. Here are French special forces after the hostages had been freed.

Danish special forces.

Did you know that the Danish had special operators in Mali? I didn’t.

From, the left: Dutch, American, and French special forces.

So we have operators from five countries who slapped together a rescue operation in a matter of minutes and executed it perfectly. And the French police sent their best terrorist killers.

The cops of the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale or GIGN) are as qualified as the best army special forces. I always laugh when people mock the French. Look at the eyes, and look at the ring (red arrow).

These are men perfectly comfortable in their job, which is killing terrorists.

So don’t be afraid. Last night my overhead light suddenly turned on as I was trying to sleep. My first thought was that someone angry at me for supporting Israel had come into my house and wanted me to see him before he shot me or chopped me to pieces with a scimitar. All I could think of was, “I hope Tim will survive this.”

Tim’s my brother.

I wasn’t afraid at all. What will be, will be. I know I take a risk by supporting Israel. But I can’t live in fear. I waited; there was no noise. Eventually I got out of bed and made a search of the house. Nothing.

You know who turned on my light?


Brother Cat. After I turned off the light, I hid in the bathroom and watched as he jumped up and pushed the switch. Has anybody in the history of pet ownership ever heard of a cat that turns on the overhead lights? Is he a sadist or a scientist?

I wasn’t going to post about this, but since the French have published this photo, that means they want people to know. This is the special-forces assault formation, which dates back to the trenches of World War I.

First we have the shield carrier. Next to him is a man armed with a 12-gauge shotgun. A second shotgun is behind them, and then come two operators with drawn pistols and slung rifles. The final two members carry submachine guns. Everyone wears heavy body armor and ballistic face protection.

Do you know who they are? The French Air Force Groupe Investigation-Exfiltration. Air force investigators. The original caption says that this is how they “call upon a person of interest.”

How hilariously, sardonically…French.

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