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Goodbye, Bakr boys

Goodbye, Bakr boys

Tonight I sent the final material to the Los Angeles filmmaker who says he’ll do a documentary about the Bakr boys, the four children Hamas murdered in order to smear the Israeli Defense Forces. I’ll be available to answer questions, but in all other ways, I’m finished with this atrocity.

My first two attempts at having a film made ended in disaster. I was fleeced out of a massive amount of money. This time I’m not financing the project. It won’t be mine in any way, except that I provided the information.

Crawling inside the crime was one of the worst experiences of my life, because it confirmed too many of my suspicions. In order to solve the murders, I had to think like a murderer, and that resulted in me remembering what I’d blocked out from my childhood. There’s no relief in remembering. In fact, remembering has made me feel much worse.

But since I’m no longer immersed in the details of child-murder, I expect to recover some of my equilibrium.

One permanent change is that I can no longer tolerate impaired people.


Anybody upset at Zionism is defective. It’s axiomatic. Max Blumenthal is celebrated by Nazis, Islamists, necrophiliacs, alcoholics, mental patients, nitwits, and Grade Z entertainers. It’s a sewer of a milieu in which Max is King Egesta. No amount of money would induce me to trade places with him.

If you’re not on Twitter, you may not know how it works. You have a username with an “@” in front of it. Each “tweet” is directed at a user, but you can “tag” someone else in a tweet. Here’s an example.


The death threat was directed at me, but @tamariskLA, @szygt, @LaDonna196153, and @PaulConroy were tagged, so they saw it too.

This is who sent the death threat.


He’s a white supremacist and member of Christian Identity. A terrorist wing of Christian Identity called the Order murdered Jewish radio talk-show host Alan Berg on June 18, 1984.


Thirty-one years after his murder, white supremacists all over the world are still gloating. See, it took courage to ambush and gun down an unarmed man for saying things that you didn’t like. It’s a great military victory for white people everywhere.

I’ve told Matthew that anybody who shows up on my property gets shot first in the testicles and then in the mouth. I’ll use one of my many handguns, all of which are loaded with expanding bullets. My guns aren’t to save myself. I have them so that I can take as many white supremacists, Nazis, Islamists, or whomever with me. We’ll all go see God together and find out who He likes best.

But before they bring me down, they’re going to have massive, ragged holes where their scrota, knee joints, and lips were.

Essentially my life ended at four. The subsequent forty-nine years have been an afterlife—incredible grief punctuated by paralysis and rage. Though I enjoy little things here and there, there’s nothing much tethering me to this existence. So I’m not afraid.

Once I saw mountains angry,
And ranged in battle-front.
Against them stood a little man;
Aye, he was no bigger than my finger.
I laughed, and spoke to one near me,
“Will he prevail?”
“Surely,” replied this other;
“His grandfathers beat them many times.”
Then did I see much virtue in grandfathers—
At least, for the little man
Who stood against the mountains.

—Stephen Crane

My grandfathers beat the mountains.


Eli, Levi, and Abram Lower. They were all bankers, combat veterans of the Civil War. They fought for the Union and were wounded multiple times. I think they were Jewish, even though my mother’s side of the family swears they were Catholic. Kansas censuses show that prior to these three Lower brothers, nobody listed their religion.

Life can be hard for Jews. I didn’t know how disgusting Jew-haters were until I began defending Israel. Jew-hate is the most virulent pathology I’ve ever come across. People pretend to believe the most idiotic lies, simply because these fairy tales involve Jews. Dense inert metal explosive (DIME) weapons, for example. Jews use them! They don’t exist, and if they did, they’d cause less serious wounds.

But an insane Norwegian janitor says that Jews use DIME weapons, which cook, dismember, and poison people.


So flocks of parrots go on social media and screech about DIME weapons. All because a man who looks like an old lesbian told a lie and stuck with it for over a decade.

My mind wanders. Sorry. Back to tagging people on Twitter.

I knew the second I heard that four Palestinian boys were killed on the beach at Gaza that it was a setup. It took me a year to figure out exactly how it was done. Yesterday one of Max Blumenthal’s hideous Twitter followers tagged me in a tweet, referring to my “debunked” theory that Hamas murdered Ismail Bakr, Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, and Zakaria Bakr.

This is childish wish-casting. My theory hasn’t been debunked. None of these slobbering protohumans have actually read the IDF statement on the incident. The Israeli Military Advocate General (MAG) Corps was tasked with determining whether or not IDF actions were criminal. That’s not what I investigated. I already knew that the IDF actions were not criminal. What I looked at was how Hamas carried out the illusion that the IDF had killed four children playing on the beach.

The simple answer is that Hamas had help from the entire press corps. It’s clear that the press knows the truth. Here’s photographer Heidi Levine cringing away from a demonic Hamas killer who got angry at her for not getting out of the way.


It’s the strangest thing: The press, “human rights” groups, aid organizations, and the United Nations are all invested in the fiction that Israel brazenly commits mass war crimes. They know it’s a lie. But what happens if we do get the world that these groups all seem to want?

Imagine the entire planet like Gaza. Guess who’d be one of the first people they’d saw in half lengthwise while laughing at his screams?

Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch.

Ken Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch

Now these depraved terrorism groupies are smearing the Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen. The Coalition is hitting targets with such precision that the Yemenis have been unable to produce photos or video of civilian casualties. Here’s the capital of Sana’a after almost six months of war.


This is my neighborhood.


Yemenis would refuse to come here, and they’d be right. I searched “Yemen war injured” on Google Images.


Second row, fourth image from the left (red box). There’s absolutely no way that a Saudi air strike would injure a man and his two children only in the hands. That was a cooking accident.

Third row, third image from the left (light-blue box). The prepubescent girl in front is identified as the man’s wife and the mother of the baby, who has a superficial injury to his head.

Fourth row, fourth image from the left (green box). A child in Jordan identified as either Syrian, Palestinian, Iraqi, or Yemeni. Again, a superficial head injury.

Fourth row, first image from the right (yellow box). A Syrian child.

Bottom row, first image from the right (violet box). A faked image of a dead Yemeni baby. As far as I can tell, they put an image of a sleeping infant through a boatload of processing with filters and computer-graphic imagery (CGI).

All the other injured are military-aged males.

Yet the Saudi-led Coalition is being slandered the way the IDF is. When armed forces bend over backward to avoid civilian casualties, their reward is to have the press, “human rights” groups, aid organizations, and the United Nations lie about them anyway, and the genuine savages are given a pass. How many people actually care that Ismail Bakr, Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, and Zakaria Bakr were brutally murdered by Hamas? Very few, it seems.

Well, I care. Goodbye, boys. You’ll get justice eventually, one way or another. I know it.

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