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Guest post on the fake Gaza sniper video

Guest post on the fake Gaza sniper video

A man named Gabe Silber left a comment on my Facebook page about the fake Gaza sniper video. This is just too magnificent to not share. With Gabe’s permission, here it is.

First, the original fake Gaza sniper video, put out by the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

Then the horrendously dishonest Channel 4 News story, “What Really Happened to Salem Shamaly?”

I wrote my own piece about this fiasco, to which someone on Facebook responded.

Guest post on the fake Gaza sniper video

Is it worth anyone’s time to figure out why reporter Inigo Gilmore would feed into this story and use a “former Israeli soldier’s” opinion of a theoretical red line? We already know the video is phony and part of Hamas’ propaganda campaign.

What I find absurd is how the story has changed. Firstly, in NBC’s report by correspondent Ayman Mohyaldin, he films a cousin saying the family was trying to call Salem Shammaly all day with no response. How is it then that Salem is on the phone throughout the entire video? The families are looking for each other, both with phone service, yet they can’t reach one another?



Secondly, ISM cameraman Mohammed Abedullah told Gilmore that they were surrounded by and were worried about drones, and mentions nothing of the tanks they were sure they were surrounded by. Yet at 1:31 in the original video Salem is (yes on the phone) telling “whoever” (anyone but the family he was looking for) that they were surrounded by tanks. (Tanks surrounding them mentioned again at 2:16).

More bullshit.

Thirdly, one of the activists, Charlie Andreasson, said they were split up from the first shot and had to take shelter. Really? They were under no cover or shelter whatsoever; they were clearly out in the open with a clear view of Salem’s uninjured body.


Fourthly, Mohammed Abedullah said the first shot hit Salem in the leg. Really? At 2:31 in the original video, the female (Rina Andolini) said “in the hand” probably to remind Salem where he was supposed to be shot or where the fake blood was to make it look like he’d been shot. Either way, if a sniper took a shot and hit him in the hand OR the leg, the wound would have been gruesome and grotesque. Besides, why in the heck would a sniper want to shoot into a pile of rubble?

So the story has changed from the first shot hitting him in the hand to now hitting him in the leg.


Fifthly, I really don’t want to analyze what Abedullah or Andolini said in the interview—“I was like taping it…” or “which killed him basically.” Which killed him basically? Gimme a freakin break.

More bullshit.

I’m hoping that there *will* be a war crimes inquiry on this so people like Inigo Gilmore, Ayman Mohyaldin and news outlets like CNN and NBC will be exposed for the propaganda frauds they are. Get the audio forensic analysis on what those supposed sniper shots were. We need to decipher whether the sound was a BB gun, a firecracker, a horse whip, or an ass slap.

Funny how the high resolution image shows Rina Andolini looking up at the 2nd floor of the broken building they were next to.


I wonder what could possibly have been up there? The sound-effects sniper? And wouldn’t anybody that is worried about sniper fire be a little less out in the open? That was the perfect vantage point for Mohammed Abedullah and Rina Andolini to film the phony video.

Pallywood exposed. Again.

—Gabe Silber

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