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I hope Israel never gets afraid

I hope Israel never gets afraid

On April 20, 2014—the birthday of Adolf Hitler—there was a gigantic explosion on a missile base near the Faj Attan neighborhood of Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. I was contacted by the Iranian and Arab press and asked if I would give interviews on what I think is a new weapon that the Israelis, Saudis, and Emiratis have designed, but I had to decline. There’s no need to interview me anyway. All my posts link to sources that anyone can read for themselves. The only thing that matters is that the chances of a war have greatly diminished. I hope that Israel never gets afraid of her neighbors, because that could lead to destruction that you can’t imagine.

This is the best video of the explosion on the Yemeni missile base.

The blast was so powerful that nobody was able to continue filming after the shock wave hit, but we can roughly calculate the size of the fireball and dust-debris towers by using the speed of sound and the height of the wall (red arrow) surrounding the missile base.


Although we don’t see the terminal height achieved, the explosion was at least 2000 feet (610 meters) tall. Unlike all other non-nuclear explosions I’ve seen, this one consisted of a fireball and dust-debris towers that continued growing for more than seven seconds. That’s unbelievable.

Here’s video of the first-stage motor of a C4 Trident I missile being detonated.

The first-stage motor is fifteen feet (4.6 meters) long.


It contains 38,000 pounds (17,263 kilos) of explosive. As you can see from the video, the fireball and dust-debris tower grow for only two seconds.




The fireball and dust-debris tower from 38,000 pounds (17,263 kilos) of explosive attained a terminal height of maybe 400 feet (122 meters). You saw the shock wave. Whatever was dropped in Yemen created a fireball and dust-debris towers that were still growing after seven seconds. In addition a man one mile and 843 yards (2380 meters) away was knocked off his feet by the shock wave.

Currently the largest confirmed non-nuclear bomb is the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB), pronounced “moh-ab” and called the “mother of all bombs.” It holds 18,000 pounds (8500 kilos) of explosive.

The C4 Trident I missile first-stage motor has twice the explosive of the MOAB, but the Yemen detonation was at least five times larger than the missile-motor detonation. People tell me that the Yemen explosion could’ve been caused by an underground depot of SCUD ballistic missiles all exploding at the same time. In other words the Yemen footage shows a massive secondary explosion.

I don’t think that’s possible. When a munition depot is destroyed in a controlled demolition, they wire every warhead to go off at the same time. Yet even then, you see flaming bits go off in all directions.

This is thirty-five tons (31.8 metric tons) of munitions being exploded by American explosive-ordnance disposal (EOD) personnel in Afghanistan.

Note what look like comets flying around. You see no such burning particles in the Yemen explosion. Also, the fireball and dust-debris tower of the Afghanistan explosion grow for only two seconds. Despite the massive amount of munitions, the shock wave only slightly jostles the tripod-mounted camera, even though it’s 2230 feet (680 meters) closer to the explosion than the man in Yemen was to the missile base.

Here are US Air Force EOD personnel destroying a weapons dump in Iraq. They’ve connected detonation cord to the fuses of every munition.

Another two-second fireball and dust-debris tower. As in the Afghanistan video, the camera operator is about 2230 feet (680 meters) closer to the explosion than the Yemeni was to the missile base. This time the shock wave completely dissipates before it reaches the camera.

For the Yemen explosion to be the result of a SCUD-missile depot going off, it would mean that all the liquid-fuel engines and warheads detonated at exactly the same instant. It simply couldn’t have happened.

On July 6, 1962, the US carried out the shallow underground nuclear test Storax Sedan. The nuclear device was buried 636 feet (194 m) below the surface of the desert.

The explosion raised a dome 290 feet (88 meters) high.


Using this dome, we can see that the dust-debris towers of the explosion reached a terminal height of about 5220 feet (1591 meters).


The Storax Sedan nuclear device had a yield of 104 kilotons, seven times the size of the Hiroshima bomb. Since the fireball and dust-debris towers of the Yemen explosion reached a minimum height of 2000 feet (610 meters), we can go totally crazy and say that whatever was dropped on the missile base was at least 40 percent the size of Storax Sedan. That’s 42 kilotons, nearly three times as large as the Hiroshima bomb.

A major problem for Iran, terrorist organizations, and Muslim nations hostile to Israel is that so many of them have come to rely on propaganda. They create phony videos of Israeli “barbarism.” These explosions are all computer-generated imagery (CGI) with the sound of one detonation on an audio loop.

They do the same with photos.



Casualty figures are faked, atrocities are faked, injuries are faked, and destruction is faked. Since the global media hates Israel, the fakers get away with it. But what happens with pathological liars is that they lose track of what’s real and what isn’t. Israel’s enemies know that she isn’t a racist, genocidal, rogue nation. The global press knows that too. All the lies are part of the Durban Strategy.

The Durban speeches and resolutions largely ignored the issues for which this conference was ostensibly called, focusing instead on branding Israeli anti-terror responses as “war crimes” and “violations of international law.” The Israeli government was unprepared. The defeat was huge, as were the consequences.

The Durban conference crystallized the strategy of delegitimizing Israel as “an apartheid regime” through international isolation based on the South African model. This plan is driven by UN-based groups as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which exploit the funds, slogans and rhetoric of the human rights movement.

On this basis a series of political battles have been fought in the UN and in the media.

Having been spoiled, Israel’s enemies and the press have become smugly complacent. They forgot that the man currently serving as prime minister is someone who must—must—be taken very seriously.


An Obama administration official told a giggling reporter off the record that Benjamin Netanyahu is a “chickenshit” who wouldn’t dare attack Iran. I’m certain that the person who said that is Secretary of State John F. Kerry.


It gives me great pleasure to imagine Secretary Kerry eating his words in impotent rage. And getting plastered to try and escape the knowledge that he’s an utter failure who ruined his face with Botox and fillers.

For the Iranians and Arabs who hate Israel, just stop. Leave the Israelis alone. They’ve built a weapon like nobody’s ever seen, probably a massive-ordnance penetrator (MOP) that uses a variant of rocket fuel. You can’t shoot down whatever aircraft drops the thing, so it’s time to give up the fantasy of wiping Israel off the map.


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