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I’m still not ready to post

I’m still not ready to post

Tonight I wanted to post about Palestinian female combatants, but I’m still not ready. I’m comparing names from three lists; it’s shocking how easy it is to see that women engaged in combat, and then the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, the United Nations, and “human rights” groups covered it up. I’ll show you how a twenty-seven-year-old became a toddler after she was killed. I’ll show you small groups of military aged women who all died together and were listed as relatives. I’ll show you names counted twice, names that appear only on one list instead of all three, and names of women who were killed alone. How likely is it in Gaza that a Palestinian woman would be killed completely by herself? No children, husband, siblings, cousins, parents, aunts, uncles, nieces or nephews died with them.

Hopefully I’ll be ready by tomorrow. I need to show you examples, so I’m plowing through all 2100 names. Each of the three lists spells the same name differently. I have to open all three lists on my computer screen, and then I have to search each one, using every possible spelling I can imagine.


That took forever to find on all three lists, but it’s my prize discovery. Wait until you see what I found.

In the meantime, a Twitter contact today told me that she’s giving up tweeting because there’s no point in engaging people whose minds are closed. While it’s true that there’s no point in trying to change the thinking of individuals, what happens is that by sticking to your guns, you create a body of work that helps others chip away at the lies.

The person who posted this is beyond help.


What’s funny is that an Arab took that from a white supremacist Website. What do you suppose the average Neo-Nazi wants to do with Arabs? The same thing he wants to do with Jews.

When people post something that stupid, you impeach them. I first heard that word in 1974, during the Watergate scandal. We lived in Tyler, Texas, and the only thing on TV was a bunch of old men sitting in front of microphones, droning on and on. My parents said that the old men—Congress—were going to impeach the president.

I imagined President Nixon being held down while these were ground into his face.


Even in 1974, I hated politics. But I liked Richard Nixon. I could tell that he had a bizarre sense of humor.

He always struck me as deliberately campy. It takes courage to make yourself into a camp icon.

In the congressional hearings, what’s so strange to me now is that everyone was allowed to smoke.


On the left is Fred Thompson, politician-actor-politician-actor-politician-actor. Politics is the entertainment business for ugly people. Both industries have groupies, orgies, trophy wives, payola, press agents, directors, acting coaches, lobbyists, contracts with outrageous riders, and massive amounts of money being given to utter mediocrities for producing giant heaps of manure.

But Watergate taught me what impeach means: “to challenge the credibility of.”

When someone says, “Israel controls American foreign policy,” you just ask them questions.

1. If Israel controls the US, how were we able to force the Israelis into not retaliating when Saddam Hussein fired SCUD missiles at them?

2. If Israel controls the US, how were we able to force the Israelis into ending the 2006 Lebanon war before they defeated Hezbollah?

3. If Israel controls the US, how were we able to force the Israelis into ending arms sales to China in the 1990s?

4. If Israel controls the US, why were we unable to prevent Israel from bombing Syria’s nuclear-weapon plant in 2007, despite our opposition?

5. If Israel controls the US, why was Israel unable to prevent President Obama from interfering in Israeli elections to an unprecedented degree?

Etc., etc., etc.

You may have noticed that I never post the usual sorts of stories: The UN hates Israel. President Obama hates Israel. The press has an infantile double standard when it comes to reporting war crimes.

I leave that to everyone else and try to come up with my own original thoughts. The person who told me that she’s going to close her Twitter account was instrumental in helping me figure out the timeline for Operation Four Little Martyrs, the Hamas deception that took place on the Gaza beach, July 16, 2014.

By the way, I promised I wouldn’t write any more about the deception that involved the murder of Ismail, Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria Bakr, but I realized something that I need to share. Here’s absolute, 100-percent proof that I’m right. The significance of this image escaped me.


That screen grab is from this NBC News report. It’s the moment when the first explosion is heard. The red arrow shows the steel shipping container, which has yet to be hit by an Israeli aerial munition even though we just heard an earth-shattering BOOM!

After the incident, the IDF said this.

The IDF had a target—a Hamas terrorist target. We had intelligence pointing specifically to that location.

They didn’t say, “We saw terrorists sneaking into the shipping container on the breakwater.” No, they said they had intelligence, which is information.

So did NBC News! They had intelligence pointing specifically to that location, which is why they put a camera in the al-Deira Hotel and filmed an empty beach and a breakwater with no kids running around on it.

Exactly like the IDF, they were given information that something would happen at that place at a certain time.

The NBC News video that captures the sound of the first explosion is proof that Hamas set up the IDF. Someone told the IDF and NBC News the exact same thing, and we have the evidence on video. NBC News sent a camera crew, and the IDF sent a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

I was concentrating on this.


Several people insist that the western reporters arrived on the beach after the bodies of Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria Bakr were removed. That’s not true, but people can argue that point as a way to dispute my theory of a deception operation.

Okay, so how do you explain NBC News filming an empty beach and catching the sound of the first explosion on video? The obvious answer is that they were tipped off beforehand.

The IDF admits that they were tipped off too. Neither the IDF nor NBC News had any reason to concentrate their attention on that mangled shipping container. Not unless they were both given intelligence by Hamas. The only plausible explanation for the IDF and NBC News taking notice of that breakwater is that they were told to look at it.

And the IDF says in plain English that they had the same intelligence that NBC News had. It’s inarguable proof of Hamas knowing ahead of time what would happen, and that means I’m right. This was a deception operation.

Here’s what the terrace of the Adam Hotel looked like on July 16, 2014. The terrace is on the right, where the chairs are.


See the thick panes of broken glass between the pillars (red arrows)? That was caused by the pressure wave from the IED, the sound of which NBC News captured on video. That explosion took place in the white metal building in front the terrace.

Here’s what the terrace of the Adam Hotel looked like in December of 2014.


The photo was taken from the Roots Hotel; Palestinians allow heaps of garbage to pile up between their five-star establishments. You can see that the broken glass on the Adam Hotel terrace (red X) hadn’t been replaced. Only two of the original panes between the pillars (green arrows) remain.

I can see a lot of other stuff too, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

To my friend who helped me solve the riddle: If you decide to stop tweeting, I’ll understand. Just remember that you debunked one of the worst blood libels ever told about your people.

You should be extremely proud.

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