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Insight is not its own reward. Buy a book!

Insight is not its own reward. Buy a book!

In 2013 I was scammed out of my life’s savings by a fake publicist named Mike Albee. The reason I couldn’t perceive this is that I have post-traumatic stress disorder and Meniere’s disease. When under stress, I dissociate. It robs me of all insight. Weeks and months pass in what seems like days. Both my parents died in 2013, which is what caused the stress.

Nobody who I contacted to help me expose Mike Albee did a damned thing. I also called the FBI and the police where Albee had set up his fake business. Neither law-enforcement agency got back to me. Therefore I put Albee out of business myself. Twice. What I did was to teach myself the secrets of search-engine optimization (SEO). Whenever anyone searches Mike Albee, my posts about him are in the top ten results. Potential customers get an insight into his character.


I’m a very vengeful person. Now I have the means to expose anyone who messes with me.

In 2015 an Israeli defrauded me of a huge amount of money. I hired him to make a documentary about Hamas terrorism in Gaza. We signed a contract, and I paid him in installments, based on the amount of filming he did. The end product had no commercial or journalistic value because he’d pocketed the money and used unpaid kids to slap together a piece of rubbish.

Although I have tons of dirt on him, I decided to simply eat this financial loss. Israel is a very small country, and my problems are my own. If I went public, it would seem as though I were forcing a beleaguered people to choose sides. The con artist has superhuman insight, the way all such criminals do. He exploited my reluctance to harm Israelis.

Being a patsy is nothing new. Twenty years ago a psychotherapist told me that the best I could hope for in life was to more quickly recognize that I’d again hooked up with a predator, and then I could more quickly extricate myself. He said that my patterns are too ingrained. They’re “imprinted response mechanisms.”

Look at this.


If I went into that crowd, I’d unerringly find the one person capable of doing me the most damage. It’s my fate.

Insight is nice, but…

After the Mike Albee and Gaza documentary debacles, I gave up. I began referring to myself as an investor and blogger. My plan was to spend the rest of my life talking with my brothers Tim and Eric, collecting postcards, and blogging.

Then I saw this.

Although it’s extremely strange that the video visually recreates the death of my father in every detail, what’s more important is that Bowie continued to produce art until the very end of his life. Near death from cancer, at the age of 69, he created arguably the best work of his career.

I realize now that I have to continue writing books—fiction and nonfiction. Being an author is also my fate.


And for once in my life, I’m going to demand that people buy a book that I’ve already written. Here are my reasons.

1. I was right about the four Bakrs boys. It took me nearly a year to figure out how Hamas murdered Ismail, Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria Bakr and put their bodies on the beach in order to frame the IDF. I even bought the raw footage from the Palestinian cameramen on the beach. It shows that journalists were fully aware that this was a deception operation.

Here’s freelance photographer Heidi Levine being threatened by someone she knows is a Hamas terrorist. Hence the fear in her face.


New York Times photographer Tyler Hicks first asked his “driver” Hamood Abu Kwaik where he was going after the IDF missile struck the steel container on the beach, and then Hicks screamed in panic at Hamas terrorists. He had to call for Kwaik to intervene. In the video below, I’ve used a special effect to hide the truly ghastly images of Ahed and Zakaria Bakr’s mutilated corpses.

That’s Hicks lunging in front of the camera from the left. Like Heidi Levine, he knew exactly what was going on. Both Americans were aware that they were dealing with people who had murdered children. Yet they cooperated in the framing of the innocent. Not only did Levine and Hicks cover up the murders of four little boys, they helped blame people who weren’t responsible.

2. I’ve exposed Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International as the corrupt, lying organizations they are. Since these groups aren’t intelligent enough to hire experts on munitions, they make idiotic claims. This is not weaponized white phosphorus.


It’s the “Medusa,” the smoke cloud created by the 155mm M825A1 smoke shell, a munition incapable of causing fires.


“Human rights” groups know that. But they hate Jews, and they’re bribed to make false accusations.

This, on the other hand, is a Hamas weaponized white-phosphorus mortar round or rocket.



Solid chunks of white phosphorus the size of grapefruit are bouncing off the cement. Each felt wedge in the Israeli M825A1 is smaller than a pack of cigarettes.


Felt also doesn’t bounce. And here’s the nose cap of the mortar round or rocket (green arrow).

white_phosphorus_nose cone

Again, the solid pieces of burning white phosphorus are bouncing off hard surfaces, and the smoke cloud is less than a tenth the size of an M825A1 Medusa. A 155mm smoke round produces a cloud as big as a city block.

Here’s a Houthi white-phosphorus artillery round fired at Saudi civilians in Najran on May 5, 2015.


Did anyone besides me care? Where’s the Goldstone Report for the actual Houthi use of weaponized white phosphorus on civilians, an unambiguous war crime?

3. I predicted that the Saudis would annihilate every troublemaker in the region. And I was right.

Exclusively on CNN: Saudi Arabia and its allies rally of tens of thousands of soldiers to intervene in Syria. Turkey is the gate of the operation

Two Saudi sources familiar with the Kingdom’s plans to fight the Islamic State in Syria have revealed that part of the preparation consists of military exercises. The number of trainees may reach 150,000 soldiers, most of the men being Saudis. Egyptian, Sudanese, and Jordanian troops already inside the kingdom will also take part.

Morocco is committed to sending troops, as is Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. Two weeks ago the Saudis and the Turks were appointed joint leaders of the forces, which will enter northern Syria from Turkey.


The list of Asian nations participating includes Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. These countries have established a joint command which they did not announce until now. It is expected that of these three nations, Malaysia will be the first to send its troops to Saudi Arabia.

I figured this out almost a year ago. Troop movements and exercises gave me the insight.

4. Running this Website is unbelievably expensive. And dangerous. I used to get death threats all the time. They’ve stopped, as has the harassment. Israelis and Arabs tell me that I’ve made very good friends in high places, which would be nice if true. Maybe some extremely dangerous people stepped in. That would make me extremely grateful. Although I’m not afraid to die, I want to live long enough to see the new Middle East begin to flourish.

The hacking and now the volume of traffic have made it necessary for me to invest a massive amount of money in this Website. Have you noticed that there are no ads? I hate ads. They ruin Websites. I want my site to be a quiet place where people can go to get away from the hysteria of the world.

I have the insight to realize…

That I want people to read my books. So buy one book. These are the four that I recommend.

Ghosts and Ballyhoo: Memoirs of a Failed L.A Music Journalist

Chasing the Last Whale

Hallucinabulia: The Dream Diary of an Unintended Solitarian

In Cold Sweat: Interviews with Really Scary Musicians

The way I explain the first three is that they’re a trilogy. Ghosts and Ballyhoo is how my life was, Chasing the Last Whale is a novel about how I wish my life had been, and Hallucinabulia shows the results of the tension between reality and fantasy. The same people appear in all three books. Chasing the Last Whale is a black comedy about love and suicide in modern wartime America; the other book titles are self-explanatory.

At the request of a reader, I’ll say that Chasing the Last Whale is the work of which I’m most proud. Fiction is much harder to write than nonfiction. Although in some ways the book is a roman à clef, I had to pull most of the characters out of thin air and make them speak and behave convincingly.

Everyone said that In Cold Sweat would be a failure. Well, it’s in its ninth printing.

I had the insight to know that it would succeed.

Thus endeth the ad.

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