Jul 06, 2023

For Bass Musician Magazine. The interviewer was Rick Suchow, and he pulled no punches whatsoever. I've never been interviewed before, so this was like learning how to swim by being tossed into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

It was great!

Really tough, fearless questions that went right to the core of what people might find objectionable about the memoir and how it came about. Rick also addressed my motivations in writing the book and my behavior during a few of the pivotal moments I described.

The interview is tentatively scheduled to appear sometime in August. I highly recommend it, because it forced me to explain myself to a reader who felt that some of my actions were inappropriate.

There's no "right" way to interpret the book. However you interpret it is the right way. If you feel that what I've done in my life is less than ideal and you want to challenge me on it, then you should challenge me. I won't take offense.

This was a difficult interview. That means the interviewer did his job.

Bravo, Rick.