Jul 13, 2023

I love Sean Young. Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies. She's also a brilliant comedic actor, which is always a plus. In women, I value humor above all else.

Sean once said that her mother told her that she was making the mistake of thinking that since people paid attention to her, it meant that her opinions mattered. Sean became world famous when she was twenty-two.

Well, I'm fifty. I understand that the only reason people might begin paying attention to me is because of my work. Therefore my opinions on things won't be any more important than they were before people started paying attention to me.

I'm not interested in broadcasting my political views or my views on social issues. Mick Jagger said that as a celebrity, he has a responsibility to talk about important issues. Alec Baldwin has said the same thing. I've never heard anything stupider in my life.

Recently, a giant-budget movie bombed catastrophically, and I have to confess that I was glad. I despise the star because of the things he says and his ridiculous, snooty mannerisms and his bloated self-regard. I indulged in a little Schadenfreude when his movie earned a tenth of what it cost to make. The reviews say it was a pretty poisonous film too. That makes me even happier. A friend told me that I shouldn't care what a painted clown says or does. I disagree. If someone consistently spews vitriol and hostility at the very people he depends on to pay for his mansions, if he views them as serfs and peasants, I think it's worth my anger. So when his latest unimaginably moronic film goes belly up, that makes me feel that justice has been served.

If I get anywhere as a writer, it'll be because I write things that people want to read. I want everyone to be able to read my work without feeling that I'm trying to force my views on them. How inconsiderate would it be for me to ask you for your money and then tell you that you're wrong about ________?

The reality is I don't hold very many staunch views on politics or social issues anyway. I vote and I have preferred social mores, but I'm not emotionally invested in any politician or society in general. That's not to say I feel above politics or social debate; it's just that I'm on a different track now. My priorities are different. I'm interested in improving myself and creating art, and I can do those things regardless of which political party holds power or what everyone around me is doing. Also, I live a much more internal life now.

My view is that things are binary: Either we'll work it out, or we won't. Either we'll survive, or we won't. I no longer worry about things that I have no control over. My goal is to write books that everyone can enjoy without feeling that I have a hidden agenda. My agenda is to banish and entertain. That's about it. I'll leave the punditry to others.

And if you ever see the DVD of Fatal Instinct, buy it because of the deleted scene of Sean Young pole dancing. It's a great movie, but Sean Young pole dancing is like nothing you've ever experienced. Words can't describe the mind-blowing erotic perfection. What makes it so sexy is not just Sean's beauty, perfect body, and nasty gyrations, but also the humor. It's a campy send-up of pole dancing. It's absurdist.

If I had to choose between world peace and watching Sean Young pole dancing for all eternity, boy...

I care about my fellow humans, but that much?