Mar 23, 2024

Here's where it all started.

I joined a bass-guitar discussion forum to share a few stories of my failed career in music journalism. Since I was a bassist--before osteoarthritis cost me my ability to play--and since I interviewed mostly bassists, I figured this would be the place to end this chapter of my life. I thought I'd get some chuckles, and then I'd move on to Fiddler's Green--I mean, bigger and better things.

To my shock, the stories were a hit, and I ended up getting a book deal out of it. I'd never even contemplated publishing the story of my ten years in the Los Angeles music scene. It was too painful and embarrassing.

But I allowed the readers of Talkbass to persuade me to pitch a book to my publisher, and now I can say that Ghosts and Ballyhoo is the best work I've ever done.

It'll serve its purpose well: banishment for me and entertainment for you.