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The perfect end to 2013

The perfect end to 2013

Most people would tell me to not link to this, but Tila Tequila has come out as a Nazi sympathizer and supporter of Hitler. It’s the perfect end to 2013. What a ridiculous, awful, exhausting, painful, depressing circus of failure, lying, and dashed hopes this year was. So 2013 deserves as its denouement Tila Tequila arguing that Hitler was a good man.

I don’t know anything about Tila Tequila and have never seen any video of her. Photos were repulsive enough. Her essay doesn’t actually contain any factual information supporting her view that Hitler was a good man who did none of the things he’s accused of doing. She swears she isn’t antisemitic, but she also blames the Jews for every problem in the world.

Her main arguments are that the naturally occurring climatic condition of war—not Hitler—is what caused all the deaths in World War II, and he was a vegetarian animal lover, so he wouldn’t have willingly hurt anybody. She’s very proud of her courage.

Hitler was a good man and it takes some fucking balls for someone to say this out loud this day and age, especially for a public figure like myself, but you know what? SOMEONE NEEDS TO SPEAK THE TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR!

You go, girl! I mean, Sie gehen, Mädchen! This fearlessness in line with her statement of principles.

You know what’s wrong with this world? Too many pussy bitches and not enough heroes. That’s what’s wrong with this cowardly world. Don’t be a pussy bitch. Nobody likes pussy bitches. I sure as hell don’t.

The comments in response are priceless examples of beyond-parody brain rot.

Seeing how the world is just a big fucking lie, I wouldn’t doubt Hitler had a different side. So much a monster that a whole nation was swayed by his ideas. A WHOLE nation said it was ok. There are lies somewhere. Tila is only trying to open your mind to truth. The Jews were innocent, right? Nobody is. And they are just a taste of the horrors of human history. How many people were killed “in the name iof god”? It extends beyond the first thought you have about morality and justification.

Hitler wouldn’t torture a mouse. The guy was a vegetarian because he loved animals so much for Christsakes. He definitely wouldn’t torture a human!

You are a good woman, quite brave, people are afraid to talk truth about jewry and “politically incorrect” topics, it takes selflessness, you know you will receive backlash from indoctrinated people. It takes strength, people are cowards these days. Too bad you dated a negro, to me this is an obstacle to loving a woman. I absolutely agree with you. We need men like Hitler to stomp out rotten agendas, degeneracy and poisons in our societies like lever before.

I say it all the time, I support the Hitler campaign , the jewish people were ruining the economy just like the Mexicans and Spanish influeneces are doing to the American country now, I would never say mass genocide to those people are a good idea, but if we gotta kill em all to get em outta here that’s what we gotta do.

[T]here is no shame in what Hitler did, he had the war forced on him, war is nasty doesn’t matter if one starts it or is forced into it. He gave Germans 12 years of freedom and it took the whole world to take it away again. He was a good man that has been slandered and lied about and vilified by the jewish run media and politics of the world. Even Patton said the Americans fought on the wrong side. JFK, best president in US history praised Hitler, not to mention Mahatma Ghandi had kind words for Hitler. He wasn’t the maniac people say.

A commenter asked Tila a question.

then why did hitlers soldiers killed my grandparents?

Her lucid replies.

WAR! Ask all the Iranians, Vietnamese, Palestinians, Syrians amongst a billion other people why they got killed in WAR. Dumbass.

How many shekels do you want merchant?

answer MY QUESTION about everyone else that died in other wars. C’mon. GIve me an answer why they had to die.

My grandparents got tortured and killed too… do you hear me complain about it you fuckwit? Get over it dumbfuck.


Like hurricanes and tornadoes, wars just happen. Nobody’s to blame, except for the US and Israel, of course. That’s axiomatic. And get over the murder of your grandparents, pussy bitch. Where are your balls?

Now, I don’t care what Tila Tequila says about anything. Her post and the responses interest me only as a carnival of mental debauchery and collapsed standards. I don’t expect to live much longer, but I’m actually optimistic that the US will get its act together and emerge from its pile of self-created rubble.

I’m a firm believer in American exceptionalism, which is based on our ideals. For those of you offended by that notion, the term “exceptional” means “unusual, rare, deviating from the norm.” We are—like it or not—unlike all other countries. So I’m confident that we’ll get our bearings again.

When I read the poo that Nazi sympathizers and Hitler lovers excrete, it just makes me laugh. Germany was the most thoroughly defeated nation in modern times. Hitler was a buffoon. He made totally insane decisions, such as demanding that the world’s first operational jet fighter be used as a bomber and that the same tank destroyer be built on two different chassis. Strategically, he couldn’t have been stupider.

Hitler’s governing principle in combat was “No retreat; fight to the death.” As a result he squandered his best troops. Instead of retreating and regrouping to fight another day, his men were routinely surrounded and slaughtered. All that training and experience, gone for no reason.

On Hitler’s orders a huge number of active-duty German soldiers were removed from the front to film a propaganda movie about Frederick the Great. Hitler poured scarce resources into building tanks that were so large and heavy that no engine could power them and no bridge in the world could support them.

The world’s first rocket interceptor—the Me 163 Komet—had a powered-flight duration of only seven and a half minutes. Instead of landing gear, it had a two-wheeled dolly that it jettisoned on takeoff; sometimes the dolly bounced into the aircraft and made it crash. The rocket fuel was so corrosive that if it leaked into the cockpit, it liquified the pilot. And the two automatic cannons had such a slow rate of fire that bombers could fly unscathed between the shells.

Oh, and the heavy shells began dropping the second they were fired. The rocket interceptor had to close in to pointblank range while flying at twice the speed of the bomber, giving the German pilot only a couple of seconds to shoot. He had fuel enough for just one pass, and then he had to glide helplessly back to his base.

Whatever the idea, Hitler screwed it up. Like his present-day admirers, he was delusional and had narcissistic personality disorder. When challenged he screeched non sequiturs in the style of Tila Tequila.

It cheers me up to imagine him in his bunker, shaking from all the speed shot into him, breaking wind nonstop, and going on long tirades against the German people, who’d let him down and now deserved to die. As the Russians flattened Berlin and American P-51 Mustangs and P-47 Thunderbolts strafed the entire countryside, Hitler whined and threw impotent tantrums. He also spent hours daydreaming over architectural models of the new Berlin, which would be built after he won the war.

Hitler—a crazy, self-obsessed, childish, farting drug addict—is an apt icon for moronic celebrities like Tila Tequila. He was the biggest loser of all time. The Nazis had their butts handed to them not only because their supreme leader was a dolt but also because the Allies were better fighters. Armies of totalitarian regimes always lose against western democracies. Always.

Tila begins her post with a garbled version of a truism: “As the story goes the victor is the one who gets to write how history is played out[.]”

The operative word is “victor.” That’s all that matters. Hitler lovers, Nazi sympathizers, and Jew haters can write reams and reams and reams of historical revisionism. All their pathetic wish-casting won’t change the fact that Hitler lost. The lesson is that Nazism couldn’t stand up to .50-caliber bullets and 500-pound bombs.

It isn’t important that you think Hitler was a good man, Tila. What’s important is that he was utterly crushed.

And your good man also had an affair with his own niece, Geli Raubal.

She either committed suicide, or he murdered her. Regardless, he kept her prisoner and forced her to perform degrading, sadomasochistic acts despite his peaceful, animal-loving, vegetarian ways. Weird that such a good man would do that to his own niece. It’s almost like he was a remorseless psychopath or something.

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