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The Iranians believe me

The Iranians believe me

I know I said last night that I’m not going to try to convince people anymore that Israel will defend herself. Well, today I got some completely unhinged messages from Israelis and Jews, so I’ll try one last time. If the Iranians want to talk to me about my theories, it means I’m right. And that means you can stop panicking.

First, I’ll reiterate that I don’t want a war between Israel and Iran. I have nothing against the Iranian people. However, the nuclear deal agreed upon by the P5+1 nations and Iran is an existential threat to Israel. There’s no “robust inspection regime,” and the Iranians get $150 billion the second they sign the agreement. That money will be used to buy weapons and to finance global terrorism. It’s the money that poses an immediate threat to Israel. Nuclear weapons are a long-term threat, but the cash handed to the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism will impact Israel immediately.

Thirty years ago I read that the Israeli government views the world as comprised of neutrals and enemies. In the eyes of politicians and the military, Israel has no real friends. This didn’t offend me. Having studied what the world has done to Jews, I understand that the Israelis are right to be suspicious. Idiots believe that Israel depends on handouts from the US for its survival. There’s a sort of liturgical chant that I’ve heard since the 1980s.

They’d be nowhere without American F-16s, bombs, and tanks.
They’d be nowhere without American F-16s, bombs, and tanks.
They’d be nowhere without American F-16s, bombs, and tanks.

No. The reality is that the Israelis do things to American weapons that improve them far beyond the capacities that the original designers envisioned. And indigenous Israeli designs are often wildly superior to American weapons. For example, Corner Shot.

Purely Israeli, financed by American investors. The idea took form in an Israeli brain. There are 8 million Israelis versus 319 million Americans. But the Israelis beat us to Corner Shot, and they beat us to the high-velocity penetrating weapon (HVPW).


The shock wave knocked down a man and broke his camera from 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) away. Initial reports said that there were no deaths. I believe that. The explosion took place in the middle of an open area in a missile base, and leaflets had been dropped, pinpointing the location of the strike. That’s why there were so many cameras rolling. My guess is that there won’t be very many Iranian civilian casualties. Look at the Gaza war as precedent.

A Morlock on Twitter challenged my assertion that 1) the Israelis killed less than 100 Palestinian civilians in Operation Protective Edge, and 2) the only reason those people died was because they were put in harm’s way by terrorists.

These are Morlocks.


They were once human but devolved into what you see above.

To arrive at my conclusion that the IDF killed less than 100 Palestinian civilians, I simply added up all the available numbers.

900 combatants killed by IDF (Source: IDF) +
769 dead from natural causes (Source: CIA Factbook) +
120 Fatah members killed by Hamas (Source: Mahmoud Abbas) +
400 opposition members killed by Hamas (Source: Gatestone Institute) +
50 protestors killed by Hamas (Source: World Tribune) +
38 “collaborators” killed by Hamas (Source: Palestinian Press News Agency) +
100 civilians killed by Hamas in Shijaiyah (Source: Palestinian witnesses) +
400 civilians accidentally killed by terrorists (Source: personal research) +
200 terrorists counted as civilians (Source: personal research) +
85 females killed by domestic violence (Source: personal research) +
160 child combatants (Source: personal research) +
50 people listed twice (Source: personal research) +
50 people who did not die (Source: personal research) =

Number of deaths from Palestinian Ministry of Health =

We end up with 1200 more people than the official death toll. That’s not possible. Therefore it’s clear to me that the IDF killed almost no civilians in Gaza. The vast numbers of dead civilians simply can’t be found. All the dead are accounted for, to the point that there are an additional 1200 that don’t appear in the Palestinian Ministry of Health casualty list.

Do you honestly think that the Palestinians would omit an extra 1200 dead who they could claim were brutally killed by Israel?

The only answer is that the numbers are utterly fraudulent. I studied the casualty lists for months. Those estimates I posted above are very conservative.

Despite how it may seem to many people, I’m very careful with my conclusions. I watch videos dozens of times, and then I do research. Everything I write is at least plausible. Before I said that someone had used a hypersonic, rocket-powered bunker buster in Sanaa, Yemen, on April 20, 2015, I made sure that the weapon had been conceived. I knew that Israel would figure out a way to destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities. It’s because they knew that someday we would let them down.

Soon after I posted about the HVPW, I was contacted.


I’ve obscured the person’s identity because…well, you’ll see.


That’s pretty unusual. A person working for one channel usually doesn’t arrange for an interviewee to appear on the competition’s shows.


Then we came to what I think was the crux of the matter.


Although initially I agreed to be interviewed, something wasn’t right. The reason I’d said I’d do the interviews is that I actually don’t have prejudices, despite what’s been written about me. However, I contacted people who know more about the unintended consequences of being interviewed by Press TV, and I was asked to please not go ahead with it.

I had to pry this out of the individuals to whom I spoke. At first they said they couldn’t tell me what to do.

“Yes, that’s why I’m asking what you’d prefer me to do,” I screamed at the tops of my lungs. In my mind. See, I was talking to bureaucrats. They were probably worried that I’d hang up the phone and write an angry post about how my First Amendment rights had been curtailed, and we’re living in a police state, and the New World Order, and Jade Helm, and—

All I wanted was guidance. The fact is that Press TV is an organ of the Iranian government, which leads its people in chants of “Death to America! Death to Israel!” It’s possible that the person who contacted me is a Quds Force operative.

But Press TV wanted to talk to me about the HVPW. They wouldn’t have wasted their time if I were wrong. Press TV is connected to the Iranian government. Somebody saw my posts, asked the dictatorship about the HVPW, and the mullahs said, “Find out what he knows.”

If the Iranians believe that the HVPW is real, you should too. It’s in the hands of these people.


Look: The pilot on the right doesn’t even touch the ground when he runs. He skims above it. Israelis defy gravity.

All will be well.

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