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The repayment has begun

The repayment has begun

What lit a fire under me to debunk lies about Israel was correcting injustice. That’s all. I also have great hatred for mass delusions, mass squandering of humanity, and mass devolution. It makes me sick when people become brainless savages. There’s no political or religious agenda behind my Pallywood posts, and I never expected any kind of repayment. Today I got a massive repayment. You won’t believe it, which is fine. Add it to my hallucinations about ghost cats.

First, a dip back into the pool that made me in need of the help that came today.

The telephone game

Did you ever play the telephone game? A line of kids sits in a row, and one on the end whispers something to the next kid. The message gets passed on down the line, and by the time it reaches the final kid, it’s totally garbled.

Earlier an imbecile sent me this.


The dead man is Palestinian photojournalist Rani Rayan, killed in a marketplace in Shijaiyah on July 30, 2014. Where did the meme-artist get his figure of 720 journalists being killed in Israel in the past ten years?

From his colon.

That figure is the number of journalists who’ve been killed worldwide in the past ten years, according to Reporters without Borders. So the number on the meme is exaggerated by a factor of more than ten. Also, Rani Rayan wasn’t killed by the Israelis.

He was struck by the tank of a liquid-fueled Iranian rocket that flew out of a burning warehouse across the street. There’s no question.


The total lack of fragmentation damage means that the explosion could not have been caused by an Israeli munition. End of story. Also, virtually every person in the closed market was injured from the knee down. No aerial or artillery munition produces such a wound pattern.

But the narrative must be promoted, so terrorist sympathizers tell their lies.

The Committee to Protect Journalists puts the number of Palestinian reporters and media workers killed during the Israeli assault on Gaza at at least fifteen.

The victims include Khaled Hamad, a 25-year-old videographer from Jabaliya refugee camp. Hamad was filming for a documentary when he was killed by Israeli shells that struck the ambulance he was riding in the Gaza City district of Shujaiya on 20 July. He was among dozens massacred by indiscriminate Israeli shelling in the area.

On 9 July, Israel targeted a civilian car marked with large red stickers that read “TV” to indicate it belonged to media. That attack killed Hamed Shehab, 30, who worked for the Gaza-based news website Media 24.

We’ll deal with Khaled Hamad in a second. Here’s how Hamed Shehab got himself blown up.

Allegation Concerning an Aerial Strike on a Vehicle Marked ‘TV’ in Gaza City (9 July 2023) [published in a press release dated September 10th, 2014] –

The MAG Corps received reports, as well as correspondence from NGOs, alleging that an aerial strike was carried out in the Rimael neighborhood of Gaza City on 9 July 2014, against a vehicle marked ‘TV’, and which resulted in the death of one person alleged to be a journalist (Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud Shahab) and in the injury of eight additional persons also alleged to be journalists. Subsequently, and in accordance with the MAG’s investigation policy, the incident was referred to the FFAM.

According to the factual findings and materials collated by the FFAM and presented to the MAG, the strike was carried out against a vehicle, which intelligence information and direct evidence (specifically, real-time aerial surveillance) indicated was being used to transport weaponry intended to be used against IDF forces or the Israeli civilian population that same day, and whose passengers were involved in the hostilities. It appears that the vehicle was marked ‘TV’ in order to mask the military use made of the vehicle to transport weaponry.

The MAG found that the targeting process accorded with Israeli domestic law and international law requirements. The attack was carried out against a military objective, in accordance with the requirements of the principle of proportionality, and the decision to carry out the attack was made by the authorities authorized to do so. It should be noted that, according to the factual findings, at the time of the strike the IDF forces could not discern whether the vehicle was marked ‘TV’. In any event, in light of the military use made of the vehicle for the purposes of transporting weaponry, the marking of the vehicle did not affect the lawfulness of the strike under international law. The MAG further found that the targeting process was carried out after undertaking various precautions with significant efforts to minimize the possibility of civilian harm. Such, the strike on the vehicle was at one point delayed, due to the concern that civilians in its vicinity could be harmed. Furthermore, no supporting evidence was found indicating harm caused to persons other than Shahab.

In light of the above, the MAG did not find that the actions of the IDF forces raised grounds for a reasonable suspicion of criminal misconduct. As a result, the MAG ordered the case to be closed, without opening a criminal investigation or ordering further action against those involved in the incident.

Guess where Hamed-Ahmed Shehab was? At the wheel.


That means he was a terrorist operative, killed in action.


What about hitting ambulances? Well, the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross, every “human rights” organization, and every Palestinian knows that Palestinian terrorists use ambulances as jeeps, resupply vehicles, ammunition carriers, and personnel carriers.

The photos of destroyed ambulances from Gaza leave no doubt that they were used by terrorists. This vehicle was turned inside out by a massive secondary explosion.


It was transporting munitions that blew up when a missile hit. Israeli air-to-surface missiles alone don’t wreak such havoc.

This ambulance exploded all on its own.

Exploded _ambulance.2

That’s the roof lying on the ground. It’s intact because what happened was the nitwits aboard hit a pothole while driving like Le Mans racers. See the hole in the back, to the left of the door? The edges bend outward. That vehicle wasn’t even hit by a projectile. It self-detonated.

In World War I, the Germans put on medics’ red-cross armbands in order to get in close and ambush the enemy. After this happened a few times, men who did so were summarily executed in order to discourage such behavior. It was important that the concept of battlefield medicine not be debauched.

Khaled Hamad was fully aware of the risk he took by riding in a Palestinian ambulance during a war. He gambled and lost.

Help from…?

As some of you may know, I was recently hospitalized due to a gastritis attack. What happened was that I began engaging hideous, deformed, depraved Jew-haters who’d suddenly taken notice of me.


Contact with these people is harmful. They’re completely abnormal, and they bring with them horrendous negativity that poisons you. Though I’ve been doing a lot better, I’m having some of the worst nightmares of my life. I don’t think it’s just my imagination. Being in touch with evil taints you and attracts other evil forces.

In last night’s dream, I was given an invitation to hell, a tropical island somewhere in Oceania. It had a giant pornographic billboard that said I could do anything I wanted: murder, rape, child molestation, torture. It was my own private island, but it was inhabited by naked brown-skinned Asian women who clung to me and writhed, moaning for my attention. I was supposed to throw myself off of buildings, mountains, and cliffs, doing myself as much physical damage as I could in order to corrupt my body as well as my soul.

The island was crawling with terrestrial fish the size of trout. They each had four legs and a giant dorsal fin like a sail. Their faces were smashed up, either half-bitten off or one eye hanging from a stalk or their lower jaws snapped in two and dangling.

I woke up feeling rotten. It seemed as though neither my stomach nor my psyche would ever heal. Then an unambiguous command popped into my head. It told me to buy a food product I hadn’t had in years. So when I went out to get my meds, I stopped at a supermarket and came home with this.


I had very specific directions: I was to heat up one frank in boiling water and eat it on a roll with no condiments. So that’s what I did, despite my nervousness. Franks are bad because of the Meniere’s disease.

It was the best meal I’ve ever eaten in my life. Every bite was like heaven.

And within ten minutes of eating it, the last of my residual stomach pain was gone. I can tell that the inflammation is no longer there. I feel 100 percent healthy again. A kosher frank cured me.

Think of the incomprehensibly elegant sense of humor involved. There’s nothing at all for me to worry about.

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