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This is why I debunked the Islamic State video

This is why I debunked the Islamic State video

My post “The Islamic State did not burn the Jordanian pilot alive” made a lot of people angry. They said that I was trying to minimize Islamic State savagery, and that the post denigrated the courage of Royal Jordanian Air Force pilot Lieutenant Moath Youssef al-Kasasbeh. If you actually read the post, you saw that both of these accusations are baseless.

Pierre Rehov asked me to explain why the Islamic State would fake a video rather than simply burn Lieutenant al-Kasasbeh alive. The short answer is that they needed total control over the situation and couldn’t risk Lieutenant al-Kasasbeh fighting back or refusing to cooperate. So I’m sure they promised him his life. However, they murdered him after the “burning” sequence was filmed.

Mr. Rehov also wanted to separate me from this guy.

Updated: Burning Alive of Caged Jordanian Pilot is an Arch-Zionist Super Hoax

In their terminally extreme rage and vile propensity for the commission of dirty tricks regarding the supposed burning alive of a caged Jordanian pilot the Zionists strike, once again.

See the Zionists in action, here, off the beaches of Tel Aviv. What do they think they are doing? Where is the airman’s uniform? What happened to his parachute? What happened to his pants? Did they just fish him alive out of the middle of the sea? Moreover, who in the world are they all looking at? The camera-person is coming at them from a different angle. They didn’t have to go to far out to catch him; they are dry from about the waist-up.


They are all happy Zionist agents, thrilled to spread mere lies. Clearly, these men surrounding the fake Jordanian are rather that Islamist fighters merely Israelis.

He offers no evidence that these are Israeli agents; he simply proclaims them so. That’s not how I write my posts.

The circumstances of Lieutenant al-Kasasbeh’s downing are unclear. Although the Islamic State says they shot him down, the F-16 Fighting Falcon has multiple countermeasures for antiaircraft defense.

Surface-to-air missiles are heat seekers, so the flares act as decoys. Also, an automatic system in the cockpit immediately announces to the pilot that a missile has “locked on” to the aircraft. Missiles use radar, which is detected by the aircraft’s defenses. A skilled pilot can actually dodge a missile; if the missile doesn’t hit, it often gets lost and flies aimlessly until it runs out of fuel.

Jordan and the US Central Command (CENTCOM) say that Lieutenant al-Kasasbeh’s F-16 crashed due to mechanical failure. It’s likely that the photo of the lieutenant being taken from the lake was staged, since his hair is dry. Also, I see no reason why he would’ve taken off his flight suit in the water.

Lt_Moath Youssef al-Kasasbeh

However, it’s in character with Islamic State terrorists to strip a man as humiliation.

I debunked the “burning alive” of Lieutenant al-Kasasbeh because I knew that the Islamic State would use it as a recruiting video. Here’s another fake Islamic State video that claims to show the burning of the Ain al-Asad airbase near al-Baghdadi, Iraq.

It’s another crappy computer-generated imagery (CGI) hoax. Those are the worst smoke clouds I’ve ever seen.

The Islamic State put out this lie because 320 US Marines are stationed at the airbase, training the Iraqi 7th Division. You don’t have to take my word that the video is a hoax; the Pentagon confirmed that the base was not attacked.


Now the Pentagon says Aid al-Asad airbase was attacked by twenty-five terrorists including suicide bombers. The Pentagon claims they were killed before they could enter the base, and there were no Iraqi casualties, but the Iraqis report that the attackers—wearing Iraqi army uniformsmanaged to attack base headquarters and kill two Iraqis.

This doesn’t change the fact that the video is fake. The CGI smoke clouds are incredibly amateurish.

But here’s the reason I debunked the video purporting to show Lieutenant al-Kasasbeh being burned alive. This is the first comment on the hoax video above.

God willing the destruction of the Crusaders and the Shiites approaches.
Cages and we will see the fire burning in their unclean bodies.

They want to burn all of us now. We’re fighting time travelers from the eighth century who believe their own propaganda that God will lead them to victory. It’s not a question of whether or not they’ll lose; of course they will. The real-world concern is how much damage they’ll do before their inevitable eradication.

The Arab League seems ready to begin a ground offensive against the Islamic State. It’s a pretty well-kept secret that Arab troops fought in Afghanistan on the side of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Since 2001 the Sunni Gulf States have undertaken a massive military buildup. Saddam Hussein learned the hard way that having equipment isn’t enough. Combat experience is more valuable than anything else.

Therefore the Afghanistan war was known as the Special Forces Olympics, because operators from almost every nation on earth fought there in order to gain experience with their high-tech weapons.

Here are operators from the United Arab Emirates in Afghanistan.


The man in the middle is wearing privately purchased running shoes. This indicates that the UAE is serious about its operators. In western countries special operators have near-total freedom in choosing their own equipment. Running shoes mean the UAE has adopted the ethos of the west and has discarded the hidebound traditions that have held back Arab soldiers. These men as a group now have over ten years’ combat experience.

An American colonel (left) with Jordanian special forces in Afghanistan.

3-82 Engage Local Nationals

It’s virtually certain that every Arab nation fought in Afghanistan. The upcoming ground offensive against the Islamic State will be led by Iraqi special forces.

Members of the Iraqi Special Operations Forces prepare before going out on a patrol in the town of Jurf al-Sakharr

By all accounts they’re equal to the very best American and European operators. Fifty Iraqi operators held off hundreds of Islamic State terrorists at the Baiji oil refinery after an entire brigade fled and left behind their weapons.

And don’t forget the Kurdish special forces.


American soldiers use pistols as side arms; Kurds use assault rifles.

The Islamic State has no idea what’s about to hit it. You can bet that among all those indigenous operators will be their American, British, Australian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Estonian, Bulgarian, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish counterparts.

A New Zealander just told me that the New Zealand Special Air Service is about to go to Iraq.


It has to be done. The time travelers from the eighth century can’t be fixed. They’re going to begin mass burnings for real, so they all have to be killed.

While this is all going on, Israel will take care of Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran.

I foresee a world free of major Islamic terrorist activity within my lifetime.

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