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Thomas Wictor

The videos my publicists used to scam me, Part One

The videos my publicists used to scam me, Part One

After Dad died I recorded a ten-part video blog about his death. At the time I wasn’t sure if I’d ever make it public, but I eventually decided that I shouldn’t.

What changed my mind is the fact that my former publicists scammed me of almost $40,000. What they did was watch these videos, read my nightly posts on this Website and my previous one, and send me encouraging notes through Basecamp. While they’ve deleted the Basecamp account, I’ve saved enough e-mails and other evidence they forgot to delete. They’re fucked.

Plus there’s this: Their record speaks for itself. So do their e-mails, full of easily disproved lies and broken promises. They are complete frauds, from beginning to end. Calling themselves book publicists is like me describing myself as a professor at a military college. I’ve published three books on the military. That’s all. My former publicists are professional grifters.

What you need to understand—and what I’m positive my publicists learned by researching my medical conditions—is that post-traumatic stress disorder with secondary psychotic features, the brain fog of Meniere’s disease, and the cognitive problems that are a side effect of my medications don’t make me like this.

My only real impairment is that I forget whether or not I’ve done something. When I dissociate under extreme stress, or when the brain fog is bad, I don’t remember doing things, such as paying double invoices. My fake publicists monitored my blog and my Basecamp posts to find out when I was at my lowest points, and that’s when they struck.

Not only did I forget what I’d paid for and what promises had not been kept, I trusted these people. It didn’t didn’t occur to me that someone would be stupid enough to pull off such an elaborate hoax for such a long time. When we name names, you’ll see that they put a lot of effort into this venture. But it was doomed.

My attempt to be a successful author is likely over. But I want to protect other aspiring writers from becoming meal tickets for animals masquerading as people. So to show you just how egregious this offense was, I’m publishing the videos I made after Dad died. Watch them and then ask yourself what kind of creatures could scam someone who’d been through that experience, plus the even more traumatic suicide of his mother?

Don’t feel pity for me. I’m fine. This is the opening salvo in a full-scale war. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I’m posting these videos for strategic reasons as well as to expose the peerless immorality of the entities that targeted me.

Mom and Dad’s deaths were the main event of 2013, but there was also the endless thievery associated with my Website. That had begun in December of 2012. And right before I signed with the fake publicists, I’d been scammed by another publicist.

Here are the first five parts of Dad’s Death.

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