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The Wahabbist bravely ran away

The Wahabbist bravely ran away

I’ve acquired a fan on YouTube. Well, not so much a fan as a foam-spewing Canadian cartoon made flesh. He’s now following me around and commenting when I comment. I challenged him to a debate, but the Wahabbist bravely ran away.

It all started when I was looking for a specific video write a post about. This operation to capture leaders of the Mahdi Army took place in 2008.

Despite what YouTube viewers always say about this clip, there were no civilian casualties. The reason is simple: Iraqis are not idiots. When the Mahdi Army moved into areas, the civilians moved out because they knew that assaults by Coalition and Iraqi forces would follow. People who know nothing about military matters always blather about how the troops in this video are just firing indiscriminately. That’s a lie.

Beginning at 0:41, you can see muzzle flashes from Mahdi Army shooters. At 1:03 an enemy tracer round barely misses the cameraman.

At 1:16 the Mahdi Army fires a heavy anti-aircraft cannon at an AC-130 gunship that took part in the mission. It was probably an AC-130U Spooky, armed with one 105 mm howitzer, one 40 mm autocannon, and one 25 mm Gatling gun. All three weapons are computer controlled.

The 40 mm autocannon and its ammunition date from World War II. What I mean is that the actual ammunition used today was manufactured over seventy years ago. That’s how many of the shells were made. The raid into Sadr City was so dangerous that the Iraqi and Coalition troops needed an AC-130 overhead to protect them. Back to the first video.

At 2:03, 2:05, and 2:08 you see explosions. The cameraman—Staff Sergeant Ryan Creel—told me that they were from rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) that were fired from the right of the convoy and missed. This was a firefight, not just a bunch of armed men firing blindly into houses full of crouching, defenseless civilians. Creel said that this was the worst battle he was in during the entire war.

I never comment on things I know nothing about. For example, car engines. I have no idea how many cylinders a car engine has. Do they even have cylinders anymore? I remember seeing a commercial years ago with some kind of rounded triangle spinning around inside. Did that replace cylinders?

Or sports. What’s a “down”? Football, right? But what does it mean? Baseball is played in innings, but what about basketball? Is it epochs? Periods? Intervals?

When people start talking car engines and sports, I shut up. But those who know nothing at all about military matters not only have opinions, they have vehement opinions. That’s why I now have a Wahabbist stalker. Some dummy said this about the Sadr City raid.

“Whole thing was a war crime beginning to end. Title says ‘getting known insurgence’ looks like Nazi shit spraying the whole city like that”

The tsunami of stupidity and illiteracy I see every day is making me cranky, so I replied.

“No, it says ‘known INSURGENTS.’ It’s a comforting fantasy to pretend that it was a war crime from beginning to end, but by saying that, you lump yourself in with all the other people who refuse to actually think.”

And then the Canadian Wahabbist joined the conversation. In sea green.

your right lush the whole thing is a big war see no one has the right to invade another nation based on lies..and this is what that nazi bush did..u see many americans hate people who dont subscribe to their way of speaking off those animals that want to see death and for example this sick arrogant and wait for a min..the most ignorant fool thomas wictor..a vile being who has no knowledge, has never seen the middle east or africa or the whole of asia, yet he has opinions..a failed author and a horrible musician..hell even frank zappa would say that thomas sucks..he likes to think that he knows so much, fact is he doesnt..if he was placed on a platform and say debated the likes of me, i would make him look like a fool..although he does that quite well all on his own.just read up oh nis funny.u see hes one of those sheeps a yes man to the media outlets of fox and cnn..a zombie..his tv set oozes slime and he sucks it all up..a zombie needing his ignorant propaganda bs brought to you by the american government..makes no difference whose in power, we will just feed u the same soupe du jour crap..thomas beating his own drum will attack you..y? because u choose peace and he chooses death…i mean he is so tough that he doesnt have the balls to pick up a gun and go after the afghans..i can just picture it..imagine thomas vs an afghan…lol..a frightened little white man vs a giant afghan..yes thomas u americans and russians shit bricks when u hear afghans coming…love too see that..poor thomas..silly white lushfauna..ignore such little men, who have little knowledge to back up their “little insecurities”..its just that..they are one care about them..u see all we can pray for is that one day thomas will learn to think all for himself and realises that his opinions have no value.

“the most ignorant fool thomas wictor..a vile being who has no knowledge, has never seen the middle east or africa or the whole of asia.”

Sorry sweetheart. I was born in Venezuela, lived in three European countries, lived in Japan for five years, and traveled throughout Asia.

I haven’t watched TV news in almost ten years.

My mother was Mexican, so I’m not white.

But you’ve been doing research on me! That means I’ve gotten under your skin.

Tell you what, my brave Canadian Wahabbist: You know MY name, but YOU’RE anonymous. Go to my Website and send me your e-mail address and name through the contact form.

You want to debate me? Let’s do it! We’ll have an e-mail debate, and I’ll post it on my Website. Show the world how much smarter you are than me.

Let’s see if you have the balls to take me up on my offer. I’m betting you don’t.

there u go again with that wahabbi statement…what wahbbi listens to zappa???… lol!!!!! far from being a wahhabi..although u strike me as more wahabbi didnt u say that it wouldbe better to bomb all of iraq and afgahnistan..killall women and children..mmmmm..yeah ur the nut job…lets have a debate…what are the parameters? subject? rules etc etc..list them out..

You said Shi’ites are not real Muslims. Only Wahabbis say that. Of course like most self-proclaimed pious Muslim radicals, you don’t actually practice what you preach, so I have no doubt that you whack off daily looking at naked infidel women. Blondes especially, right?

You’re also a racist, the way all Wahabbis are.

There are no “parameters.” Identify yourself by contacting me on my Website, and we’ll have e-mail exchanges on whatever you want. You get to start. You tell me why I’m stupid, crazy, a nutjob, an inbred, and all that other infantile Canadian bullshit, and I’ll respond.

When we have enough, I’ll post it all on my Website without editing your responses to make me look better. We’ll let the readers decide which of us is more informed and rational. I’ll keep your identity secret, but I’m not going to waste my time with some pussy hiding behind a user name.

I’m out there taking flak from mental midgets like you. Since you claim you can out-debate me, prove it. But you have to tell me who you are, the way you would in a real debate.

Put your money where your mouth is or fuck off.

lol!!!..i could use u for a i dont find blonde pasty pale skin attractive ..damn ur one sicko..but thats ok..u brought it on so deal with it..u dont know nor do u understand islam or for that matter the tenants of im not going toeducate u on sunni shite…for the 3 best friends are shite and i consider them brothers..yes i dont believe shiaism to be anything like the tenants of islam..again one must educate themselves to understand this..ur out there taking i didnt know that u added missionary work to ur repertoire..or is this something u do with ur boyfriend..i dont know..just because ur upset that people dont subscribe to ur violent beliefs dont knock them down…its ok..ur still human and i have to live with people like u..but dont cry..its ok..i know u want people to kill others bomb the crapout of nations..kill women and children in the process..yet im a whabbi///no thomas…ur a nazi…see we can go toe to toe question is can u handle me.i mean u calling me a pussy shows how little u r..if u saw me, ud shit bricks after what i do too u..but since ur older than me, ill just resort to lip service..i dont have to visit ur site..have no interest to go onto ur website…im sure u have a virus..after all just read the stuff u write about…practice what u preach much?..u want to debate..this platform is fine..other question is..why do u want to know me..i dont want to know u..if u have questions about me, fire them away..ill answer, u dont need to know my initials os, is good enough..what? u want to send me a birthday care that u need to know my name?..what do u want to know about me.

“yes i dont believe shiaism to be anything like the TENANTS of islam..again one must educate themselves to understand this..”


“I’m eruditer than you.”

Thanks for pussing out. I knew you would. I put my name out there for all to see, but you have to hide. Typical Wahabbist.

I’m sure I’d shit bricks if I saw you. I’ve never seen a single Wahabbist who wasn’t physically repulsive. What’s with the unibrows? How does being really ugly make you more holy? And it’s funny that you’re so OFFENDED at my TERRIBLE NAZI talk of violence, when all you’re doing is making threats.

Anonymously, I might add. How brave!

How…Wahabbist. The courageous Wahabbist ran away. And thanks for admitting once again that you’re a racist. You also don’t know a thing about human anatomy.

There’s no such thing as “blonde skin.” Is it because you’ve never seen a genuine woman in the nude? I’ll bet the only naked people you’ve seen are your three Shi’ite brothers, right?

You sit around talking about how much you hate blonde white women, and then next thing you know, you’re all sweaty and unclothed.

“Let’s…not talk about this, my brothers,” you say. And they all nod sheepishly.

Ah, the good life as a Canadian Muslim radical. I don’t know what I’m missing, do I?

lol!!!!..u amuse i said u cant debate me,,as ur the coward running away ..its ok..what else would expect from a spineless gutless racist.. whose making threats..ur the one who started this..i bet u were one of those kids on the playgrounds that got picked on..grew up hating everyone and now has this great opportunity sitting behind a screen taking out all his frustrations out on everyone that doesnt agree with him..r u angry with the world tommy boy?..mommy didnt give u enough love..were u picked on because u were a hallf breed, isnt bullying a big thing down in the united snakes of america..what is it?..couldnt handle the bullies so now ur resorting to hate over the internet to hide the fact that u have a small penis..can u show me where i have to provide my name for the world..i mean sickos to like for u to point that out..soi guess this is going to be it..going back and forth…well again ur ducking from ur own challenge..yes thomas i am smarter than you, better than u..etc..u r obviously insecure with urself that u have to point out that im smarter than u better than u etc etc and when u lay down the challenge i accepted it and now ur running away like a little bitch..i tell u what ill give u one more chance..if u fail, well enough said

“what else would expect from a spineless gutless racist..”

Yes, you blather away about white people, but I’M the racist, Makes perfect sense.

“i bet u were one of those kids on the playgrounds that got picked on..grew up hating everyone and now has this great opportunity sitting behind a screen taking out all his frustrations out on everyone that doesnt agree with him..”

How would I write on my computer while sitting behind the screen? I sit in front of the screen when I write on my computer.

“ur resorting to hate over the internet to hide the fact that u have a small penis..”

Interested in my penis, eh? Well, sorry. I don’t play for your team, if you catch my drift. And EVERYBODY hates Wahabbists. What’s there to love about them? Their smell?

“i am smarter than you”

Indeed. That’s why you don’t know how to spell “tenets.”

“when u lay down the challenge i accepted it and now ur running away like a little bitch..”

You accepted it by refusing. Very brave. I told you that I wouldn’t reveal your name. What I proposed was an e-mail debate, since you claimed you could out-debate me. You refused, preferring to hide behind your anonymity.

That’s okay. It takes courage to show one’s face. A lot of people simply aren’t up to it.

Anyway, it’s been fun. You take care now, hear?

Can you believe that I used to do that every day, all day? I can’t. This particular page of putrescence was just a demonstration so that readers could see what was inside me for nearly fifty years. Back when I did it for real, I’d get dizzy with hate. I finally overcame my need to taunt insane, semi-literate, equally hateful ignoramuses, and I did it by letting go of my outrage, becoming grateful, and embracing beauty over ugliness.

If I can do it, anyone can.


I just noticed this.

“for the 3 best friends are shite”

That’s not a very nice thing to say about your best friends.

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