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A correction and more damning evidence

A correction and more damning evidence

When I began writing about the Hamas deception operation set into motion on the Gaza beach, July 16, 2014, I told everyone that this is a work in progress. As I knew would happen, people get hung up on minutiae and miss the big picture. I’m going to make mistakes because that’s the nature of trying to reconstruct something that took place under a dictatorship and covered by reporters who refuse to tell the truth. So now I’ll make a correction and supply you with more damning evidence of the deception.

Initially I thought that this screen grab showed the placing of Mohammed and Zakaria Bakr’s corpses in the sand.


The red arrow marks New York Times photographer Tyler Hicks. He was the only western journalist present when the bodies of Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria Bakr were removed from the beach. Of all the photos he took, he published only one. Please excuse the graphic nature of the image.


Someone sent me a link to the video from which the Tyler Hicks screen grab was taken. It’s an ITV piece titled “Moment Israeli shelling hits Gaza beach” and can’t be embedded.

For one thing, it most certainly does not show the moment that Israeli shelling hits the Gaza beach. The NBC News camera that captured the sound of the first explosion was on a tripod.


Then they took it off the tripod and moved it around. Why? You’ll have to ask them.

The video of the burning shipping container and Tyler Hicks’s actions was taken from the roof or top floor of the al-Ghifari Tower.


After the body of Ismail Bakr was removed from the breakwater, every foreign reporter except for Tyler Hicks left the beach. Two ambulances parked on the corner of the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop and waited.


You can see one ambulance above the “C” in Casualties of War” in the screen grab above. Mohammed Bakr’s body was later put into this vehicle.

I thought that the NBC News camera crew had captured the placing of the bodies in the sand, but what the footage actually shows is Mohammed Bakr’s body being carried away. Here’s the moment that Tyler Hicks took his photo.



We can see the body of Zakaria Bakr in the sand (red arrow).


However, the body of Ahed Bakr—the boy in the red shirt—is not present. In fact Tyler Hicks is standing exactly where Ahed Bakr’s body will later be “found.” You can tell by the black plastic garbage bag.



After Hicks and the others move, we can see that there’s no dead child in the sand where they were standing.


Ahed Bakr was either ten or eleven. He was a large child dressed in dark clothing.


Here’s how close Ahed was to Zakaria right before their bodies were removed.


Ahed’s body is not present in the NBC News footage.


By enhancing the scene, we see that there’s no corpse where Hicks was standing.


If you watch the video, you’ll see that from the time he arrives, Tyler Hicks never even looks down. That’s because Ahed is not there.

The person who sent me the link to the NBC News footage says it proves that I’m wrong. Yes, I was wrong that the screen grab may have shown Tyler Hicks watching as the bodies of Mohammed and Zakaria Bakr were placed in the sand. However, the NBC News footage proves with no doubt whatsoever that when Tyler Hicks first shows up, Ahead Bakr’s body is absent. Hicks is standing right were Ahed should be.

But there’s more. The NBC News footage establishes a genuinely bizarre sequence of events. See this running guy (red arrow)?


He’s the Day-Glo Salafist who “discovered” Ismail Bakr’s body in the shipping container.


He and a man in black removed a wounded adult male from the blue tent.



Tyler Hicks photographed this while the first Hamas operative carried Mohammed Bakr’s body to the ambulance.


Palestinian man carries the body of a boy, whom medics said was killed by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, on a beach in Gaza City

I don’t see Ahed Bakr’s body in either photo. Here’s an enlarged, enhanced version of the top image.


Is there a large child on the ground? If Ahed Bakr was lying there in the grass, why didn’t anyone photograph all three boys together? Not a single photographer or videographer managed to capture the three bodies in one frame.

The man removed from the tent was put in the ambulance with the body of Mohammed Bakr.




However, he never made it to al-Shifa Hospital. By the time the ambulance arrived, he’d disappeared.

This is Tyler Hicks’s driver and fixer, Hamood Abu Kwaik (red arrow).


He’s standing where Ahed Bakr’s body is supposed to be. Does he seem upset?

This is what happens when the fourth ambulance—carrying cameraman Mohammed Jabaly—arrives. Kwaik (red arrow) is filming the scene.



He hands his camera to someone.


Then he runs over to the body of Zakaria Bakr.


Before he takes over the recovery operation, he pauses to grab his head with both hands, as though he’s seeing Zakaria’s mutilated corpse for the first time.


Hamood Abu Kwaik goes from this…


…to this.


Do you believe that his display of emotion is real?

As I said above, there are no photos or videos of Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria Bakr’s bodies lying on the beach together. We see Mohammed and Zakaria, or Zakaria and Ahed. There are no clear, unmistakable images of all three boys. When Tyler Hicks took his famous image, he was standing where Ahed’s body was later placed. And not only do we have that evidence, we have more.

This is Mohammed Bakr’s body.


His shape and size make him easily discerned from Zakaria (red arrow) even in poor-quality video.


In the NBC News footage, we see Zakaria’s body (red arrow) in relation to a tent pole (green arrow).


In the MSNBC footage, we can identify Zakaria’s body (red arrow) by using its position relative to the tent pole (green arrow).


In the screen grab above, Mohammed’s body has not yet been produced. We know that because the ambulance that received him is still parked at the corner of the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop (blue arrow). Zakaria lies alone in the sand while men stand around, waiting. Is one of the men Tyler Hicks?

From the NBC News footage that someone sent me in order to prove me wrong, we now know the strange sequence of events after the recovery of Ismail Bakr’s body from the breakwater.

1. All the foreign press except for Tyler Hicks was cleared from the area.
2. Zakaria Bakr’s corpse was put in the sand.
3. Mohammed Bakr’s corpse was put in the sand.
4. Mohammed Bakr’s corpse was picked up
5. Tyler Hicks took his photo.
6. Mohammed Bakr’s body was taken to the ambulance.
7. An injured man was removed from the tent and put in the same ambulance as Mohammed Bakr.
8. Ahed Bakr’s body was produced.
9. Palestinian cameramen filmed Ahed and Zakaria’s bodies while screaming.
10. Paramedics arrived and removed Zakaria and Ahed Bakr’s bodies.

Tyler Hicks saw and photographed everything. Here he is with no Ahed Bakr at his feet.


Here he is with Ahed Bakr at his feet.


Why hasn’t Mr. Hicks released more photos, and why is the NBC News footage so heavily edited?


Looks like I was wrong again, but not by much. I was right that Ahed Bakr is not lying in the sand where Tyler Hicks was standing. The message I just got explains everything.

I always thought that the wounded man carried out of the tent had something to do with the footage of the explosion that TF1 News broadcast.


My theory is that Ismail, Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria Bakr were killed on July 15, 2014, and then their bodies were mutilated postmortem by a Hamas explosive device. That’s why Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria had round holes in them. Such wounds are the signature of shrapnel—the ball bearings that Hamas uses in its explosives.

I thought that something went wrong, and the man who set off the second explosive device injured himself. His back and chest are bleeding, he can’t walk, and he looks terrified. He never made it to the hospital. I think the man in the white shirt took care of him.


The bomb detonated prematurely, wounding the bomber and wreaking havoc with the narrative. That’s why every single eyewitness and survivor has different stories.

So why would Tyler Hicks not publish any other photos of the “Israeli shelling”? Why are there no images of all three boys’ bodies together?

Why did the man in the white shirt and dark pants stand in the grass as though guarding something? In the MSNBC screen grab, why are people standing in the same place? Why all the waiting?

Why is it impossible to make out the corpse of a child lying in the grass?


Because that’s not a child’s body. It’s the head and torso of the second bomber. The cameraman is filming it.


Hamood Abu Kwaik is frantically texting his bosses, and as another operative walks past, he gestures to the torso, like, “Look at this sh*t!”


Everybody seems stunned. This was something they didn’t expect. Once you know what to look for, you can clearly see that it’s a torso. When the man in the white shirt walks behind it, you can see that his shadow falls on the sand, but the bare chest of the bomber sort of gleams in the sunlight. The bomber’s head faces to the left (red arrow) and his bisected waist is on the right (green arrow).


He appears to have lost his arms too.

I couldn’t see the torso because I was looking for Ahed Bakr.


Does that thing on the ground look anything like the body of a child?


It’s too short, the head is facing in the wrong direction, there are no limbs, and everyone is acting like they’re in shock. It takes a lot to shock a terrorist.

I apologize for this image, but it adds credence to the theory that we’re seeing the torso of a bomber. Ahed Bakr’s wounds were unbelievably traumatic, but he had no blood on him. Yet there was blood in the sand under him (blue arrow).


That’s from the bomber’s torso. I’m guessing everyone was panicking, so they forgot to cover that blood with sand.

This new theory answers all the questions. It explains why the reporters were cleared off the beach; why the second ambulance crew ran down to the beach, immediately returned, and then parked and waited; and why there are no photos of the three dead Bakr boys together. When Tyler Hicks and the others arrived, they found Zakaria and a torso. They had to go looking for Mohammed and Ahed, who could’ve been anywhere due to the incompetence of the bombers.

It also explains why the surviving bomber looks so afraid.


You don’t screw up when you do a job for Hamas. This guy was dead two seconds after they closed the ambulance door.

Here’s the new sequence of events. As I see them.

1. The bombers blow themselves up.
2. All the foreign press except for Tyler Hicks is cleared from the area.
3. Hamas goes to the site of the explosion and finds Zakaria Bakr’s body and a bomber’s torso.
4. Terrorists stand guard over the torso to prevent photos from being taken.
5. Hamas finds Mohammed Bakr’s body and puts it in the sand near Zakaria’s.
6. Mohammed Bakr’s body is picked up.
7. Tyler Hicks takes his photo while Hamas tries to figure out what to do.
8. Mohammed Bakr’s body is taken to the ambulance.
7. The surviving bomber is removed from the tent and put in the same ambulance as Mohammed Bakr, where he’s immediately killed.
8. Ahed Bakr’s body is found and put in the sand.
9. Palestinian cameramen film Ahed and Zakaria’s bodies while screaming.
10. Paramedics arrive and remove Zakaria and Ahed Bakr’s bodies.

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