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How and when did the boys on the Gaza beach die?

How and when did the boys on the Gaza beach die?

There’s really no doubt that Hamas murdered Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, Zakaria Bakr, and Mohammed Bakr in order to blame the Israeli Defense Forces. I’ve been trying to unravel what I call Operation Four Little Martyrs, because I knew instantly that the IDF would neither deliberately nor accidentally kill four boys on a Gaza beach. The Israelis have unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with cameras that are far more powerful than anybody knows. I’ll get to the date and method of the boys’ murders in a minute.

First, take a look at the capabilities of cameras we know about.

The fact that we’re being shown this means that the secret stuff is even better. What the Israelis would also do is film from an oblique angle, so they could judge the size of the person and determine if it were an adult or child.

I believe that the IDF got a tip from a triple agent—a Palestinian pretending to work for the Israelis but actually a Hamas operative—that at least one terrorist would be in the police post on July 16, 2014, at a certain time.


The post was first struck by Israeli naval fire at 2:00 a.m. on July 10, 2014. Before that day, it looked like this.

Hamas_police _post

Because Operation Four Little Martyrs was so complex and had so many moving parts, it was likely formulated long in advance. All they needed was an opportunity. That opening presented itself on July 10, 2014, when the metal structure attached to the police post was left intact after the naval bombardment.


The open end of the structure was covered by a sheet of metal folded over to form a wall. The fraudulent Ft1 News report shows the open end, which means this segment of footage was not taken on July 16, 2014, as the French claimed.


Here’s a screen grab that shows the post right after the missile hit.


You can see that the gaping black hole is now covered.


Hamas used at least three sheets of corrugated metal to form the new wall.


The press said it was a fisherman’s hut. Have you ever seen a fisherman’s hut with one wall missing? Of course not. So Hamas had to cover the hole. They did so by adding at least two sheets and bending over the panels to the left of the doorway.


Mideast Israel Palestinians

The fisherman’s hut story was for the press, not the IDF. The IDF was told that it was some kind of terrorist combat post, and the four dead boys were told they were going to do something to help the “resistance.” The children agreed. Why wouldn’t they? It was an adventure. In gratitude the “resistance” murdered them.

When and how did the boys die?

It’s not necessary for me to post uncensored photos and videos of Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, Zakaria Bakr, and Mohammed Bakr after they were murdered. I think regularly looking at such photos both traumatizes and desensitizes a person, which can lead to serious psychological issues. I already have enough on my plate, mentally, so I won’t post the photos and videos.

It would also be disrespectful to the boys. They were real people, mercilessly used in order to advance a racist, totalitarian, fascistic, politico-religious agenda. The men who approved Operation Four Little Martyrs are power-mad, overweight pigs who grunt out medieval slogans and then call room service for whores.

I’ll tell you when I think the boys were killed: July 15, 2014, the day before Operation Four Little Martyrs. Today I did some very morbid research. The photos and videos of the four dead boys show that they had no rigor mortis. Initially I thought that would debunk my theory that they were killed the day before, because rigor mortis begins about three hours after death and can last as long as seventy-two hours.

The bodies of the four dead boys were extremely limp as they were carried off the beach. If they were killed they day before, why didn’t they have rigor mortis?

Because rigor mortis can be accelerated by a lot of things.


On July 15, 2014, it was 88º F (31º C) in Gaza. Since that might not have been hot enough to ensure that the rigor mortis was gone within twenty-four hours, there are other ways of accelerating the dissipation of rigor mortis. They were invented by the meat-packing industry.


Vigorous exercise immediately prior to death makes rigor mortis manifest and disappear much faster.


The boys were photographed running on the beach July 15, 2014. They look tired, don’t they?

I believe that this footage taken by FT1 News also dates from July 15.


To me, that video never seemed authentic. They boys don’t seem panicked. They look dutiful, as though following orders.

There’s no question that Hamas knows absolutely everything there is to know about committing murder. Making the boys run allowed them to be photographed so that 24 Media Production Company could fabricate composite images.


It also served as a rehearsal. Operations like this are always rehearsed.

But if the boys were murdered immediately after they ran, their rigor mortis would come and go more quickly. Another way to ensure that they were pliable by the next day would be to electrocute them with a generator.

The eyes of all four boys were open; one form of death almost always causes that.


A final factor contributed to the absence of rigor mortis in the boys.


Everything I wrote above is important, but it doesn’t matter when you consider that the wounds of the boys didn’t bleed. The only child with a slight amount of visible blood was the boy in the green shirt, yet his body was the least mutilated.

The boy in the blue shirt had a massive laceration in his right bicep. No blood. The boy in the red shirt had giant holes in his back, side, arms, and legs. No blood. The smallest child had open compound fractures of both legs that resulted in his bones protruding from his skin and his right foot ending up beside his face. No blood.

It’s absolutely clear that the boy in the red shirt had livor mortis or lividity on his left side, dark-purple coloration where the blood settled after he died. One of the shapes is square, about the size of a brick. Maximum lividity occurs after about twelve hours.

Even though the children didn’t bleed, look at their shrouds.

Israeli airstrike kills 4 Palestinian children in Gaza


In the second photo, you can see where they accidentally dripped the fake blood on the table. Every paramedic, doctor, nurse, pathologist, journalist, and photographer in that room is evil. So are all the western journalists covering up these murders.

None of the BDS maniacs care about Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, Zakaria Bakr, and Mohammed Bakr. Neither do the Palestinians. They’re all living in disgusting, amoral fantasy worlds.

The only people who care are the Israelis and Israel’s supporters.

Click here for the timeline of the operation. Remember that this is a work in progress, so details change as more information comes in.

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