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The Hamas Gaza beach operation grows in complexity

The Hamas Gaza beach operation grows in complexity

Yesterday I received the proof I needed that the French TF1 News footage allegedly shot on July 16, 2014, is fraudulent. It’s possible that the French reporters used two camera crews, but there’s no evidence of that. If they had used two camera crews, they edited their report to make it seem that only one camera filmed the killing of Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, Zakaria Bakr, and Mohammed Bakr. I’ve shown that this incident was orchestrated by Hamas, but it wasn’t until today that I saw how complex the Gaza beach operation was.

I had to go back and edit the photo and key to what I’ll call Operation Four Little Martyrs. Before I discuss the TF1 News footage, let me show you what else I discovered about Hamas’s deception of July 16, 2014. I now believe that I have the sequence of events correct.

For reference, we’ll use this Palestinian Zain for Media Production video.

The video begins with paramedics running back from the beach, to an ambulance parked in front of the Beach Hotel and Orient House.


The green arrow shows the ambulance, the red X is the Beach Hotel and Orient House, and the blue X is the al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant.

In the key to the photo, the ambulance is 17, the Beach Hotel is B, the al-Andalus is C, and the route the paramedics took is the aqua line marked 19.


As the ambulance crew and members of the press head back to it vehicle, they’re guided by two men. One wears a green T-shirt.



The other is in black.


These are Hamas terrorists. No question. Bystanders don’t direct people.

The Zain video is choppily edited, so here’s the French TF1 News report for reference.

It’s not yet time to talk about the fraudulence of the French news footage. We need the report, however, to piece together what happened.

From the Zain video, we see men on the back of the ambulance as it prepares to back down the street.


The green arrow shows another Hamas terrorist. He’s a lookout. Bystanders don’t swivel their heads in all directions, peering at everything except for the object of interest in front of them. In the foreground is the commander of Operation Four Little Martyrs, this guy.


You should know that after my post yesterday, that photo was removed from the Internet.

The ambulance eventually stops in front of an incline that leads down to the beach (green X).


Back to the first Little Martyr.

Initially we saw a young man and a journalist carrying the dead boy in the green shirt up the incline toward the ambulance.


In the TF1 News video, we see a different man loading the boy into the ambulance.


He’s a Hamas terrorist. I’ll prove it to you in a minute. Note his tan shirt, dark-blue pants, and the logo on his left breast. He’s dark skinned, with short, curly hair.

The Zain video shows he dead boy on the stretcher. The Hamas terrorist who took him from the first rescuers and put him in the ambulance is marked with a green X.


Guess who else is in the ambulance at the same time? The commander of Operation Four Little Martyrs.


See his purple shirt with white stripes?

There was another man wounded on the beach and picked up by two people.


Note his rolled trousers legs.

In the TF1 News video, we see that a Hamas terrorist is now carrying him.


How do I know he’s a Hamas terrorist? One, he’s incredibly strong. He’s what terrorists call “muscle.” All he does is work out and follow orders. Two, he took the man from two genuine rescuers. Three, the wounded man wears the rolled trouser legs of fanatic Wahabbist Salafists. He set off the second explosion and accidentally hurt himself, as I’ll show you.

When the strong Hamas terrorist puts the Salafist into the ambulance with the First Little Martyr, the other Hamas terrorist and the commander of Operation Four Little Martyrs have stepped out.



But as the Salafist is settled in, we catch a glimpse of the terrorist in the tan shirt standing guard.


The green arrow shows the logo we saw before. Look at that face. Is there any doubt that he’s a murdering Hamas demon?

He’d also arranged the first dead boy on the stretcher when the paramedics took his body from the police post.


Initially I thought that the Hamas commander of Operation Four Little Martyrs and the terrorist in the tan shirt had gotten into the ambulance because they were all about to go to the hospital. I now think that the two terrorists were in the vehicle to intimidate the paramedics. The commander later oversaw the transporting of the final two victims, which means he wasn’t ready to leave when I thought he was.


The wounded Salafist wasn’t part of the original plan. I’m sure he now sleeps with the fishes.

The footage of TF1 News

I never thought this image was authentic.


The boys don’t seem panicked. A similar photo was shot the day before, on July 15, 2014, according to a Swedish Website.


They’re wearing the same clothes as they were the day they were allegedly killed, and they’re jogging in the same unhurried, unafraid way as in the TF1 News video.

Here it is again, if you want to check what I’m saying.

The French report says that this was the start of Operation Four Little Martyrs.


That’s a trash fire. There’s no damage anywhere. They filmed this as “B-roll footage,” to be used as necessary. It became necessary.

The immediate aftermath of the Israeli missile strike was captured by the French cameraman.


The photo is remarkably similar to the one taken by al-Jareera reporter Stefanie Dekker.


From the widow bracing and angle of the breakwater, Dekker had to have been in the Commodore Hotel.

Fishing port in Gaza City. (Photo: Arne Hoel)

The French video of the smoke rising from the missile strike was taken from an outdoor terrace. By again judging from the angle of angle of the breakwater, we can determine that the cameraman was on the terrace cafe of the Roots Hotel.


Here’s the Roots Hotel under construction.

Fishing port in Gaza City. (Photo: Arne Hoel)


I was wrong about the film being taken on the terrace of the Roots Hotel. The real story is much more complicated.

Next, this is what French reporter Liseron Boudoul said in her report.


Why weren’t they filmed? The answer is that the French news crew didn’t see any children. Therefore there were no children playing on the beach. You can bet that if French journalists had seen four Palestinian kids running from a structure that had just being hit by the IDF, they would’ve gotten us closeups of the terrified faces.

In Liseron Boudoul’s story, the video switches from the smoking police post to this.


I’m sorry: They don’t look afraid. And do you notice something different about the video?

The cameraman is now indoors.

Tyler Hicks of the New York Times says that the second explosion was thirty seconds after the first.

Here’s a man sprinting for thirty seconds up a hill.

Though an adult with longer legs, he did 150 yards (137 meters) up a very steep hill in thirty seconds.

This is how far the boys on the beach made it in thirty seconds, according to the media and the Palestinians.


A side view.

Fishing port in Gaza City. (Photo: Arne Hoel)

Peter Beaumont of the Guardian—an eyewitness—says it was forty seconds between explosions. However long it was, don’t you think children running for their lives would’ve gotten further than they allegedly did?

Back to the TF1 News footage.

The cameraman went from an outdoor location to an indoor location in less than forty seconds, if we’re to believe the report. But where’s the indoor location?

It’s the Palestine Hotel. Here it is. Remember that the Roots Hotel is on the far right.

Fishing port in Gaza City. (Photo: Arne Hoel)

At the left is the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop. The red arrow is this vantage point.


Note the upright brown beams in the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Palestine Hotel.

Fishing port in Gaza City. (Photo: Arne Hoel)

They’re the same as this interior shot from the TF1 News video.


Look at the yellow building to the right of the Palestine Hotel.


It matches the one seen briefly in the TF1 News interior shot.

So the TF1 News team edited together outdoor footage and video shot from the interior of the Palestine Hotel.

But that’s not all.

Here’s what I can prove: The sound of the second explosion at 0:45 in the TF1 News video is identical to the sound of the first explosion at 0:34. Not possible, since the cameraman filmed the second detonation from inside a building with thick glass windows. They simply dubbed the sound of the first explosion into the video at 0:45. This is further circumstantial evidence that the second explosion in the video was caused by Hamas: The real explosion would’ve sounded different.

What I’m going to say next is just a theory, but it’s the only thing that makes sense.

The footage of the children running was filmed from inside the Palestine Hotel on July 15, 2014, a day before the boys were killed.


In this still, the green X marks a fat man or woman—left hand behind the back—watching placidly as the boys run.


There’s no urgency in this observer. He or she is chuckling, “Aren’t they cute?”

That’s why there’s an edit after the boys run out of sight. As for the footage taken on July 16, 2014, TF1 News first had a cameramen filming at the Green Terrace Café of the Roots Hotel. He caught the immediate aftermath of the Israeli missile strike on the police post. Remember that when Alex Marquardt of ABC News arrived first on the scene, he ran right past the place where the three dead children were found.


There were no bodies at the time.

A huge commotion followed, as the dead child was removed from the police post.


I didn’t realize until today that when the three other dead children were taken from the beach, there was no western media present. Look behind the rescuers at the burning police post on the left.


The press left voluntarily or at gunpoint. It was then that the TF1 News crew went into the Palestine Hotel and accidentally filmed a detonation.


I believe that the following time sequence is a lie, since it comes from a Palestinian “human rights” organization.


After the western press left the scene, Hamas staged the deaths of the other three boys. The third explosion mutilated the already dead bodies and injured the bombers, who are almost certainly not with us anymore. Since the French reporters knew they may have to explain three explosions, they included the fire at the beginning of the video.

I believe that TF1 News took footage and sounds from two days, edited them into a misbegotten forgery, and submitted it to the world as an authentic account of how Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, Zakaria Bakr, and Mohammed Bakr were killed.

It’s not. This report is false on just about every level. Knowingly so, in my opinion. Someone—the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure, for example—needs to question Liseron Boudoul.


Click here for a timeline of the operation. Remember that this is a work in progress, so details change as more information comes in.

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