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Coordination between the media and Hamas

Coordination between the media and Hamas

Every Israeli and Jewish person who reads this will experience the death of hope for fair treatment. I’m sorry. Your anguish is something I share. That’s why I write these posts. We’re kindred spirits in that we’ve experienced terrible injustice. On the other hand, it’s vital for your safety that you know of the coordination between the media and Hamas. Knowledge is power. By facing reality and accepting it, I’ve been able to overcome crippling rage and bitterness. It’s not that I no longer have hope; I simply no longer hold out hope that certain people will change.

First, I need to add to the eternally expanding details of Operation Four Little Martyrs, the Hamas plan to lure the IDF into firing at a police post on Gaza beach, July 16, 2014. Yesterday I discovered a video that puts the icing on the surreal pantomime-cake of Palestinian actions that day. This was how they confused the world. Even after two months of study, I’m still finding new deceptions.

You’re going to have to either accept or reject my conclusions. I can no longer respond to the same questions over and over, usually asked by the same people. Today, at 10.00 a.m., here was my inbox.

This is the sequence of events as I see them. Take it or leave it. No more arguments.

1. At about 4:10 p.m. local time, the IDF fires a missile at the police post on the breakwater. Seconds earlier, Hamas sets off an IED.

2. Four decoys run to the al-Deira Hotel.

3. About five minutes later, Palestinian and western media flock to the breakwater.

4. Palestinian and western media is allowed up on the breakwater to document the “discovery”of Ismail Bakr.

5. Paramedics take Bakr’s body to the ambulance, followed by the press.

6. The western media clears the area, and the bodies of the three others are “discovered” and removed, along with a man I believe to be the bomber who detonated the three IEDs.

7. The boys from the al-Deira Hotel and the two dead boys carried on one stretcher are taken to al-Shifa Hospital together in two ambulances.

I used multiple videos to piece together the sequence of events.

ABC News.

Zain for Media Production. I used this low-quality video in all my previous posts. WARNING! EXTREMELY GRUESOME FOOTAGE OF MURDERED CHILDREN!

A much higher-quality Zain for Media Production video that I was sent today. WARNING! EXTREMELY GRUESOME FOOTAGE OF MURDERED CHILDREN!


Yesterday I found another video that I can’t embed, but it shows that as fraudulent as I thought the events were, the situation was even more depraved.

There’s now no question that the western press coordinated with Hamas and participated in the deception.

Here’s the link to the video, by ITV. I’m going to use screen grabs from it, but you might want to watch first.

Then there’s Ehna TV.

And another version of TF1 News.

NBC News was told to expect an explosion

That’s the only reason a camera crew was filming an empty beach from a room in the al-Deira Hotel. The IED goes off at 1:27.

The collusion is so brazen that I didn’t realize this until yesterday: The video shows the breakwater when the explosion happens. There’s the police post, marked by the red arrow.


No smoke. That means the IED was set off before the missile strike, to draw everyone’s attention. Here’s the police post right after the strike.


The Hamas triple agent was therefore in contact with the IDF when the missile was fired. Also, NBC News obviously filmed the breakwater during the missile strike. After all, they had their camera going when the IED detonated a moment before the post was hit. NBC must have footage of what happened immediately afterward as well. My guess is they’ve suppressed it because it reveals something the media doesn’t want us to know. It likely shows Hamas in a bad light. Maybe the Salafist bomber threw an explosive instead of setting off a buried one.

Don’t you find it strange that nobody in that hotel full of journalists filmed the dramatic events right after the missile strike? They’re protecting murderers in order to destroy people who don’t commit murder. Just about every reporter who went to Gaza needs to be institutionalized. They’re insane and evil.

The Hamas pool reporter

Her name is Liseron Boudoul, and she works for TF1 News. Note how she appeared on July 16, 2014.

The high-quality Zain video shows that Boudoul was with the first Palestinians who arrived at the police post after the missile strike.


As she slows to a walk, Alex Marquardt of ABC News runs up behind her (blue arrow).

Both Boudoul and Marquardt have just run past the area where the bodies of the three other boys will later be “discovered.” Neither Boudoul nor Marquardt have commented on this. The Zain videos are edited to make you think that the three bodies were found first, and then reporters ran to the breakwater, but that’s an inversion of what actually happened.

Below is the truck that will collect the two adult males that Nick Casey of the Wall Street Journal tweeted about. In the center of the screen grab, paramedics run to the breakwater for Ismail Bakr. However, Boudoul walks in the opposite direction with two male companions.

She seems totally uninterested in the commotion that just passed her. We see that she wears a dark flak vest under her open shirt.

Boudoul then photographs either the two men or the breakwater.

As she puts away her camera, the Hamas commander in the purple shirt appears (green arrow).

The commander continues toward the breakwater as Boudoul joins her two companions.

Next, screen grabs from the Ehna TV video.

The Hamas commander appears as the body of Ismail Bakr is carried from the police post to Ambulance 1.

Liseron Boudoul looks back at either the commander or the paramedics carrying Ismail Bakr. She’s removed her flak vest.

Boudoul steps out of the frame. Why would a reporter stroll away from a story of this magnitude? What’s with her blasé, hipster attitude?

The Hamas commander walks behind the paramedics.

Liseron Boudoul literally skips back into frame.

She pushes through the crowd to the stretcher and says something to her female photographer. So far Boudoul hasn’t once glanced at the corpse of Ismail Bakr.

Boudoul looks off to the side after giving instructions to her photographer.

And now is she smiling?

She then leaves the group again.

Where did she go the second time she walked off camera? Well, the ABC News video has the answer.

Boudoul looks back and heads to her right.

She walks toward the Hamas commander in the purple shirt, looking directly at him.


He steps closer to her. She appears to be speaking to him.


She stops.

He stops and faces her.

She doesn’t follow him to Ambulance 1.


But Boudoul isn’t finished for the day. Ambulance 1 takes away the corpse of Ismail Bakr.


In the screen grab below—from the high-quality Zain video—Ambulance 2 (green arrow) is parked in front of the Beach Hotel and Orient House (red X) and the al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant (blue X). It’s the wrong place.


Flustered paramedics have gone to the beach, turned around, and returned, guided by the two menacing Hamas terrorists on the left.

Ambulance 2 then backs all the way down the street to the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop, where it parks (red arrow).


As you can see, the entire beach has been cleared of western reporters. Under the the green arrow is a dumpster; the corpses of the three other boys will be placed nearby. The purple X is where Ambulance 2 will move up to receive the bodies.

NBC News films the scene from the roof of the al-Ghifari Tower.


I’ve been asked how I know that Ambulance 2 first parked in front of the Beach Hotel and then backed down to the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop.

This is a paramedic running to the Ambulance 2 in front of the Beach Hotel.

This is a paramedic running to Ambulance 2 in front of the Avenue Restaurant.

From the ITV video that I can’t embed, here’s the crew of Ambulance 2 running to their vehicle, the location marked with a red arrow in the screen grab from the NBC News report. Note the distinctive overhang of the wall surrounding the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop.

The ambulance crew has gotten word that the three corpses have been produced from the same tent where the wounded Salafist bomber hid himself.


This is a screen grab from the high-quality Zain for Media Production video. Liseron Boudoul and the Hamas commander in the purple shirt are seen running side by side toward Ambulance 2, parked in front of the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop. The overhang of the wall confirms it.


Thus Liseron Boudoul was present during the entire farce, from beginning to end. She’s a co-conspirator.

We go back to the ITV video to reveal what else she witnessed.

Ambulance 2 takes off down the street toward the space between the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop and the al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant, where the three corpses and the wounded Salafist bomber will be collected by screaming terrorists and what I now think are coerced paramedics.

The cameraman accidentally films Ambulance 3 parked across the street. It will go to the al-Deira Hotel to pick up Hamad and Montasem-Muntaser Bakr.


In the Zain for Media Production videos we see someone riding the back of Ambulance 2 as it heads for the collection point.


The ITV video shows the same vehicle and rider.


While Ambulance 2 parks and receives the dead boy in the green shirt and the wounded Salafist bomber, Mohamed Jabaly’s Ambulance 4 arrives at the moment the injured man is loaded up.


Jabaly and other paramedics run o the beach. Horribly gruesome video here.

The Hamas operatives and paramedics load the obviously dead boys on the stretcher and—shouting like maniacs—race them to Ambulance 4.

Liseron Boudoul saw all of this. She may as well be a Hamas operative.

But there’s more.

I hate Juan Cole for his lies, pomposity, and antagonism toward Israel, so it gives me great pleasure to inform him and the world that a person who has to be an Indian Jew played the mother of all practical jokes on him. Cole wrote a pathetic, dishonest, blubbering, brainless op-ed full of Israel-hating boilerplate: “Four Dead Boys on the Beach.” Here’s an excerpt.

What can we conclude from this sickening attack?

1. Israel actually has quite bad intelligence about Gaza. The Israeli navy thought it was bombarding militants when it was actually just shelling a civilian beach with little children running around on it.

2. Israel doesn’t know exactly what it is shelling. The Israelis clearly saw the four little boys running away, and deliberately fired another shell at them, killing them. The gunner surely thought he had Hamas in his sights. In fact, they were just little boys, deliberately targeted and killed as they were trying to get away.

The photo accompanying this toxic drivel is a screen grab from the NBC News footage filmed from the top of the al-Ghifari Tower.

It shows Hamas terrorists about to place the first two corpses in the sand. They’ve taken them from the blue tent where the Salafist bomber hid.


The figures on the right are carrying the large boy in the green shirt (front) and the small boy in the gray shirt. A Hamas terrorist masquerading as a journalist in a helmet and flak vest stands near to where the boy in the red shirt will be placed.

Someone who hates Juan Cole as much as I do fixed his wagon real good. And someone has proven that NBC caught the whole deception on camera. And someone led me to that image. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you who. The person read that I was sure that NBC had such video, so the person sent me a link to the Cole piece without comment.

As far as I can tell, virtually the entire Gaza press contingent was in on this. Israelis, it’s no exaggeration to say that western journalists are threatening your national security.

What are you going to do about it?

Click here for a timeline of the operation. Remember that this is a work in progress, so details change as more information comes in.

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