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The shocking fraudulence of the TF1 News report

The shocking fraudulence of the TF1 News report

I wrote before about the TF1 News report on Operation Four Little Martyrs. It’s obvious that the piece is extremely dishonest. However, in a real X-Files moment, today I received some information from my contact “David,” whose name and whereabouts I don’t know. He sent me a photo and a casual message.

Here’s “David’s” observation: “I assume you noticed that the first part of the TF1 video was shot from the Adam Hotel.”

No, I didn’t! I don’t have access to the photos that “David” does, so it’s been nearly impossible for me to get a handle on locations in Gaza. No matter how hard I search, “David” always directs me toward things I missed. When I discover something, “David” knows I’ll discover something else. Which I did.

First, the TF1 News report, for your reference.

I always knew that the opening shot had nothing to do with the Israeli missile strike on the police post, July 16, 2014, at 4:00 p.m. local time.


But thanks to “David,” I now know that this scene was filmed on the terrace of the Adam Hotel. Note the lamps.

The Adam Hotel is marked with a Green arrow, and the Roots Hotel with a red.

Initially I thought that the TF1 News crew filmed the immediate aftermath of the missile strike from the terrace of the Roots Hotel. Like everything in Gaza, the name of the cafe is a source of deliberate confusion. It’s either the Green Terrace Café or the Wave Café. The name doesn’t matter, since it’s not possible to get the truth from Palestinians. And now that I’m writing these posts, Palestinians are furiously deleting photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, leaving only the cached thumb.

Sorry, guys. I understand the bind you’re in, but your entire culture and the global media accused innocent people of murdering four children. I can’t aid and abet that injustice. There’s nothing personal in what I’m doing. I just have the need to clear Israel’s name. It’s wrong that so many lies are told about her.

Here’s what the terrace cafe of the Roots Hotel looks like.

The scene of the running boys was shot from inside the Palestine Hotel.


In the satellite view, the Adam Hotel is marked with a green X, the Roots Hotel with a yellow, and the Palestine Hotel with a red.

There was a maximum of forty seconds between the first and second explosions. For the TF1 News footage to be genuine, the cameraman had to run from the terrace of the Adam Hotel to the inside of the Palestine Hotel in forty seconds or less.

Fishing port in Gaza City. (Photo: Arne Hoel)

We know that’s not possible. My controller “David” asked me this question today.

“Perhaps the ‘équipe’ simply paid some good cash for the other footage?”

That’s exactly what happened. Here’s a different report by a different French news outlet.

The familiar video begins at 0:44. There were four Palestinian cameramen: one on the terrace of the Adam Hotel, one inside the Palestine Hotel, one out on the street between the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop and the al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant, and one somewhere else. I’ll tell you where in a second.

Here’s where three cameramen were.

The second cameraman filmed the boys running on July 15, 2014, the day Hamas murdered them.

This is the position of the fourth cameraman, who captured the immediate aftermath of the missile strike on the police post.


The railing in the foreground fooled me into thinking that this footage was shot from a terrace. It wasn’t.

That railing is on a boat. You can see part of a cabin in the lower right. The cameraman was prepositioned for the strike, more proof that this was a Hamas operation.

There’s no way for me to identify the boat; I’m sure it’s been moved anyway. The Israelis will find the vessel in time.

TF1 News bought footage from two or three cameramen who were in on Operation Four Little Martyrs. That means TF1 News used video filmed by murderers. I don’t know how much the cameramen knew; they may have been told to simply go somewhere and film. But by now they’re aware that they took part in the cold-blooded murder of four children.

Think that’s enough? Oh, but there’s so much more! Part of the TF1 News report shows the police post on July 10, 2014.


You can tell the date tell by the black opening in the structure. It’s not a “shed,” by the way, as I’ll prove to you in a minute. This image was taken July 10, 2014.


So this is what the TF1 News report contains:

1. Footage shot by at least three different Palestinian cameramen.

2. Footage shot on three different days.

3. Footage shot from four different locations.

4. An opening sequence with a trash fire that the cameraman lit to in order to fake an Israeli bombing.

All of that was edited to intentionally deceive us into thinking that we were watching events of one day as they occurred in real time. TF1 News is not a reliable source of information. Everyone should completely ignore these people from now on. Oh, and it’s likely that the sounds of both explosions were dubbed. They’re useless in terms of forensics.

Hamas outwitted itself by selling the footage to European news outlets. Yesterday I received a message about my theory that Hamas folded part of the steel container—not shed—over to form the fourth wall of a jury-rigged “fisherman’s hut.” I was told that this notion was “weak.”

The second French report has a clearer image of the steel container right after the missile strike.

You can see for yourself that they put up a wall to cover the gaping black hole visible on July 10, 2014.


Hamas used at least three sheets of corrugated metal in the new wall.


But that’s not all. My controller “David” is a brilliant man. Or woman. Think of how many photos “David” could’ve sent me that showed the terrace of the Adam Hotel. Without comment, and without drawing my attention to it—as a test of my powers of perception—”David” sent me this photo, the one I posted above. Look what else it shows.


It’s the steel container that Hamas later put beside the police post.


Steel containers are used to contain, one definition of which is to prevent energy from getting out of control. That steel box held weapons and explosives. Bet on it. That’s why I was sent the photo. It shows that this was a heavy-duty depository, not a flimsy shack.

“David” needs to determine how serious I am about helping Israel. One way I can convince him is by shunning personal publicity. Therefore, I hereby announce that I will never give interviews about this topic. Don’t even ask.

My controller can’t ever trust me; that would be suicidal. So he has to deliberately mislead me, send me on wild goose chases, and put in the real information without alerting me to it. As in The X-Files, I must discover it all for myself. My posts are also trial balloons. Reaction to them can be studied.

Absolute genius. By doing things this way, “David” is proving to me that my faith in Israel is entirely justified. Someone is trying very hard to get to the bottom of Operation Four Little Martyrs. The IDF was horrified at the deaths.

I approve of being tested. It shows that I’m dealing with people who actually live up to their stated ideals.

How rare is that in the present age?

Click here for the timeline of the operation. Remember that this is a work in progress, so details change as more information comes in.

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