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Note to the media: Sorry, no interviews

Note to the media: Sorry, no interviews

Today one of my favorite columnists—James Delingpole—picked up the story of Operation Four Little Martyrs. That could mean that Israel’s name will soon be cleared. Media outlets are contacting me. I’m sorry to say that I’ll give no interviews on this.

There are lots of reasons, but the main one is that the Israeli Defense Forces were burned by a triple agent. I have no inside knowledge; not a single member of the Israeli government or armed forces has told me a thing about what happened. This is my own conclusion.

The Israelis depend on Palestinian double agents. A huge risk is that the person is actually a triple agent: pretending to work for Israel but actually working for Hamas. A triple agent killed seven CIA agents—including the base chief—at Camp Chapman, Afghanistan, on December 30, 2009.

I could easily be a triple agent. The stakes here for Israel are enormous. Sure, I’ve said in previous posts that I have controllers sending me information, but I don’t know that to be true. When the information began coming in, I didn’t ask the person who he or she was; I simply verified whether or not what I was being told was accurate.

Some of what I was sent was not true. I believe that was deliberate. Every piece of information that made the case crystal clear was disguised in a message about something else.

Just yesterday I received a photo of the terrace at the Adam Hotel in Gaza.


The ostensible purpose was to alert me to the fact that the opening of the TF1 News report was shot on the terrace of the Adam Hotel, not the terrace of the Roots Hotel, as I’d first thought. However, the photo included the steel container that Hamas put beside the Naval Police post on the breakwater.


The person who sent me the photo of the Adam Hotel made no mention of the steel container, the one that Hamas transformed into a “fisherman’s shack” after the July 10, 2014, attack on the police post. However, the Adam Hotel image was a test to see if I’d pick up on the steel container and use it to debunk the “tin hut” lie. That steel structure was used to store something, almost certainly weapons and explosives.

I’ve been getting dozens of very argumentative messages from people demanding that I explain this or that aspect of my theory. Many of the messages are written by people who aren’t native speakers of English. I’ve been forced to go over my theory again and again and again, correcting mistakes and filling in blank spots.

Several people suggested I create a timeline, which I did.

These message senders could all be civilians, simply interested in a solving a mystery.

But they could be somebody else. I can’t risk doing any harm to Israel. She’s been harmed enough. I won’t talk about who sent me things or how they sent me things or when they sent me things. I’m not important; what’s important is that Israel was set up, and four little boys were murdered.

The information is out there. Any journalist who wants to delve into it now knows where to go. It’s not necessary to talk to me about it.

So I’ll have to gracefully decline any interview requests about Operation Four Little Martyrs.

If—as a journalist—you wonder if I’m insane, that’s fine. I solved the Mustafa Tamimi case.


The press and all “human rights” organization are wrong about it.

I also solved the Bassem Abu Rahmeh case.


Again, the press and all “human rights” organizations are wrong about it.

I make no secret of my support for Israel. It’s utterly personal. I’m apolitical and non-religious. The reason I support Israel is because the country has been singled out as the world’s punching bag.

That was and continues to be my role in life.

Israel is exactly the opposite of how it’s presented. I’ve studied military matters for over forty years, and I can tell you that the Israeli Defense Forces are the most moral on the planet. They’re also the most skilled. This army of draftees was ordered to assault the Hamas center of gravity at the Gaza City neighborhood of Shijaiyah. Think of Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima, except protected by 100,000 civilian human shields.


The IDF gave the civilians and terrorists four days of warning, which allowed Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad to create one of the biggest ambushes in the history of urban warfare. The Israelis entered Shijaiyah shortly after midnight on July 20, 2014, without artillery preparation, and the terrorists unleashed their ambush at around 1:00 a.m.

You yourselves are being told absurd lies by people with agendas. Some buffoon named Mark Perry of al Jazeera exaggerated the amount of artillery used in Shijaiyah by over 1000 percent.

All you journalists need to research the Digital Army Program, which allows the IDF to assign GPS coordinates to everyone on the battlefield, down to the squad level. UAVs, helmetcams, and monitors planted by special forces and double agents allow the commander of an operation to see everything as it’s happening in real time.

As a result of their unparalleled skill, the Israels were able to regain the initiative in Shijaiyah. They demolished the Hamas bunker complex, but the residential buildings next door were left untouched.


The glass is still intact in the windows.

For all your jabber about “massacres,” about seventy Palestinians died in Shijaiyah. Out of 100,000. And at least 60 percent of the dead were terrorists. No question. It was an anti-massacre. This is science-fiction made real. The Israelis will soon be able to fight wars that kill almost no civilians.

Munitions don’t lie, and you can’t argue with holes. Most of the damage you see in Gaza was caused by the over 1000 massive IEDs that Hamas set off and the 875 rockets that fell inside the enclave. Just ask yourself this: Where’s the fragmentation damage? Why doesn’t Gaza look like Syria?

This is Gaza.


This is Syria.


Why does Gaza have so few pockmarks? Because most of the damage was caused by pressure waves from IEDs. Ask the Israelis. Some IEDs brought down three or four buildings. The Israelis dropped inert bombs filled with cement to set off booby-trapped buildings and weapons caches. Have you heard of cement bombs? If not, WHY NOT?

Don’t ask to interview me. Instead, ask Human Rights Watch about their false accusations of Israeli war crimes. Ask why they have cretins investigating incidents that a competent military analyst could figure out in about two minutes.

Ask yourselves why you publicized the lie that Israel used weaponized white-phosphorus munitions on civilians.

I’m not interested in fame, publicity, or accolades. I just want the lies about Israel to stop. Besides, you wouldn’t like me anyway. I’m a bad-tempered, irascible, curmudgeonly hermit. Who sees ghost cats.


It’s not too late to save yourselves. Do your job. Tell the truth.

And you owe Israel a massive apology.

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Right on cue, the dementedly hostile messages have commenced.

“Who are you? What are your credentials? Who do you think you are?”

I’m the man who was. My credentials are that I’m a guillemot egg collector and a sharecropper. And I think I’m Little Esther.

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