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Beach Operation: Just the Hamas actions

Beach Operation: Just the Hamas actions

I’m getting more than three hundred e-mails a day now. It’s trying my patience. Not the amount, but the nature of the messages. People have to stop being so passive. When I began posting that the IDF would not have deliberately OR accidentally killed Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, Zakaria Bakr, and Ismail Bakr, there were those who clutched their pearls and got the vapors. They told me I had to be careful. Well, by NOT being careful, I was helped. My helpers have proven that the Israeli Defense Forces did not kill the four boys. This is NOT a time for timidity. Because so many people tell me that they’re too confused to figure out what happened, and they can’t post about it because they’re afraid that their reputations will suffer, here’s a timeline of what Hamas did in the beach operation.

To be blunt: If you’re too afraid to post about this, then don’t. Please stop sending me messages about how worried you are. Your mindset is not comprehensible to me.

Extremis malis extrema remedia.

* * *


1. Adam Hotel
2. First Hamas IED, timed to go off with IDF missile strike
3. Roots Hotel
4. Palestinian cameraman who filmed aftermath of missile strike
5. Boat seen in TF1 News footage
6. Police post, target of the IDF missile
7. Hideout of the four decoys who ran to the al-Deira
8. Commodore Hotel
9. Palestine Hotel
10. Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop
11. Second IED, meant to simulate IDF shellfire
12. Third IED, used to mutilate bodies of three boys
13. al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant
14. Beach Hotel and Orient House
15. al-Deira Hotel
16. al-Ghifari Tower

Hamas Operation Four Little Martyrs, July 16, 2023

1. On July 10, 2014, at around 2:00 a.m., the IDF destroys most of a Hamas Naval Police post on the breakwater in Gaza harbor, shown here in a photo from May. The white metal structure on the right remains mostly intact.

Hamas_police _post

You can see that the white metal structure and the main police post have stanchions and steel hoops over their tops, which allowed Hamas to cover them with tarpaulins. Hamas uses such coverings—as well as tents—to conceal rocket launchers and terrorist activities from aerial surveillance.


A photo taken July 10, 2014, shows that after the initial Israeli attack, one end of the surviving structure is open.


Hamas later covers this opening to make the structure look like a fisherman’s hut.


At least three sheets of corrugated metal are used.


2. Hamas sets in motion a plan to lure the IDF into firing a missile at the police post. Four boys and two men are chosen to be martyrs. The boys are members of a powerful family prominent in the Fatah Party.


They aren’t the ragged children of humble fishermen, as the press—stenographers of terrorists—tell us.

3. Around July 10, 2014, photos of the the beach are taken from the al-Ghifari Tower.


Photographers at 24 Media Production Company begin creating composite images that would depict four boys running from the breakwater and being struck by an Israeli projectile.

4. At around 2:00 p.m. on July 15, 2014, Palestinians photograph and videotape Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, Zakaria Bakr, and Ismail Bakr running on the beach.


These images are later passed off as having been taken July 16, 2014. In reality Hamas murdered the four boys on the afternoon of July 15 and hid their bodies in the tents on the beach. The corpse of Ismail Bakr is placed in the police post the night before the IDF missile strike.

5. On July 16, 2014, the IDF is given fraudulent intelligence that two Hamas terrorists will enter the remaining section of the police post at around 4:00 p.m. local time in order to carry out some kind of attack. As part of the deception, Hamas had told the press that the metal structure is a fisherman’s hut used to store nets, and that children regularly play in it.

In military parlance, this is Phase II of the operation, the commencement of hostilities.

6. At around 4:00 p.m. local time, the IDF observes two men entering the Hamas police post on the breakwater of the Gaza harbor. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) fires a missile.

7. Hamas is watching the police post. When the missile strikes the target, the observer detonates a large explosive in a shed below the terrace of the Adam Hotel (green arrow).


This is the reason so many journalists report hearing a massive explosion. The IDF used a small missile that would not have made much noise. To bring the press running, large explosions were needed. This explosion shook the windows of the al-Deira Hotel, 328 yards (300 meters) away. For some reason NBC News was filming the empty beach at the time.

9. French TF1 News publishes footage that captures the immediate aftermath of the Israeli missile strike. A boat is visible at the bottom of the screen.


Although the news reporter says “shell,” the police post was clearly hit with a small missile. The boat is located in front of the Commodore Hotel.


The Hamas cameraman was probably here.


10. Al-Jazeera reporter Stefani Dekker—staying in the Commodore Hotel—hears two explosions and photographs four boys on the beach, running from the breakwater in the direction of the al-Deira Hotel, where most foreign journalists are staying. All four boys are dressed in dark clothing.


These are the decoys whose job is to distract the press from observing how the operation unfolds. They had hidden in or under an abandoned cargo trailer at the base of the breakwater.


11. Hamas sets off a second IED somewhere to the right of the tents in the image below. This is to create the appearance of shells “chasing” the boys.


The green arrow marks where the three dead boys were found.

12. The four decoys photographed by Stefanie Dekker arrive at the al-Deira Hotel. Hamad Bakr, thirteen, is on the left in the top photo, his seven-year-old brother Younis beside him. Motassem Bakr, eleven, is in the second image.




The boy in the green shirt is either Nasser Fadel Bakr or Araby Bakr or Sayed Bakr.

13. After the second explosion—around 4:10 p.m.—Wall Street Journal correspondent Nick Casey runs from the Commodore Hotel and finds two adult males dead in the police post with Ismail Bakr.


He deletes this tweet without explanation.

14. At the same time as Casey, ABC News correspondent Alex Marquardt runs from the Commodore Hotel onto the beach. His cameraman films the place where the bodies of three dead boys are later found.


Only a few minutes after the second explosion, there are no bodies in the sand.

15. Alex Marquardt and the rest of the western media with cameras seem to be kept away from the police post. They were likely told that it might explode.


16. While Marquardt is waiting to get close to the police post, a man pretending to be wounded is put in a taxi at the al-Deira Hotel. He’s the first one to be evacuated. The time is around 4:15 p.m.


17. The Hamas commander of Operation Four Little Martyrs is photographed supervising the removal of the uninjured man.



18. Reporters say that Motassem (also called Muntaser) Bakr is wounded in the head and legs. In fact his head wounds did not bleed, and he has no injuries to his legs.



Muntaser has a broken arm, but he clearly acquired this injury before the operation began. It’s a closed fracture of the ulna; an X-ray shows that the bone has been snapped perfectly in half.


The break was caused by a deliberate blow with a slender object such as a steel rod.

19. After the boys are taken by ambulance from the al-Deira Hotel to the al-Shifa Hospital, the Hamas commander in the purple shirt walks down to the breakwater. He stands on the beach, guiding the first ambulance to a stop. The ambulance is parked far away from the police post so that the dead child can be filmed and photographed for several minutes as the paramedics carry him back.



20. The paramedics run to the police post.


The white truck that drives to the post is used to remove the bodies of the two adult terrorists who are the sacrificial lambs, the targets of the IDF.

22. The Hamas commander jogs to the police post.


23. A Palestinian TV journalist (green arrow) helps in the recovery of Ismail or Mohamed (depending on the source) Bakr. In reality this “journalist” a Hamas terrorist orchestrating the Pallywood. He’s the second-in-command.


24. The terrorist masquerading as a journalist takes over the removal of the body.


25. He orders the paramedics to take a longer route down to the sand.


This allows time for more photographs. The gaping holes in Ismail Bakr’s body have not bled. His wounds were inflicted postmortem.


26. On the way to the ambulance, the fake journalist keeps a close eye on the paramedics. A Hamas terrorist arranges the dead boy on the stretcher.


We saw this man earlier, walking in front of Alex Marquardt (purple arrow). The crosses correspond to the placement of the three dead boys—one in green, one in light purplish blue, and one in red.


27. The throng of reporters, paramedics, and Hamas terrorists walks past the place where the three bodies will later be found. This footage shows that during the recovery of Ismail Bakr, the other three corpses had not yet appeared. The Hamas commander follows.


28. Stefanie Dekker of al-Jazeera photographs the Ismail Bakr being carried past the place where later three more bodies will be placed.


Her photo shows that there are no dead children in the sand.

29. The fake Hamas journalist and the terrorist in the tan shirt walk the paramedics all the way back to their ambulance.



30. The western press then completely clears the area, and the police post is set on fire again. Note the smoke, which had almost stopped when the body of the first child was recovered. The media was obviously told to leave. They complied, as they always do when Hamas gives them orders.


31. TF1 News broadcasts film of a third explosion, time unknown. The FT1 News report is so dishonest that it’s almost worthless.


This explosion takes place somewhere to the left of the banner.


33. Stefanie Dekker of al-Jazeera News reports a third explosion sometime after the first two. She’s not more specific than that.

34. Palestinian “human-rights” organization al-Haq reports a third explosion after the first two.


I don’t believe the two-minute time frame, because this is the only account making this claim. Also, I’ve learned to never trust Palestinian “human rights” organizations.

This explosion was used to mutilate the dead bodies of the three other boys.

35. An ambulance arrives and parks in front of the Beach Hotel and Orient House. The paramedics go down to the beach, turn around, and come back empty handed, directed by Hamas terrorists and followed by a small number of Palestinian and Arab reporters.


36. The ambulance backs down the street. It parks and waits at the red arrow.


The green arrow indicates the dumpster seen in photos of the smallest dead child. When this footage was taken, about four Palestinian journalists stood on the beach, waiting. After the three bodies were produced—almost certainly from a tent on the beach—the ambulance moved forward to the violet X.

In this satellite view, the green X shows where the ambulance parked for the second time, corresponding to the violet X above. To the left of the ambulance is the incline leading down to the beach.


37. The bodies of the three dead boys have now appeared in the sand near the dumpster and the blue-and-yellow tent. ABC News had filmed this area at around 4:10 p.m., and no bodies were there at the time. The corpses were brought out after the western media departed.




The green line indicates the path western journalists took to the breakwater.

Note the yellow-and-blue tent, seen in images broadcast both by ABC News and al-Jazeera. When the western press walked past this tent earlier, there were no bodies in the sand.


38. The shadows indicate that it’s about 5:00 p.m., an hour after the first explosion. Also, none of the “rescuers” have blood on them.

Palestinian man carries the body of a boy, whom medics said was killed by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, on a beach in Gaza City

39. At the same time that the rescuer begins carrying the boy in the green shirt to the ambulance, a glum, frightened Wahabbist Salafist—identified by his rolled trouser legs—is discovered somewhere and picked up. He set off the third explosion that mutilated the corpses of the three boys. Being an inbred moron, he injured himself in the process and hid in a tent until he could be rescued.


40. As the rescuer carries the dead boy in the green shirt, the fake journalist (red arrow) runs to the pair carrying the injured Salafist bomber.

Palestinian man carries the body of a boy, whom medics said was killed by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, on a beach in Gaza City

The show is taking place here, between the al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant on the left and the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop on the right.

Fishing port in Gaza City. (Photo: Arne Hoel)

41. A “journalist” joins the man carrying the dead boy in the green shirt.


42. These two give the dead boy to the Hamas terrorist in the tan shirt.


This terrorist—who arranged the first body on the stretcher—takes the dead boy and puts him in the ambulance.


43. The terrorist in the tan shirt and the Hamas commander sit in the ambulance to intimidate the paramedics.



44. The incompetent Salafist bomber is given to a powerful Hamas terrorist who easily carries him.


The terrorist in the tan shirt and the Hamas commander get out of the ambulance, and the Salafist is hoisted in beside the dead boy in the green shirt.



45. A third ambulance pulls up across the street, with a cameraman riding along. He films the Salafist being put into the ambulance. The terrorist in the tan shirt stands guard.


46. The paramedics from the third ambulance head toward the beach, guided by Hamas operatives who film them.


As they collect the final two bodies (horrible video here), the fake Hamas journalist takes over, watched by the terrorist in the green shirt.


The fake journalist, the man who first carried the body of the boy in the green shirt, and two more Hamas terrorists all join in on the stretcher, shouting, “Allahu akbar!”



47. The stretcher bearers run past the Hamas commander in the purple shirt.


He supervised every step of the operation.

48. Hamas has backed the ambulance closer to the beach.


49. The stretcher bearers carry the two dead boys up the incline.


In front is the Hamas terrorist who shooed he paramedics away from the Beach Hotel; the green arrow marks the fake Hamas journalist.

50. The two dead boys are loaded into the ambulance, the two Hamas terrorists making sure everything runs smoothly.


51. When the ambulance door is closed, we see that the terrorist in the tan shirt has also been supervising.


52. As this ambulance joins the vehicle carrying the Salafist bomber and the dead boy in the green shirt, the Hamas commander is shown for the last time.


The two ambulances carrying the three dead boys and the injured Salafist race to al-Shifa hospital with sirens screaming.

53. At the hospital, a child who didn’t bleed is wrapped in a bloody shroud.


At the funeral, a child is wrapped in a blood-soaked shroud. The boys were buried by 6:00 p.m., only an hour after their bodies were “found.”

Israeli airstrike kills 4 Palestinian children in Gaza

54. Motassem-Muntasser Bakr gives an interview in which he exhorts “the resistance” to keep fighting.


He’s told two different stories about what happened; every boy claiming to be a survivor has a radically different version of events, none of which match the eyewitness accounts given by the media.

Motasem-Muntaser is a committed terrorist, even though he’s only eleven years old.

This is the end of Operation Four Little Martyrs.

* * *

It’s clear that some western journalists colluded with Hamas, because cameramen filmed much of the playacting from the roof of the al-Ghifari Tower. Here’s MSNBC’s shot of the beach before the bodies were carried to the ambulance.


Al-Jazeera reporter Stefanie Dekker photographed the paramedics and journalists carrying the first dead boy from the police post right past the place where the three other bodies were later found.


Do you think she doesn’t know what really happened? What else did she photograph?

If I were running the Israeli government, I’d yank the credentials of every media outlet in the world until they admitted what we all know is true.

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