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Australian news broadcast proves Gaza beach hoax

Australian news broadcast proves Gaza beach hoax

I hadn’t watched the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s take on Operation Four Little Martyrs, the murders that Hamas carried out in order to blame Israel. It being Australia, the slant was predictable: How in the name all that’s holy and innocent did the evil Israelis kill these boys? Ironically the outraged Aussie journalists provide some of the best evidence yet to debunk the Gaza beach hoax.

“Israeli troops should have been able to tell slain Gaza children not Hamas members, colonel says” is the title of the piece. The colonel is the IDF spokesman, the hapless Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner, who was ordered to take responsibility immediately after the strike. His field is media and public relations. When he said that the IDF should’ve been able to tell children from adults, he was right. That’s why the four decoys who ran to the al-Deira Hotel—into the arms of foreign journalists—were not up on the breakwater.


That photo was taken by al-Jazeera’s Stefanie Dekker from the Commodore Hotel.

The boys could not have been anywhere near the steel police post, or they would’ve been killed. I therefore think they were down near the water, underneath wreckage that hid and protected them.


In the ABC News report—filmed several days after the missile strike—the police post looks completely different than it did on July 10 and July 16, 2014.




There’s no soot. It’s cleaner than it was after it was originally hit on July 10. For some reason the Palestinians scrubbed out the inside and then set it on fire again for the Australians. My guess is the cleaning was make it seem a more attractive place for children to play, and the smoke was for drama.

I theorize that Hamas killed Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, Zakaria Bakr, and Mohammed Ismail Bakr on July 15, 2014, the day before Operation Four Little Martyrs was set in motion. There is a very gruesome photo of the boy in the red shirt, lying in the morgue as pathologists pretend to examine him. The boy’s eyeballs have sunken completely into their sockets. This is called “flaccidity.”


The boy had been dead at least two hours. According to the press, the first explosion happened a little after 4:00 p.m.; shadows indicate that the three bodies were recovered from the sand at around 5:00.p.m. The flaccid eyeballs are visible in a closeup of the boy in the red shirt as he lies on his stomach in the sand.

I’ve been asked some good questions:

I am assuming that you are NOT suggesting that the BAKR family are complicit in this drama. Your suggestion that they are Fatah and expendable rivals to Hamas makes them reasonable targets.


1. If the four boys were killed the previous day, why weren’t the BAKR families already alerted and frightened. Why would they allow more of their family to go play on the beach the next day?

2. Given that four boys from their family were already dead, how did they convince the rest of the boys to get involved? How did they get the boys to tell the lie that they were playing that day with the boys that died just before the bombing? It is Ismail who is found in the container according to the Australian video interview I sent you, as related by Muntaser.

Here’s Muntaser. We’ll talk about him later.


Were the Bakr families complicit? I say yes, but they were coerced. They were told, “You can lose four sons or all of them. Your choice.” This is how things are done in Palestinian society. The notion that Arabs care for their children more than any other culture is fiction. During the entire funeral for the four boys, not one person was photographed weeping.


I cried when we had to put Syd the Second to sleep. His death was peaceful and expected. These people lost four little boys violently and without warning. But no tears?

When the dead boys didn’t come home on July 15, the Bakr family probably assumed the worst, since Hamas arrested and killed hundreds of Fatah members during Operation Protective Edge. As for the four decoy boys who ran from the breakwater, they could easily have been threatened or simply told to follow instructions. This is who they were dealing with.


Would you see any point in arguing with him?

And as the Palestinians remind us over and over, they love death the way we love life.

I believe them. Why shouldn’t you? I’ve spoken to IDF soldiers who were attacked by Palestinian child suicide bombers. Their parents were overjoyed.

It’s clear that the four decoy boys who ran to the al-Deira Hotel were not told anything except to end up on the terrace—surrounded by western reporters, photographers, and cameramen—and then wail and sob.

The dead boy in the green shirt

I wondered where the boy in the green shirt had been placed. The ABC News report answers that question. It’s the only footage I’ve seen of him in the sand.


The green arrows mark part of a tent structure seen in the photos of the smallest child. Red arrows show scrub in other photos.

This is the tent structure in front of which the boy in the green shirt lay.


He was picked up and carried past the blue-and-yellow tent.


We go back to the American ABC News footage with Alex Marquardt running through the area where both the boy in the green shirt and the smallest boy were later placed. This occurred around 4:10 p.m.


The green X marks where the smallest boy was found, and the red X is where the boy in the green shirt lay. And guess who’s identified by the violet arrow?


Our old friend the Hamas demon in the tan shirt.

Stefanie Dekker of al-Jazeera photographed a crowd of media and paramedics carrying the first boy from the police post.


No bodies in the sand. Thus this attack was a Hamas hoax. No question whatsoever.

Muntaser Bakr

One of the children said to be wounded by the IDF on July 16, 2016, is Muntaser Bakr.


Four boys ran from the breakwater and arrived at the al-Deira.




Muntaser says that his cousin Ismail (or Mohammed, depending on the source) was killed in the police post. After that Muntaser ran with the three other boys up the beach.

Initially I thought he was lying and that his cast was phony. The reason is that in addition to Muntaser, he also goes by the names Motasem and Moutaz.



Why would an eleven-year-old have two aliases? Well, I have a theory.

Hamas murdered four boys on July 15, 2014, and the four boys who arrived at the al-Deira soon after 4:00 p.m. were the decoys that were used to confuse and traumatize the journalists. Two of the boys were wounded, and all of them screamed and cried.

The Australian report gives us a few more details of Operation Four Little Martyrs.

Here are the Hamas commander in the purple shirt and his demonic companion getting out of the ambulance that holds the body of the boy in the green shirt.


At the bottom is the terrified face of the injured Salafist who screwed up the third explosion, the one that mutilated the bodies of the three dead boys. The Salafist knows that he has less than sixty minutes to live.

After the final two bodies are loaded into the ambulance on the beach, look who walks past the closed door.


The Hamas demon in the tan shirt.

And as the ambulance drives up to join the one holding the Salafist bomber and the body of the boy in the green shirt, the Hamas commander makes his last appearance.


Thanks to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, we have even more now.

Click here for the timeline of the operation. Remember that this is a work in progress, so details change as more information comes in.

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