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The Hamas beach operation: a correction and more evidence

The Hamas beach operation: a correction and more evidence

The Hamas propaganda exercise that killed four boys on the Gaza beach, July 16, 2014, is so complicated that I’ve gotten many things wrong. Readers have asked me to go back and correct earlier impressions, but that would be dishonest. Instead, I’ll continuously update “Timeline of the Hamas Gaza beach operation.” That will always have the most accurate information. Today I need to make a major correction to a previous post. However, I also have more evidence that this was an incredibly complex operation.

First the correction.

The color of the al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant

Something called 24 Media Production Company created several composite images of four boys running from the burning police post and then being hit by some kind of projectile. Though the images are utterly fraudulent, I was wrong about the color of the al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant.

I thought the al-Andalus was painted golden yellow, based on this video.

However, a videographer riding with Palestinian paramedics on July 16, 2014, filmed the al-Andalus as it looks today.

It’s cream colored, which means my post “Was the Gaza beach incident a setup?” contains inaccurate information about the al-Andalus.

When MSNBC filmed the al-Andalus on July 16, 2014, it was cream colored.

People have asked me if this proves that I’m an irresponsible lunatic polluting the Internet with conspiracy theories. You can think that if you want. How many “legitimate” news outlets have reported the undeniable fact that Hamas murdered those four boys? The reason I got the color of the restaurant wrong is that it’s almost impossible to find accurate information about Gaza, thanks to the “legitimate” media outlets. I’ve been searching in Hebrew and Arabic, two languages I don’t speak or read.

You need to understand that I’m not a journalist. Readers keep telling me what I need to do or not do in order to be taken seriously.

Well, I’ve been given incontrovertible proof that I’m being taken quite seriously by people who get things done. They should never publicly acknowledge that they read posts by a guy who sees ghost cats. The messages I get from Israelis and Jewish people are reward enough.

The photos of the running boys are still fake

Though the color of the al-Andalus made me think the photos published by 24 Media Production Company are fakes, it was only one factor I considered. What’s more important is that the images are comprised of several elements slapped together.

I now realize that the photographer was in the twenty-story al-Ghifari Tower.


1. Al-Ghifari Tower.
2. al-Deira Hotel.
3. Beach Hotel and Orient House.
4. al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant.
5. Avenue Restaruant and Coffee House.
6. Palestine Hotel.
7. Commodore Hotel.
8. Roots Hotel.
9. Hamas police post.

He was a few floors lower than the MSNBC crew and the person who took this image, sent to me by “David.”

Both the MSNBC and “David” images were taken from the roof of the al-Ghifari. Even though the 24 Media composite photos were shot at a shallower angle, that can’t account for the anomalies. Here are four landmarks in all the photos of this scene.

1. The dumpster on the beach.

2. The “Beach Hotel” sign.

3. The “al-Andalus” sign.

4. The outer wall of the terrace at the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop.

The MSNBC photo.

The “David” photo.

One of the 24 Media photos.

Comparing all three shows that in the faked images, the Avenue Restaurant, the al-Andalus, and the Beach Hotel have all been moved closer to the dumpster.

But even that’s not as important as the fact that the composite photos of the running boys show that the metal police post was not on fire.


Al-Jazeera reporter Stefanie Dekker’s photo of the running boys shows them seconds after the missile struck.


The 24 Media photos are therefore fakes. And they were taken at the wrong time of day. I don’t know if these boys are superimposed or not. They probably are.

shadows_Gaza beach

By all accounts the missile attack took place at around 4:00 p.m. local time. Look at the shadows of the poles in the sand. It just so happens that there’s a Website that helps you determine the time of day by looking at shadows.

Gaza is in the northern hemisphere.

At 4:00 p.m. the shadows of the poles on the Gaza beach should’ve looked like this.

This is what the shadows would look like at 2:00 p.m.

Let’s see if they match the 24 Media photos.

The only real thing about the 24 Media photos—other than the color of the al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant—is that they show the boy found in the police post.

He wore blue when he ran for the camera on the last day of his life, and he wore blue when his murderers carried him away for the cameras.


His terrible wounds had not bled, proof that they were inflicted postmortem.

The first attack on the Hamas police post

Using this information, here’s when I think the IDF first hit the Hamas police post.

Gaza_port_July 10_2014

Well, today “David” sent me this. Note the date.

“Something?” was all “David” wrote.

Youself al Farram is standing under one of these sunshades on the the Green Terrace Café of the Roots Hotel.

And here’s what the police post looked like on July 10, 2014.


The red arrow shows the open side of the white metal structure that the IDF targeted on July 16, 2014. This is what it looked like before July 10, 2014.


See the barbed wire? This was no “fisherman’s hut,” and no children were ever allowed to play there before July 16, 2014.

Notice anything odd about this image of the post after it was struck on July 16, 2014?

Mideast Israel Palestinians

On the left, the metal sheeting has been folded over to form part of a wall, thus creating the fiction that this was a fisherman’s hut separate from the police post.

The footage from the fraudulent TF1 News report shows the post on July 10 and July 16.


Hamas added two sheets and bent the panels that remained after the strike of July 10, 2014.


You can see that on July 16, 2014—the day the missile was fired—Hamas had created a fake fisherman’s hut for the media by covering the gaping black hole in the metal structure. This was the trap for the IDF and the four dead boys.

The Hamas commander

One reason it took me so long to figure out what had actually happened is that all the videos have been deliberately edited to confuse the sequence of events. After the missile strike, there were second and third explosions caused by Hamas. The second was the one that witnesses believed killed or injured the running boys, and the third mutilated the dead bodies of the children murdered earlier and placed in the sand after the western press was ordered away.

The four boys photographed by Stefanie Dekker were decoys. They ran 328 yards (300 meters) to the al-Deira Hotel and took up everybody’s attention by screaming, pretending to cry, and showing off their fake wounds. Meanwhile, Alex Marquardt of ABC News was standing beside the breakwater, waiting to be allowed up to film the recovery of the first dead child.


This Palestinian Zain for Media Production video illustrates the way terrorists sow confusion as one of their most effective weapons.

The Hamas commander in the purple shirt first supervised the arrival of the four boys and one or two men at the al-Deira Hotel.


I wondered when he made his appearance at the police post. The Zain video has the answer.


He stood where the ambulance was supposed to park. That’s why he wore such a distinctive shirt. He was the visual cue for everyone involved in Operation Four Little Martyrs. Reader Gabe Silber pointed out why the Hamas commander wanted the ambulance to stop here, which I’ll get to in a second.

The paramedics got out.


Then they ran to the police post to collect the body of the first child. As Gave Silber says, “Note the truck driving all the way to the post, while the ambulance stopped far away.”


This truck was almost certainly used to remove the body of the adult terrorist who was the sacrificial lamb and the target of the IDF missile strike.

Bringing up the rear was the Hamas commander in the purple shirt.


Now we understand why the ambulance parked where it did. Carrying the dead child across the beach gave the journalist-ghouls several minutes to film and photograph.

In an earlier post I said I thought that that this place was where the 24 Media photographer stood to shoot the running boys.

Note the boat marked by the green arrow. Here it is below.

I now know that the photographer was in the al-Ghifari Tower, not standing on the terrace of the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop. And I think I know when Hamas put Operation Four Little Martyrs into motion. Remember the open end of the metal structure on the breakwater?


In the faked 24 Media Production Company photos, the end of the structure is open.

Hamas hadn’t yet folded over the sheet metal to create a makeshift fisherman’s hut. You can’t see daylight through the opening in the opposite wall.

A fake fisherman’s hut was jury rigged to fit the narrative: The Israelis are such monsters that they even blow up children in tin shacks!

I’m betting that the backgrounds for the fake running-boys photos were shot on July 10, and then a team of photographers worked around the clock to create the composite images.

The last elements to be added were the boys themselves, who were induced to go out and run up and down the beach on July 15, 2014, while they were photographed. Then they were killed.

I’m sure plenty of reporters knew exactly what was going on. This guy, for example.

He ran right by the empty sand, and then later he helped carry a dead boy who’d appeared at that place as if Satan had waved a magic wand.


I’m assuming he’s Palestinian, since he got to stay and take part in the second act of the production.

There was no need for Hamas to chase off the western reporters. Have you heard any of them mention the fact that there were no bodies on the scene at first? Alex Marquardt of ABC News, Stefanie Dekker of al-Jazeera, and the whole MSNBC crew know what happened. If they don’t, they need to be fired for being unable to reason.

Someone explain to me: Where is the morality in protecting murderers in order to frame people who don’t commit murders?

Click here for the timeline of the operation. Remember that this is a work in progress, so details change as more information comes in.

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