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Was the Gaza beach incident a setup?

Was the Gaza beach incident a setup?

Yesterday I updated a post about the four boys killed on the Gaza beach, July 16, 2014. The world reacted with revulsion and outrage to this incident, and the four boys became international symbols of innocence lost.

Israeli artist Amir Schiby created a tribute to the boys, who are wrongly believed by most to have been playing soccer (football) when they were killed.


The scene of the deaths was doctored, and much of what we were told about this event was lies.

I’ve heard it through the grapevine that an Israeli drone spotted the four children in the Hamas police post and relayed the information to a Sa’ar 4.5-class missile boat.


The vessel is armed with an Italian 76mm OTO Melara rapid-fire cannon in a turret on the stern.

It has a very loud report; no such report can be heard in the videos of the two explosions. Also, the damage to the police post and the wounds suffered by the children are not consistent with the high-explosive 76mm round.


The police post doesn’t appear to have been hit from the side of the breakwater that some witnesses—including a French news crew—say they saw the Israeli missile boat.


To me, it seems that the building was targeted with a small, precision guided missile that came in at a near-vertical trajectory. The roof is bent downward in the middle, and its corners came up.


When a flat surface is hit, it buckles toward the direction of the projectile.


The side of the police post bulges outward, and a large section of wall has sheared off and fallen to the ground.


Israel is reluctant to talk about its capabilities, but they’ve developed controlled fragmentation, meaning the warhead explodes into a predetermined number of pieces that are all the same size. This allows commanders to determine how much damage will be caused when a target is struck.

I’m guessing that the Hamas police post was hit by a missile instead of a shell from a naval vessel.

Were the Israelis set up?

IDF spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner used very revealing language when describing this incident.

The IDF had a target, a Hamas terrorist target. We had intelligence pointing specifically to that location and we had the indication that the perpetrators were on the beach. We had a specific target indicating that they were supposed to be there. We had visual surveillance, clearly, to an extent that we should have been able to determine who was on the beach.

He said they had intelligence, meaning information. If you read the book Son of Hamas, by Mosab Hassan Yousef, you’ll see that the Israelis use Palestinian double agents. In the case of Yousef, the double agent was the son of a Hamas founder.

However, double agents are often triple agents, meaning they’re pretending to work for the Israelis, but in reality they’re working for Hamas. There’s a lot of circumstantial evidence that the IDF was set up in the Gaza beach incident. I wrote yesterday that I thought Hamas killed the boys when they didn’t die at the hands of the Israelis, but now I think they were meant to be filmed running. After they served their purpose, they were killed.

It took me a long time to come to this conclusion, because my mind doesn’t work like that of a Hamas operative. This case has left me very shaken, because it’s so depraved.

What points toward a set-up?

1. There was a rehearsal.

The three boys who died were photographed running along the beach, near the water.


Do you ever see little boys out jogging? Of course not. They’re following directions. Someone is trying to figure out the best way to exploit them. A Swedish site says that this image was taken the previous day. I don’t believe it. I’m sorry, Palestinians: I no longer believe a single word you say. They’re gamboling unnaturally, they just happen to be the three who were killed, and they’re in the same clothes that they wore when they died.

By the way, the children had to have been unaware of the real plan. They were mercilessly used by murderers.

I didn’t understand the significance at first, but this French news report shows only three boys running.


These three boys were killed. It’s strange that they were photographed jogging down by the water earlier. In the French film, they don’t look like they’re running for their lives. They look dutiful, don’t they? Especially the child in the red shirt. Following orders.

One boy was killed at the police post. You saw the damage. If all four boys were there, how did these three escape completely unharmed? Were they somewhere else, away from the police post, and then they ran to the place where they died? Was someone with a hand grenade waiting for them among the umbrellas?



2. The photos of the boys running and being hit by a shell are faked.

Yesterday I knew they were composite images, but I had to spend hours searching Google Images in Arabic to finally get the real story.

These two photos prove that they’re composites.



The tiny second image is the only one available. What the photographer did was create composite images that show the al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant on the left and the Beach Hotel Orient House on the right. The green X on the map below indicates where the children are alleged to have died.


This is the al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant.


The al-Andalus was repainted a cream color after this video was made.

In addition, the Arabic name of the Gazan establishment was changed from red to black. The Beach Hotel and Orient House is several feet from the al-Andalus.


The faked photos show the two buildings almost touching.


In the photo above, note the weathered “Beach Hotel” sign, which has neon on the letters. The real Beach Hotel has a sign with a brown—not gray—background.


The poles attaching the sign to the roof appear to be different, and the pointed facade on the real Beach Hotel is light blue, not cream colored.


Finally, there was no place the photographer could’ve stood in order to capture the breakwater, the children, the al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant, and the Beach Hotel Orient House in one picture.

In this photo, the al-Andalus is marked with a red arrow, and the Beach Hotel with a green.

Hotel and Hall

There’s no higher vantage point, incontrovertible evidence that the photos of the running boys are faked. Where was the photographer? This video reveals his position. Be warned that there’s extensive footage of two dead, mutilated children. I’d edit it out if I could. The gruesome scenes begin at 0:59.

The video is typical Pallywood. At 0:21 you see the dead child in the green shirt on the gurney, and then they bring over a wounded boy.


He’s going to have to sit on the paramedic’s lap, since Palestinians value propaganda more than human life.

The footage at 0:59 shows that they put the dead bodies of two boys on one stretcher as they shout “Allahu akbar!” Unforgivable histrionics for the camera, total disrespect of the dead, and a caveman’s approach to emergency response.

Here’s where the photographer stood when he took the photos of the running children.



I was wrong about the position of the photographer. He was in the al-Ghifari Tower, three blocks away.

You can see in this enlargement that the buildings in the foreground are superimposed.


The red arrow shows the amateurishness of the paste-job, while the green highlights the dumpster that serves as a landmark in so many images.

I’m amazed at how quickly these images were created. Imagine if the Palestinians applied their drive to life instead of death.

3. The photos of the running children are reenactments staged afterward.

In these images the police post isn’t burning.


All other photos and videos show that the police post began burning immediately. These faked pictures were obviously taken later, using stand-ins dressed similarly to the dead. That’s why the French video shows only three boys, and these images depict four. An Israeli source tells me that the IDF suspects that there were two sets of children; well, the photos of the running “victims” prove it. Irrefutably.


The four boys were photographed the day before they died. Those are not stand-ins but the actual children, murdered by Hamas.

4. Here’s what I think happened.

The IDF was told that Hamas Terrorist X would be in the police post at so-and-so a time. Before the Israelis showed up, one of the children was put inside the post.


An IDF unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) appeared overhead, the operators unaware that a child was inside the post. The sacrificial Hamas terrorist arrived at the appointed time. He may have been the mysterious twenty-one-year-old mentioned by Peter Beaumont of the Guardian.


The three other boys were kept out of sight. They could’ve been hidden in any number of tents or structures nearby, playing at being Hamas fighters.


After the police post was hit with a missile, the three boys broke from cover and ran. They may have been following instructions. The first explosion alerted the TV ghouls, who got their footage of three Palestinian children running from Zionazis. Then Hamas killed them with a hand grenade, as captured by the French film crew. The bodies were quickly moved out from among the beach umbrellas and put in the open sand, arranged in huddled postures.

One child’s shirt was torn from his body after he was killed.


The green arrow shows that his shirt covered the upper part of his arm when he was showered with sand from the explosion. He was picked up and carried from where he died, placed face down, and then his shirt was ripped away in order to display his massive wounds for the camera. The injuries didn’t bleed, which indicates that they were inflicted—almost certainly with a knife—after he died. His knuckles have been wiped clean of sand, as indicated by the red arrow; this happened when the corpse-artist moved the child’s hand to give his arm a heartbreaking defensive aspect.

Later in the day, a Palestinian photographer shot the images of the four stand-in children running. On his computer he pasted in the two low-rent versions of the al-Andalus and the Beach Hotel, and then he sent them to every media outlet on the planet. Mission accomplished.

A relative of the dead boys claims to have been on the beach playing with them, even though no photos or videos exist. This child—completely on his own—issued a statement after the deaths.

I say to the resistance, “Don’t be afraid, don’t give up, don’t do anything before taking revenge for my brother and my nephew and my two other cousins and take the revenge for the whole country … and take revenge for the world and all the sad people with no home.”

Like his late brother, nephew, and cousins, he’s just another prop used by the totalitarian death-cult of Hamas.


The world appears to have been fooled by this incident. I wasn’t; I knew right from the start that it wasn’t real. To solve the riddle, I had to think like a Palestinian.

I don’t ever want to do so again.

Click here for a timeline of the operation. Remember that this is a work in progress, so details change as more information comes in.

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