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The IDF did not kill the boys on the Gaza beach

The IDF did not kill the boys on the Gaza beach

This post will prove to you that the Israeli Defense Forces did not kill the three running boys on the Gaza beach, July 16, 2014. Those boys were killed by Hamas. There’s no question. Since Hamas would not leave anything to chance, and since they’re demons in human form, I can state with confidence that they killed the first boy too, the child found in the destroyed police post. He was naked and burned, his body gouged with a knife to make his death more grotesque.

I’ve also identified the commander of this Hamas operation. I hope the Israelis know who he is.

First, I’ve been given more information by “David,” the person who sent me the high-resolution image of the scene where the killings took place. We’ve now determined that the photo used to fake the images of the running boys was taken before 2010.

You can see that in the photo, there were the beginnings of a construction project next to the al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant.


By 2011 the establishment was completed. It’s the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop.

At 1:06 it appears that the al-Andalus is being remodeled. The sign is covered, the walls have been given a coat of light-blue primer, and the trim is in white.

This is the beachfront side of the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop.

Note the al-Andalus, marked by the green arrow.

Here’s a view from the terrace.


On the right is the curved back of the Beach Hotel and Orient House.

In November of 2012—during Operation Pillar of Defense—there was a large explosion in front of the al-Andalus and the Beach Hotel.

Matt Bradley is an idiot who has no business reporting from a war zone. If it was an F-16, it either fired a missile or dropped a bomb. A shell from an F-16 would come from the 20mm General Electric M61A1 Vulcan six-barreled cannon, which fires 100 rounds per second. Here’s what Vulcans do.

The only Israeli munition that could make a crater that size is the Mk-84 2000-lb bomb. If the Israelis had dropped a 2000 pounder that close to the al-Andalus and Beach Hotel, there’d be thousands of holes all over the facades. Since there’s no fragmentation damage anywhere, I’m betting it was a Hamas tunnel bomb meant to make western reporters say, “Duh! Israel dropped shell! Me angry!”

But you can see that the black plastic Arabic letters of the al-Andalus sign were blown off by the pressure wave.


Today, the Arabic lettering is in red plastic.


Thus even more evidence that the “running boys” images are faked. They’re from 2010 or earlier.

No bodies on the beach

The ABC News team—headed by Alex Marquardt—was the first media outfit to arrive on the beach after the two explosions.

I didn’t notice this until today: Marquardt and his camera crew ran right past the place where the three boys were said to have been killed.


No corpses.

That’s it. We don’t need to say another word. This whole thing was a hoax. The three boys were killed somewhere else and then deposited on the beach. There’s the dumpster.


Though it’s not necessary for me to write another word, I want you to know how elaborate this deception was.

The Hamas commander

This is the terrorist who commanded the operation.


First he oversaw the putting of the unwounded man into the taxi.



Another video shows him supervising the rest of the production.

He oversaw the placing of the dead boy in the green shirt into the ambulance.


And he oversaw the moving of the two dead boys from the beach to another ambulance.


Finally, back to Alex Marquardt’s report: The Hamas commander oversaw the removal of the dead boy from the police post.


I say to the people of Israel and to Jews all over the world: The IDF didn’t kill anybody on that beach. This was a Hamas operation years in the planning. The IDF is innocent.

The carnival of death

Now we’ll go over everything that was reported and everything that happened on July 16, 2014. This will explain why the IDF was overwhelmed and took responsibility for an act it didn’t commit. It took me months to figure this out, but I had help from Israeli sources. I’m fairly sure that I’m in contact with the Mossad now. Hopefully the people sending me things don’t mind that I mention it publicly, but I do so to dissuade anyone from trying anything.

The FBI and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department have me under surveillance. Cop cars park in front of my house regularly. I have several firearms loaded with bullets that cause massive holes.

So let’s see what the IDF was up against on July 16, 2014. Here’s the photo that “David” sent me. I’ve marked the heck out it.

This is a PDF file for you to print so that you can examine the photo at full resolution.

July 16, 2023

The PDF covers the whole charade from start to finish. Begin in the lower right corner of the image.

The events of July 16, 2023

A. The al-Deira Hotel.

B. The Beach Hotel and Orient House.

C. The al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant.

D. The Hamas police post.

1. A man is put in a taxi. He’s clearly faking his wound. Peter Beaumont of the Guardian describes him as one of two men who survived the second explosion. He is either twenty-one-year Mohammed Abu Watfah or “a skinny man in his thirties.”

2. The Hamas commander in the purple shirt holds open the taxi door. A few seconds earlier, he had gotten out of the way of the hotel staffer carrying the uninjured man and walked behind them.

3. Journalists and hotel staff tend to two boys said to be wounded. Photos show that there were actually four boys, not two, and Motasem Bakr was faking his injuries. There are no photos or video of the second wounded man.


4. The side street where NBC News reporter Ayman Mohyeldin said he kicked a soccer ball with the four children shortly before they were killed. He said he was staying in a hotel across the street from the beach.

5. The route taken by three boys and one man who survived a second explosion (red line). They arrived uninjured at the al-Deira Hotel, though journalists claim they were all wounded.

6. The trajectory of the Israeli naval shell (yellow line) that the French film crew said struck the Hamas police post on the breakwater.

7. The site of the second explosion, which all four runners survived, according to Peter Beaumont. Other witnesses said only three were running, and all were killed.

8. The site of the second explosion, as filmed by the French news crew. News reports and witnesses claim that this explosion killed either three or four boys.


9. The site where the French news crew filmed three boys running lackadaisically, one wearing a green shirt, one a red, and one a white.

10. The site where the three boys in the green, red, and white shirts were photographed running, possibly the day before, wearing the same clothes that they had on when they died.


11. The site where the mutilated bodies of three boys were videotaped and photographed. One wore a green shirt, one a red, and one a white. These three boys were killed at an unknown time and place, and their bodies were later put on the beach by Hamas.

12. The Hamas commander in the purple shirt.

13. The route that paramedics took to transport two dead boys on one stretcher to an ambulance (purple line).

14. The site where an ambulance parked and took the corpses of two boys, both of them carried on one stretcher.


15. The route taken by the ABC News crew (green line). Headed by reporter Alex Marquardt, these journalists were the first on the scene. They ran right past the site where the three bodies were later filmed; at that time, there were no dead boys lying in the sand.

16. The site of the second explosion, as depicted in the faked photos of the four children running.


17. The site where a second ambulance was parked. It then backed up several yards-meters to receive one dead boy and one wounded man.

18. The route that the paramedics took from the second ambulance to the beach (aqua line). After running to the beach, the paramedics came back to the ambulance, guided by two Hamas terrorists and accompanied by the Hamas commander.

19. The route of the man carrying the dead boy in the green shirt to the ambulance parked on the street (orange line). A Hamas terrorist took the boy and loaded him into the ambulance, where they were joined by the commander. Another Hamas terrorist carried a wounded man to the ambulance by this route.


20. The Hamas commander in the purple shirt. He sat in the ambulance as it backed down the street from in front of the Beach Hotel.

21. The trajectory of the Israeli missile used to destroy the Hamas police post on the breakwater (white line).

22. The site where al-Jazeera reporter Stefanie Dekker photographed the four boys who ran to the al-Deira Hotel immediately after the Israeli strike on the Hamas police post. Two boys wore blue shirts, and two wore green.


23. The route taken by paramedics carrying the body of the child killed in the police post (mid-blue line).

24. The Hamas commander in the purple shirt.

25. The site of the third ambulance. It took away the body of the child killed in the police post.

* * *

The Hamas commander presided over the entire operation. As you can see, he was everywhere that day.

After putting together all the pieces, I no longer believe that the French footage of the boys running is real.


It always bothered me that the boys didn’t seem to be panicked, sprinting for their lives. The French video is heavily and strangely edited; I now believe that the camera crew filmed the boys during their rehearsal, either the day before or earlier on July 16, 2014. Since the French reporters didn’t have actual footage of the boys dashing for safety, they used what they had, rationalizing it by telling themselves that if it would stop the Israelis from killing more children, it was worth the ethical breach. This is only my opinion.

The photos of the boys’ corpses show almost no blood, even though they were allegedly killed only moments earlier. That’s not possible. Therefore I no longer believe that the image above shows the boys seconds before their deaths.

This post is dedicated to Mark Regev, chief spokesman for Prime Minster Netanyahu. Jon Snow of Channel 4 News owes you a huge apology, Mr. Regev. I’m sure he’s not man enough to ever give it to you.


Click here for a timeline of the operation. Remember that this is a work in progress, so details change as more information comes in.

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