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Hamas used three IEDs in the Gaza beach operation

Hamas used three IEDs in the Gaza beach operation

I knew immediately that the Israeli Defense Forces did not deliberately or accidentally kill four boys on the Gaza beach, July 16, 2014. The reason is that Israeli capabilities would’ve prevented it. I’ll prove that to you in a minute. One aspect of the operation that I couldn’t figure out was why so many reporters claimed that the explosions they heard were gigantic. The IDF would’ve used a small missile. Well, today I learned that Hamas detonated three IEDs in the Gaza beach operation. I found the location of the one that coincided with the missile strike.

To recap, yesterday I confirmed that my theory was correct: Hamas lured the IDF into firing at the police post on the breakwater. Wall Street Journal reporter Nick Casey saw two dead adult males in the post along with Ismail Bakr.


Casey deleted his tweet, either because Hamas threatened him or because he wanted to support the narrative that the IDF murders children.

A triple agent gave the IDF intelligence that two terrorists would use the police post at around 4:00 p.m. Casey found their bodies, which were taken away by a white truck while the press ran after the paramedics removing the corpse of Ismail Bakr.


Now, I knew that the IDF wouldn’t have killed children, even accidentally. This is night-vision video from a British police helicopter. They identify and arrest someone shining a laser at the pilot.

The video capabilities of Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are far more advanced than what you see above. There’s absolutely no way that the Israeli UAV operators could’ve accidentally killed children running on a beach. And no, a naval vessel didn’t fire.


The police post on the breakwater was first stuck on July 10, 2014, at 2:00 a.m. Since it was a naval bombardment, the damage was done by a Sa’ar 4.5-class missile boat.


It’s the only Israeli ship with a cannon capable of demolishing buildings.

There is zero possibility that the Israelis used an Oto Melara 76mm autocannon to take out two Hamas terrorists July 16, 2014. They fired a small missile that limited the damage to a radius of no more than ten yards or meters.

These terrorists on a motorcycle were hit with such a missile, a Miklos or Mikholit.


On this Israeli Bell AH-1 Super Cobra, the light-blue missile launcher is under the wing.


Such munitions don’t make an ear-shattering explosion. Therefore, the videos that captured the first detonation puzzled me. In this NBC report, the explosion is heard at 1:26.

There are two detonations. I have no doubt. And the explosion is far too powerful for an Israeli missile. Did you see the window glass vibrate? The camera was in the al-Diera Hotel, No. 1 on this map.


According to NBC News, the explosion took place at No. 2, the police post. That’s 328 yards (300 meters) away. No Israeli air-to-surface antipersonnel missile would make window glass tremble like that from such a distance.

The fraudulent French TF1 News report is even stranger. At 0:34 is an explosion that violently shakes the camera.

Why would the camera be jostled, if the IDF used a small missile?

The answer is that what you’re hearing is a large Hamas IED detonated at almost the same instant that the missile hit the container.

Initially, the footage that TF1 News bought from Palestinians shows the terrace of the Adam Hotel.


You can see the same lamps in the photo below (green arrow).

Soon after the explosion, the top of a boat appears.


That’s the cabin in the lower right corner. Really bizarre footage. Where was the boat?

Well, I found it, in another roundabout X-Files way. Someone sent me the link to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation report on eleven-year-old terrorist Motasem-Muntaser Bakr. Look at him, preening with his silver ring.


He’s already comfortable in front of the camera, rationalizing the murder of his own brother.

As an aside, an IDF soldier who served in the West Bank told me that Palestinians are “fearless and homicidal,” and every single action they take is for the benefit of cameras. He said when the cameras come out, all hell breaks loose.

That Australian Broadcasting Corporation report was supposed to be an indictment of Israel. Instead, it exonerated her. Here’s the proof, which appears almost at the very end.


The green arrow is where the first IED was detonated. Note the destruction and scorching of the metal building. The red arrows indicate the heavy damage done to the terrace of the Adam Hotel. You know why you didn’t hear that the Adam Hotel was damaged? Because the Palestinians were told to keep quiet or die, and the western press did this.


Remember the boat in the TF1 News report? Here it is, photographed from the Commodore Hotel.


See how the boat top exactly matches the one in the TF1 News footage?

I can’t tell you exactly where the cameraman stood, but he was somewhere near the red arrow. Right behind the arrow is the golden-yellow Commodore Hotel.


The boat was on the other side of the gray shack.


From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation video, I think this is the top of the boat.


Thus—as far as I can tell—here are the places relevant to this post.

1. Adam Hotel
2. First IED, simultaneous with IDF missile strike
3. Boat in TF1 News report
4. Cameraman
5. Israeli missile strike that killed two Hamas terrorists
6. Commodore Hotel
7. Second IED, meant to simulate shells “chasing” the decoys
8. Third IED, seen in TF1 News report and which mutilated the three corpses
9. Al-Deira Hotel, where NBC News just happened to be filming the empty beach

A professional terrorist expecting a missile strike could set off a command-detonated explosive to coincide with the impact. But there’s something else to consider, and it’s a lesson from The X-Files, fittingly enough.


We can’t believe ANYTHING they want us to believe. The Palestinians didn’t film the actual missile strike, and nobody filmed the second IED that Peter Beaumont of the Guardian and William Booth of the Washington Post both saw go off behind the four decoys running to the al-Deira Hotel.

Why didn’t one of those reporters, photojournalists, photographers, and videographers catch the second explosion on film? They certainly memorialized Motasem-Muntaser Bakr giving his Oscar-worthy performance as a victim of the Zionazi Army of Occupation.


From Beaumont and Booth’s description, the second explosion happened between the tents and the water.


The green arrow marks where Hamas placed the bodies of Ahed, Zakariya, and Mohammed Bakr.

None of the dedicated, honest, impartial western journalists documented any craters or other evidence of the second explosion. These could be smoke stains.


You don’t need very much explosive compound to create huge detonations. Only ten M-80 firecrackers totaling between 30 to 50 grams (1 to 1.7 ounces) of pyrotechnic flash powder caused this notorious fiasco.

On the Gaza beach, it’s impossible to locate the third explosion filmed by Palestinians who sold the footage to European news outlets.


This might be the site.


It appears to match the location in the Palestinian film, the sand seems to be darkened and disturbed, the umbrella directly under the red arrow is missing its top, and the tents behind it may have large holes in them.

I believe that this charming Wahabbist, Salafist specimen was the bomber.


It’s apt that his face looks like a death’s head, because I’m sure he’s no longer alive. The impersonal, mulling-his-options expression of the Hamas terrorist carrying him doesn’t bode well for the Salafist.


I can’t decide which Salafist I like better, the skull-faced or the mouthless.

There are two reasons the Salafist is now dead: He wounded himself, thus screwing up the artistic purity of “Eight small boys went to the beach to play, four were killed, and four ran to the al-Deira Hotel.” Also, there was a timing problem. If I were in command of Operation Four Little Martyrs, I’d schedule the second and third explosions to happen simultaneously. It would add to the confusion, and most witnesses would think they were one detonation.

Now there’s no coherent sequence of events. Hamas is just lucky that journalists have circled the wagons. None one of their colleagues anywhere on the planet have asked the following questions.

1. Who’s the Salafist, and what happened to him?

2. Who’s this guy, and what happened to him? Why’s he pretending to be hurt?

3. Why don’t any of the stories told by the “survivors” and the witnesses match? What I mean is that not a single account is in accord with another.

4. Why don’t the reporters’ versions of events square with the photos?

5. Why didn’t journalists report what they all surely knew by the end of the day, that Nick Casey of the Wall Street Journal saw two dead men in the police post, along with Ismail Bakr?

6. Why did all the western journalists leave the area after Ismail Bakr’s body was taken away but before the three others were “found”?


7. If Hamad Bakr really had a life-threatening chest wound that needed immediate first aid, why did everyone sit around and watch a bunch of morons carefully and beautifully bandage his ankle first?


Or did he arrive with a bandaged ankle?

8. Why was NBC News filming an empty beach when the first IED went off? Does it have something to do with Ayman Mohyeldin being ordered out of Gaza the next day? Did a little birdie tell Mohyeldin that he just might want to have a camera pointing in a certain direction at a certain time?

Here’s my question to you, journalists: Why does the press knowingly protect actual murderers in order to blame people who aren’t murderers?

You’ve seen that I can keep secrets. Under no circumstances will I talk about the people who helped me unravel this. I don’t even know who they are. The contact form of my Website allows you to use false e-mail addresses.

If you have something you want to get off your chest, drop me a line. And if Israel doesn’t do anything about this unprecedented blood libel, I’ll just have to conclude that the government doesn’t care.

Click here for a timeline of the operation. Remember that this is a work in progress, so details change as more information comes in.

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