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Wall Street Journal confirms Hamas beach operation

Wall Street Journal confirms Hamas beach operation

It’s not often that you see one of your wild-eyed theories confirmed in its entirety. However, it’s happened. The Wall Street Journal has proven that I was right: On July 16, 2014, Hamas set in motion a plan to discredit Israel in the eyes of the world. Four boys were murdered, and the blame was put on the IDF. There’s absolutely no question. The beach operation is real. We no longer have to call it an interpretation of events. Israel’s name is cleared, but I can’t take the credit for it. I had a lot of help.

Before I give you the evidence, two personal notes.

Today I met one of my heroes, completely by accident. He despises publicity, but I can tell you that he also used to hate Jews. Now he fights tirelessly for them. I take our chance meeting as a sign. We had a short conversation about how hard and discouraging our work can be. Sometimes we just want to go off and live in a cabin, away from the world.

Second thing: Three days ago, my brother was at a crosswalk. A black SUV pulled in front of him and stopped, then the front passenger’s window rolled down. An extremely fit, olive-skinned young man sat there.

“Hello,” he said warmly to my brother…in what Tim said was an unmistakable Israeli accent. Tim went to school with Israelis and Arabs. He knows the accents.

“Hello,” said Tim.

The man smiled and nodded, and the vehicle drove off.

Thank you so much. You can’t possibly understand how relieved we are.

Now I’ll end this fiasco once and for all.

The decoys in Operation Four Little Martyrs

When the IDF fired a missile at the steel structure on the breakwater of Gaza harbor at around 4:10 p.m., July 16, 2014, Stefanie Dekker of al-Jazeera—staying in the Commodore Hotel—took a photo of four boys running from the smoke cloud.



The screen grab below is maybe two seconds after the missile struck.


Stefanie Dekker’s photo is about three seconds after that. Here’s the debris on the breakwater, surrounding the police post.

Mideast Israel Palestinians

Here’s the distance to the edge of the breakwater.


Then there are concrete tetrapods between you and the sand.


The boys weren’t disoriented by the massive explosion? They instantly fought their way through that junk, crossed the breakwater, tumbled down the tetrapods to the beach, and made it this far in just five seconds?


No. They were somewhere else. I’ll show you in a moment. First things first.

Who are the decoys?

It’s not possible to say for sure, because they all lied. About everything. Their mission was to run to the al-Diera Hotel and work the western journalists into a frenzy. My best guess is that this is this is thirteen-year-old Hamad Bakr on the left, with his seven-year-old brother Younis.


Peter Beaumont of the Guardian said that Hamad was wounded.

Pulling up the T-shirt of the first boy, journalists administering first aid found a shrapnel hole, small and round as a pencil head, where he had been hit in the chest.

Beaumont said that all of the three, four, five, or six people who showed up at the al-Deira were wounded on the fronts of their bodies.

Yet he also wrote that the second explosion happened behind them. William Booth of the Washington Post said the same thing. I reject all the “eyewitness” accounts of boys being killed by a second projectile. There’s absolutely no evidence of that. It’s now clear that after the IDF missile strike on the container, Hamas set off two more explosive devices: one while the four boys ran to the al-Deira, and one that mutilated the bodies of the dead boys who became the celebrated martyrs.

If Hamad was injured, it was with an ice pick or similar weapon. I have no doubt. Israeli munitions aren’t filled with shrapnel; they break into fragments. And since the explosions took place behind Hamad, an IDF munition couldn’t have wounded him in the chest.

Also, the Israelis wouldn’t have missed.

This boy is either Nasser Fadel Bakr or Araby Bakr or Sayed Bakr.


The Wall Street Journal says eight boys went to the beach. From all the articles I’ve read, here are the names of the eight boys.

Mohammed Bakr,
Ahed Bakr,
Zakariya Bakr,
Ismail Bakr,
Hamad Bakr,
Younis Bakr,
Nasser Bakr,
Araby Bakr,
Sayed Bakr,
Ramiz Bakr,
Muntaser Bakr,
Motasem Bakr,
Moutaz Bakr.

Wait, that’s thirteen boys! The last three names refer to this child, the star decoy.


Though he’s eleven years old, he’s a terrorist operative.

Okay, now you think I’m insane. Well, let me prove it to you. Not that I’m insane, but that he’s a terrorist operative.

He’s interchangeably called Motasem or Muntaser. His story—like those of the five other “survivors”—doesn’t add up. When he spoke to Ayman Mohyeldin of NBC News, here’s what he said.

I was with my cousins. Then they died.

No mention of his brother, who was killed. Mohyeldin was thinking about pudding or bikinis, apparently, because this is what he tweeted.


Motasem, Muntaser, Moutaz, friends, cousins, brothers, nephews, broken army… Why am I being such an old grouch about this?

When Motasem-Muntaser spoke to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, here’s what he said.

First of all, we went to the beach and played hide and seek. My cousin went into the container. We started calling him until the rocket hit him. We ran away. I was running with them. Then they sent the second rocket.

Again, he doesn’t talk about his brother Zakariya. The reason is that Motasem-Muntaser served as a decoy with three cousins. His brother was already dead, murdered the day before. Motasem-Muntaser is a terrorist operative, but he’s only eleven years old. It’s hard for him to keep the lies straight. The official story is that Ismail died in the police post, and Zakariya, Ahed, and Mohammed were killed as they ran. Motasem-Muntaser loses track of the narrative.

His cousins have the same problem. Their stories are all over the place. This is from the Wall Street Journal.


A completely different story from Motasem-Muntaser’s, and Araby lied about someone’s head being split open. The funeral photos show that.

The bloody towel under the child’s head is a prop. Corpses don’t bleed, and besides, the boy was murdered the day before. But as you can see, no split heads.

Motasem-Muntaser said that he and his cousins were playing some sort of game on the breakwater. But Nasser Bakr tells yet another story.

We were so bored from the war and wanted to go to the beach to play; we thought it would be fun. Ismail dared us to pretend to shoot him. And then he ran and hid in a shack. The first explosion occurred. We went towards Ismail and found his body on the ground. He was bleeding everywhere and he was burned. I cried loudly and we ran. I ran fastest and looked back. My friends were running. But a second explosion occurred. I looked back again and saw Zakariya, ‘Ahed, Mohammed, and Ramiz all lying on the ground and screaming. Muntaser, Mohammed Khamis and two guys I know from the Abu Watfa beach resort ran towards them to help. But then there was a third explosion and every one of them was then on the ground. I started crying for them.

Now Motasem-Muntaser arrived after the first explosion. And this is the first mention of Ramiz Bakr. Ismail Mohammed was killed in the container, and Mohammed Ramiz died while running to safety. Who’s this other Mohammed lying there screaming? And Nasser says Motasem-Muntaser got blown up. He’s very confused.

As proof of how many Gazans are complicit in this deception, we have eyewitness accounts that directly contradict everything the “surviving” boys said.



None of the boys mentioned soccer (football). However, putting them out in the open on an empty beach is better propaganda for demonizing Israel.

What really happened?

Stefanie Dekker’s photo gives us the answer. Note the trajectory.


The decoys were not on the breakwater, nor were they near the container. They were in or under an abandoned cargo trailer.



When the IDF fired a missile at the police post, it was low tide.


There was a long stretch of hard, wet sand upon which the decoys could sprint. That’s how they managed to get so far from the breakwater in only about five seconds. They didn’t clamber over all the wreckage because they weren’t playing in or around the steel container that our lying media called a “tin fisherman’s shack.”

The four decoys ran to the al-Deira, where they were helped and photographed. The images tell us when the blood got on the boys’ clothes.


See the clear edges around the bloodstains on Motasem-Muntaser’s shorts? That’s serum. Here’s how long it take to appear on cloth.


One to two hours.

Now let’s look at his injuries. I thought initially that he had no head wounds, but he did. The reason I got it wrong was that I didn’t know that Motasem and Muntaser were the same person. Here are his head wounds at al-Shifa Hospital.

Here are the wounds a week later, when he gave an interview.


They didn’t bleed at the al-Deira or at the hospital because they’d already scabbed over. His wounds were inflicted beforehand, to make him more photogenic. All the blood on him is from someone else. Peter Beaumont said Motasem-Muntaser was wounded in the legs, but that’s not true. The doctors are just pretending to irrigate nonexistent injuries.


The reports say he had a broken arm, which this photo confirms.


There are no accounts from the journalists in the al-Deira Hotel of anyone falling as he ran. Also, neither an Israeli missile nor a Hamas IED could break your arm without puncturing the skin. This is not an entry wound, because it isn’t bleeding.


There’s no bleeding wound on the other side either.


It’s a closed fracture. Hamas broke Motasem-Muntaser’s arm before Operation Four Little Martyrs was set in motion. This is Motasem-Muntaser running while holding his broken arm.


And this X-ray shows how they snapped his ulna cleanly in two with a blow from a steel rod.


I know your instinct is to feel sorry for him, but you shouldn’t. He’s a goner. Israel needs to keep an eye on him, because he’s very proud of his role in this hoax. Remember his words to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, as he sat here with a silver ring on his finger?


Poised, calm, and relaxed, he’s not traumatized in the least. And how many eleven-year-olds talk like this?

I say to the resistance, “Don’t be afraid, don’t give up, don’t do anything before taking revenge for my brother and my nephew and my two other cousins and take the revenge for the whole country. And take revenge for the world and all sad people with no home.”

He’s a terrorist, eleven going on thirty-five. Look at his face.

Like all psychopaths, he’s as cold and hard as a diamond, but he’s also a narcissist. He loves attention from the media.


Keep in mind that he’s happily working for the people who murder his family members. The Bakrs are the main supporters of Fatah.



And now the Wall Street Journal confirmation

It’s a double confirmation. This is what Nick Casey of the Journal tweeted when he arrived on the breakwater, July 16, 2014. I found it just today.


See? I told you that the IDF would neither deliberately NOR accidentally kill children. A triple agent gave the IDF information that two Hamas terrorists would be in the police post at around 4:00 p.m. I’m sure the intelligence was passed along right before the appointed time. Prior to the Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) arriving, Hamas put the body of Ismail Bakr in the post, and the four decoys went into or under the cargo trailer. The boys themselves applied the blood, because it’s such an amateurish job.

After the IDF fired the missile, a truck picked up the bodies of the two Hamas adult sacrificial lambs while the press chased the paramedics carrying Ismail Bakr’s remains.


Why did I say it’s a double confirmation that I was right? Because when you try to read Nick Casey’s tweet, this is what you find.


Israelis and Jews, if a Pallywood post is to go mega-viral, make it this one.

Tell the world that Israel did not commit this crime.

Click here for a timeline of the operation. Remember that this is a work in progress, so details change as more information comes in.

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