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The Pallywood ambulance game, Gaza beach

The Pallywood ambulance game, Gaza beach

What follows is almost incomprehensible in its complexity and perversion. The ambulance game that Palestinians played on July 16, 2014, during Operation Four Little Martyrs, is exactly like the classic confidence trick.

It’s called a shell game. Palestinians play it with ambulances, adding to the carnival-in-hell atmosphere of life in Gaza. Four ambulances were used in the following order. (The purple X is the police post.)


1. Picked up Ismail Bakr from the breakwater.

2. Parked in front of the Beach Hotel and Orient House, then backed down to the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop, where it waited until the bodies of the three other boys were produced. Moved forward and stopped on the street in front of the sandy incline to the beach. Here it collected the wounded Salafist bomber and the dead boy in the green shirt.

3. Parked across the street from the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop, waiting along with Ambulance 2. When word was received that the three bodies had been produced, Ambulance 3 went to the al Deira Hotel to pick up Hamad Bakr and Motasem-Muntaser Bakr.

4. Arrived as the wounded Salafist bomber was being loaded into Ambuance 3. After the paramedics ran to the beach to collect the final two corpses, someone moved the ambulance to the sandy incline between the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop and the al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant. The two dead boys were loaded; Ambulance 4 then drove to the al-Deira Hotel and joined Ambulance 3. Both sped off to al-Shifa Hospital.

I didn’t crack the code until last night, when a helper sent me the following video with the comment, “You need to see this.” My recommendation? Don’t watch it, because it has loving closeups of butchered children. To spare you I’ll use non-gruesome screen grabs to illustrate the Palestinian ambulance-shell game.


To help out, we’ll also need the AFP Video.

And the high-quality Zain for Media Production video. WARNING! IMAGES OF HORRIBLY MUTILATED DEAD CHILDREN!

The Pallywood ambulance game, July 16, 2023

Operation Four Little Martyrs began at 4:10 p.m. local time on the Gaza beach, when Hamas set off a large IED behind the terrace of the Adam Hotel. Seconds later, an IDF unmanned aerial vehicle fired a missile at a police post on the breakwater.

One of the many skills that Hamas and other terrorist organizations possess is the ability to create such confusion with video and photos that most people don’t bother trying to analyze what’s being presented. Since I knew that this was a Hamas deception operation, I’ve put in the months of study required to deconstruct the lies.

I’ve been wrong many times. However, over two dozen anonymous and often obnoxious helpers keep sending me information about other topics that—purely coincidentally, I’m sure—contain corrections of my mistakes.

Here’s how the Palestinians sowed confusion with ambulances.

Initially I thought that the Hamas commander in the purple shirt stayed at the al-Deira Hotel until Hamad Bakr and Motsem-Muntaser Bakr had been transported by ambulance to al-Shifa Hospital. The Zain video reveals that what actually happened was that he hurried down to the breakwater and showed Ambulance 1 where to park.


There’s no doubt that this is the first ambulance to respond to the events of July 16, 2014.

The paramedics run to the breakwater and remove the body of Ismail Bakr.

Another way that Palestinians confuse observers is by having paramedics change vehicles. The man marked with the red arrow above is later seen as a member of Ambulance 2.

The paramedics put the body of Ismail Bakr into Ambulance 1. The arrows indicate Hamas operatives.


As Ambulance 1 leaves, we see the demon in the tan shirt.


Also the Hamas commander in the purple shirt.


Ambulance 2 (green arrow) parks in front of the Beach Hotel and Orient House (red X) and the Al-Andalus Wedding Hall and Restaurant (blue X).


The paramedics go to the beach, turn around, and return to the vehicle because the dead boys aren’t ready.

Ambulance 2 then parks in front of the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop and waits for the three corpses to be produced.


You can see it above the “C” in “Casualties of War.” When the paramedics receive word by cell phone that the three other corpses have been produced, they run to Ambulance 2 and drive down the street.


Across the road from the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop, Ambulance 3 is parked. Its distinguishing feature is a white Red Crescent flag (green arrow).


It now heads for the al-Deira Hotel, while Ambulance 2 stops at the green X.

The dead boy in the green shirt is brought up the sandy incline from the beach.


He’s handed to the demon in the tan shirt.


Then he’s put into the ambulance feet first. The demon and the Hamas commander in the purple shirt get into the ambulance to intimidate the paramedics.



The Salafist bomber is pulled from the blue tent by Hamas operatives.


He’s carried up the sandy incline (red arrow).

Palestinian man carries the body of a boy, whom medics said was killed by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, on a beach in Gaza City

Then he’s handed off to his executioner.


It’s not pain that makes him look like this, as I’ll show you in a moment.


The Hamas commander in the purple shirt and the demon in the tan shirt get out of Ambulance 2.


In go the Salafist and his executioner.



As this is happening, Ambulance 4—with videographer Mohamed Jabaly on board—arrives and parks across the street from Ambulance 2. (Horrendously gruesome video here.)


Jabaly films the Salafist being guarded by the demon in the tan shirt.


The paramedics from Ambulance 4 race down to the beach, filmed and guided by Hamas terrorists.


They load up the final two corpses on one stretcher, surrounded by Hamas operatives (red arrows).


Then they race back up the sandy incline, prodded by the Hamas second in command (green arrow), a terrorist disguised as a journalist.


The two corpses are loaded into the ambulance, which has been moved across the street and parked at the top of the sandy incline.


Note the livery of the vehicle, as well as the terrorist in the foreground. Keep them both in mind.

The AFP video posted above shows that both Hamad and Motasem-Muntaser Baker have been placed in Ambulance 3, which had waited until the bodies had been produced on the beach. Only then did it go to the al-Deira Hotel.

Hamad is on the gurney behind the skinny paramedic, while the green arrow shows Motasem-Muntaser’s foot.


Now Ambulance 3 (green arrow) and Ambulance 4 (red arrow) go off to the hospital together, for maximum dramatic impact.


The ceremonial corpse gauntlet at al-Shifa Hospital

The sequence of events may have been edited, but I don’t think so. Not this time. Most of these screen grabs are from the Hospital Video I posted above, which I recommended you not view.

Ambulance 3—carrying Hamad and Motasem-Muntaser Bakr—arrives first. Note the Hamas police.


Ambulance 4 then pulls up with the two hideously mutilated boys on one stretcher.


The green arrow shows Hamad Bakr’s arm. All the attention is focused on the two corpses, which are rushed into the hospital.

As an editorial aside, this person is representative of journalists who cover Gaza.

“Do they have two genders, like us?”

Ambulance 2 pulls up. Remember, it was carrying the wounded Salafist bomber and the dead boy in the green shirt.


However, the Salafist bomber didn’t even make it to the hospital. I know what you’re thinking: “Maybe he’s still in the ambulance.”

Nope. To Palestinians a bloody man is photogenic perfection. If the Salafist were there, he would’ve been presented like a debutante. The ambulance stopped along the way to get rid of him. I told you that would happen. It’s written all over the executioner’s face.


That preoccupied, cogitating expression is very specific. He’s planning murder. There are some Israelis who know that I know what I’m talking about. And look at his left hand. You can see murder in that grip.

The paramedics also did something else, more evidence that the Salafist is dead. Here’s how the boy in the green shirt went into the ambulance.

And here’s how he came out.

It would’ve been impossible for them to turn him around on the gurney with two paramedics, the Salafist bomber, and his executioner in the passenger compartment. So they pulled over, and the executioner took the sniveling Salafist off to meet his fate. The paramedics then reversed the body of the boy in the green shirt. Why?

So that the photographers and videographers would get better images. Palestinians as a group are psychopathic. Don’t believe me? This hospital staffer saw the dead boy in the green shirt wheeled past him four seconds earlier.


A perfect illustration of Palestinian cultural values.

Ambulance 1 pulls up. Although it left the beach first, it arrives last because the body of Ismail Bakr is by far the most injured. His arms and legs have exploded. The Palestinians held back their best prop until the crowd of onlookers and media had grown dramatically.


I won’t show you, but another reason it arrived last is because they needed time to enhance his wounds, making them larger and wider. Photos prove this.

Ismail Bakr’s injuries didn’t bleed. They were inflicted long after Hamas murdered him. However, here’s his stretcher as the paramedics bring it back to the ambulance.


Now it’s sloshing with fresh blood. Palestinians really do love death. More accurately, they love war, murder, gore, entrails, carnage, and suffering. They’re irredeemably thanatoid.

Early in the Hospital Video we see Hamas terrorists masquerading as journalists carrying an injured man. An ambulance siren is heard.

The green arrows mark the bandage on his left forearm and his heavy watchstrap.

Ambulance 3—the one with the flag—has gone out again and collected him. By this time the crowd of onlookers and media at the hospital has thinned considerably.

They unload the man in the blue shirt. Take a look at the bracelet on his left wrist.


A fifth ambulance not seen before pulls in beside Ambulance 3. The paramedics wheel away the man in the blue shirt. Interesting sweat pattern on his chest.


Guess who he is?

Well, he’s the Hamas second in command of Operation Four Little Martyrs. The fake TV journalist.


Same heavy watchstrap, same bracelet, and same bandaged forearm. Hamas felt that there weren’t enough victims, so he pulled triple duty.

Behind him, the fifth ambulance disgorges a child.


The bloodstained man wears a Kapci Coatings T-shirt. It’s an Egyptian automotive paint company. He holds a bag of whole blood, meaning it’s a prop. When he turns around, you can see that the blood on his clothes dried hours ago.

This child is dead.


The paramedic is pretending to administer oxygen with a manual resuscitator, also called an Ambu bag or bag valve mask. In this case an endotracheal tube has been inserted into the child’s mouth: he’s been intubated. The oxygen reservoir of the Ambu bag is marked with a green arrow. It should be on the other end of the bag. The paramedic is using the bag backwards, which means he’s not actually using it. This is just more Pallywood, with another actual human being as a prop.

They murdered him too, in order to advance a fascist, racist, exterminationist, politico-religious agenda.

Here’s my question to Israeli and other “human rights” organizations: How long are you going to let this go on? Hamas is murdering people, and you’re covering up for them while trying to destroy people who don’t commit murder.

Kenneth Roth, your soul is as putrid as a septic tank.

Ken Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch

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