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Gaza beach: Palestinians confirm wounded bomber theory

Gaza beach: Palestinians confirm wounded bomber theory

It’s not possible to know exactly what happened on the beach at Gaza, July 16, 2014. The only certainty is that it was a Hamas deception operation. Using a triple agent, Hamas lured the Israeli Defense Forces into firing a missile at a police post on the breakwater. Hamas had previously murdered four young boys who were used as the victims of Israeli “shelling.” Something went wrong in this complex operation; I think the Palestinians have confirmed the wounded bomber theory.

I was always sure that the man being carried here was the bomber who set off the three IEDs that brought reporters running and mutilated the corpses of the three boys.


Well, I know now that he’s involved, because the young man with the Day-Glo green panel on his shirt is also a Hamas terrorist. He “discovered” the body of Ismail Bakr in the police post.

He too is a Salafist, as indicated by his rolled trouser legs. He’s present throughout the recovery of the three other dead boys and the “rescue” of the injured Salafist bomber. This shows you how professional Hamas is. I didn’t even notice him until yesterday, when I was sent a photo that may have been a deliberate attempt to mislead me—not to hide the truth, but to force me to go digging and therefore expose more of the truth. I don’t ask my helpers who they are.

Here’s the Day-Glo Salafist leading the paramedics who are carrying the body of Ismail Bakr.


So the Day-Glo Salafist is important, maybe even third in command of Operation Four Little Martyrs.

Fahd Abu Sultan

That’s the name of this man, who’s said to be the individual I call the Salafist bomber.

Fahd Abu Sultan

I’ve lightened the photo to expose more details. Here’s his dramatic story.


So he’s a twenty-five-year-old laborer who ran to the beach and was shelled as he carried a wounded child.


He was photographed three weeks after he was wounded. After three weeks, his injuries would’ve healed completely, since the Israelis used a miniature missile called a Mikholit. Compare the size to the shoe marked by the red arrow.


Now, I don’t think the photo I was sent shows the man on the beach. Their facial structure is very similar, but Sultan has a pointed, cleft chin; and he seems at least ten years younger than the Salafist bomber.


A second comparison. We’ll get to the source of the screen grab in a moment.


They could be brothers, but the Salafist bomber has a different chin, and his eyes are smaller, sunken, and surrounded by dark circles. Sultan has large, prominent eyes. Also, the wound patterns don’t match. The Salafist has no blood in the center of his T-shirt, and the wound on his chest is above the right nipple, not below his armpit, as it is on Sultan.


But in order to prove to you that it doesn’t matter, I’ll say that they are the same man. Fahd Abu Sultan is the person I called the Salafist bomber, and he didn’t die.

We have a detailed story from the man’s own mouth. He’s twenty-five, and he ran to the beach to help. The Israelis fired on him, inflicting five gaping wounds from shrapnel. The three boys he was trying to rescue were all killed.

Well, this directly contradicts the eyewitness testimony of the Guardian’s Peter Beaumont and the Washington Post’s William Booth. Both say almost exactly the same thing: one explosion on the breakwater, a group of males runs toward the al-Deira Hotel, a second explosion hits behind them, they all make it to safety. I believe their stories because they paint Israel in a murderous light, which is what Hamas wanted.

Keep in mind that twenty-five-year-old Fahd Abu Sultan was there! He’s relating what he experienced! How could his account not match those of Beaumont and Booth?

The Palestinian “human rights” organization al-Haq has yet another story, given by this man.


According to Peter Beaumont, this young fellow pretending to be injured is twenty-one-year-old Mohammad Abu Watfah. Al-Haq, on the other hand, says Watfah is twenty-three and an employee of a coffee shop near the breakwater. The only such establishment is the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop.

Fishing port in Gaza City. (Photo: Arne Hoel)

It’s a five-star establishment. This is the terrace.


Mohammad Abu Watfah swore the following in a formal affidavit to al-Haq.


Now Fahd Abu Sultan is twenty-three instead of twenty five, and he’s not a laborer. He works at the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop, where he was wounded. These two guys are employed at a five-star establishment?



Sure. Is the coffee shop really open air, like, lacking walls, floors, and ceilings? Or did Fahd Abu Sultan get blown from the coffee shop down to the beach by that miniature missile? Is everybody in the above photo a miniature human? Are the Israelis at war with people the size of my index finger?

On with the lies!

Watfah was not transferred to the hospital by ambulance from the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop, along with Sultan and three children. He was put in a taxi several hundred meters away, at the al-Deira Hotel.

For some reason the Hamas commander of the operation personally oversaw Watfah’s removal.


The uninjured non-coffee-shop-employee said he saw four bodies “dismembered” on the ground, but there were only three. Ismail Bakr was in the police post on the breakwater. Finally, three boys did not hide behind a garbage can, and the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop was not shelled. Watfah’s story is an attempt to corroborate the fake photos put out by 24 Media Production Company.


None of the witness and survivor stories add up. Almost all are fabrications. I’ll tell you a theory that explains everything: The one that several anonymous helpers and I put together based on photos, videos, and statements.

Here’s a closeup of the man I call the Salafist bomber.


Note that he has sand on his forearms, and you can see in his skin impressions of what look like wires. I theorized that he injured himself in the third explosion and hid in a tent until he could be rescued. He lay on his stomach, resting his weight on his forearms as he watched through a hole in the tent.

Play this video, which I found yesterday. Prepare to pause it at 1:00.

It’s the Salafist being brought out of a tent by Hamas terrorists.


The back of the Salafist’s T-shirt is bloody. Why would someone who ran to the beach to rescue children hide in an a tent for an hour when he had such serious injuries? The initial explosion was at around 4:10 p.m., and shadows show that the Salafist and the bodies of the three dead boys were recovered sometime after

Palestinian man carries the body of a boy, whom medics said was killed by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, on a beach in Gaza City

The terrified Salafist being rushed to his doom.

I stand by my theory, which has been bolstered by Palestinian lies: The third explosion was bungled, and the bomber injured himself.

This is the body of the boy in the green shirt.

The wounds on his chest are perfectly round. They were caused by ball bearings of two different sizes. Israeli aerial munitions fragment into irregular pieces of metal. This boy was not killed by Israelis. The eyes of all four dead boys are open. Statistically that’s impossible, considering that they were terrorized children running from explosions. A missile gives a second of warning, consisting of a hissing sound. At that sound—since the boys knew they were under fire—the instinct would be to squeeze the eyes tightly shut. The eyes of two are also flaccid, irrefutable evidence that the boys were dead for at least two hours.

Under the stern gaze of three murderous terrorists, doctors at al-Shifa Hospital helplessly write a fake report that doesn’t mention the fact that those terrible wounds didn’t bleed.

I don’t believe that the bomber was Fahd Abu Sultan. And I still think that the bomber is no longer with us, poor soul. Watch the video again and note how roughly his pals handle him. Why does he look so terrified, if he’s just a laborer-coffee-shop employee who tried to help and is finally being rescued himself?

* * *

Everybody reading this should ask yourself a question: Why did a hotel full of photographers and professional cameramen not take a single photo or even one second of video as four males ran toward them for 328 yards (300 meters) while being pursued by Israeli shells?

Later tonight or tomorrow I’ll tell you the answer. It’s grim reality, not fantasy. If Israelis want to save their country, they’ll have to take action. Knowing the truth will put a great responsibility on your shoulders that you’ll initially resent. It’ll also free you from all illusions, and then you’ll be able to become the masters of your own destiny.


Click here for a timeline of the operation. Remember that this is a work in progress, so details change as more information comes in.

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