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Why did Hamas threaten journalists in Gaza?

Why did Hamas threaten journalists in Gaza?

When all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail. Hamas is a group of murderous terrorists, so it makes terrible strategic blunders based on its bloodlust, obsession with control, and psychological projection. Criminals think everyone else is as dishonest as they are. In reality there was no need for Hamas to threaten journalists in Gaza. If Hamas had charmed instead of intimidated, we wouldn’t have heard even the two or three stories we did about how the press reporting from Gaza was under severe restrictions.

Hamas’s behavior was foolish. All you have to do is look at the Twitter accounts of journalists to see that they despise Israel and approve of harm being inflicted on her.

A few accounts of Hamas threats were publicized.

I met today with a Spanish journalist who just came back from Gaza. We talked about the situation there. He was very friendly. I asked him how comes we never see on television channels reporting from Gaza any Hamas people, no gunmen, no rocket launcher, no policemen. We only see civilians on these reports, mostly women and children.

He answered me frankly: “It’s very simple, we did see Hamas people there launching rockets, they were close to our hotel, but if ever we dared pointing our camera on them they would simply shoot at us and kill us.”

That’s not true at all. Hamas aren’t idiots. They made threats, but they never would’ve shot a western journalist. Gallagher Fenwick of France 24 reported a Hamas rocket being fired.

Nobody murdered him.

Some journalists followed Gabriele Barbati’s example by talking after they went home.

He was referring to a Hamas rocket that killed nine children at an UNRWA camp in Shati. Of course the press initially blamed Israel, based on no evidence whatsoever. That’s because most journalists hate Israel and want to see her international standing destroyed. The hate isn’t rational, in that journalists see the reality with their own eyes: Hamas commits murders, but Israel doesn’t.

Alex Marquardt of ABC News, Stefanie Dekker of al-Jazeera, Nick Casey of the Wall Street Journal, Jonathan Miller of Channel 4 News, William Booth of the Washington Post, and Peter Beaumont of the Guardian know what actually happened on the beach at Gaza, July 16, 2014. All of them were witnesses. Yet they reported lies.

Let’s look at their Twitter feeds. First, Alex Marquardt.

No. Israeli tank shells did not hit al-Aqsa Hospital.

The Israelis use the M323 Kalanit tank shell for urban combat. It has a hardened nose for penetrating fortified structures and contains six shrapnel canisters that pop out after the shell enters the target. Here’s the damage done to the al-Aqsa.

There isn’t enough pockmarking for the destruction to have been caused by an M323 Kalanit, and the holes are of different sizes. Also, the scene has been…doctored. (Sorry.)

1. Room door.
2. Bed curtain.
3. Sink.
4. Mattress with hand print.

The bed in the middle and its curtain were moved around by that sad guy with concrete dust all over his hands. My guess is that a Hamas munition came down through the ceiling; note all the rubble on the floor and under the beds.

Stunning in their dishonesty, maybe. The report says that the entire population of Gaza has reduced or no access to water and sanitation. How could anyone believe that? The rest of that fiction is riddled with “may have,” “reportedly,” “may be,” “estimated,” and so. OCHA also repeats the lie that Israel shelled Gaza’s power planet. It was hit by a Hamas rocket.

On to Stefanie Dekker of al-Jazeera.

Excellent standards of reporting, Stefanie. A total fabrication, but you ran with it anyway.

Nick Casey of the Wall Street Journal. He’s in love!


He’s referring to the targeting of two terrorists on a motorcycle many yards-meters away from the UNRWA Rafah Preparatory “A” Boys School. Note the green arrow, which marks the gates of the school.


The Israelis used a tiny missile called a Mikholit, which left a crater eight inches (20 cm) in diameter.


There were not ten fatalities, nobody on the school grounds was injured, and a pile of chopped body parts was not created. At least not by the Israeli munition.

Nick Casey deleted this next tweet for some reason.

And this one about Operation Four Little Martyrs.


It’s the proof that the Israelis were set up.

Jonathan Miller of Channel 4 News.

Sorry, sweetheart. The Israelis pulled out of Gaza unilaterally in 2005 and then endured two years of rocket fire before they imposed a blockade. Meanwhile, here’s what the “ghetto” turned into.

The blockade didn’t work, and the Palestinians really, really wanted a war, so finally the Israelis said, “Okay, fine: One war coming up.” And now the Palestinians can live in raw sewage and rubble. Why does it upset you that these people finally received what they worked so hard to get?

This is beyond moronic. It’s something that only cretins believe is real.

That Ben-Gurion quote at the beginning has one source, a man who didn’t like him. The rest of the video is the Jew-hater’s caricature of how criticism of Israel is received. To be frank, it’s how Neo-Nazis talk. Did I just call Jonathan Miller a Neo-Nazi? No. I said the video he likes is indistinguishable from the rhetoric that Neo-Nazis use.

And that’s one of the most annoying women I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing. Her voice and mannerisms are so vile that I need to song this to clear my head.

Listen to Sarah as you finish the post.

No, you didn’t report on what you witnessed. That’s the issue. You witnessed Hamas setting up and firing rockets, Hamas using human shields, and Hamas committing murders to blame on Israel, but you not only didn’t report it, you got all righteously outraged at how the Jews were killing children.

William Booth of the Washington Post.

This is so unbelievably stupid that I’m at a loss. Here’s the real story.

A 13-year-old boy was killed by the IDF on Thursday, in a town northwest of Ramallah, Palestinian medical sources reported.

Bahaa Samir Badir was killed during a raid in the village of Beit Liqya, Palestinian media said, after the military shot the young boy in the chest from close range.

He died of his wounds shortly after the gun shots, prompting clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces at the scene.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Office said that Israeli forces were leaving Beit Liqya when residents of the West Bank town began hurling firebombs at them. The military opened fire in response, confirming a direct hit.

I know it would break William’s heart to become like me and automatically reject everything Palestinian officials say, but look at what’s there in black and white. Someone was throwing firebombs; the IDF say they shot the person.

You don’t throw firebombs at close range unless you want to burn yourself up too. Allow the Palestinians to demonstrate the art of throwing firebombs.

Ergo, the firebomb thrower was not shot at close range, and I’ll bet you any amount of money that he wasn’t thirteen.


Except that William left off the crucial part of the quote by Transportation Minister ISRAEL(!) Katz.

He quoted one of Hamas’s founders, Mahmoud a-Zahar threatening Israel using terminology that the minister said sounded like it came from the Islamic State about turning Palestine into an Islamic Kingdom and destroying Israel. Katz said there was a much greater chance that Zahar will soon see in hell fellow Hamas founders Sheikh Ahmed Yassein and Abdel Aziz Rantisi, who were assassinated by Israel.

“The days when the Jews did nothing and were slaughtered are over,” Katz said. “If one Protective Edge was not enough, you will get two and three until Hamas terror ends. I prefer 1000 Palestinian mothers crying than letting one Jewish mother cry.”

Context is all, my lying little plagiarist.

And finally, the star witness of Operation Four Little Martyrs, Peter Beaumont of the Guardian.


Just the man you want reporting on Israel! The very next day, he saw three boys and one man run from the breakwater toward the al-Deira Hotel, pursued by Jewish shells.

Except that it didn’t happen.


So what are you going to do about this blood libel, Israel? This quadruple murder? Every reporter named in this post knows the truth behind Operation Four Little Martyrs.

That’s why so many of them are deleting their tweets from that period.

Click here for a timeline of the operation. Remember that this is a work in progress, so details change as more information comes in.

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