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Hamas took control of the Bakr boys from paramedics

Hamas took control of the Bakr boys from paramedics

Yesterday I wrote that I would ease myself out of posting on Israeli matters. I was flooded with requests that I reconsider. Therefore I have. The posts will continue. Coincidentally or not, yesterday “Lorraine” sent me a link to an Australian Broadcasting Corporation story about Operation Four Little Martyrs, the killing of the four Bakr boys on the beach at Gaza. As has happened so many times before, the message was about one subject, but it led me to recognize more evidence that Hamas murdered the boys in order to blame it on Israel.

One lesson I learned is to not tune out reports hostile to Israel. I think “Lorraine” wanted me to see that. The ABC News piece revealed ironclad evidence that this episode was a Hamas deception operation.

First, two videos must be reposted for reference purposes. We begin with the infamous TF1 News report.

Next, the Zain for Media Production video.

We begin with the Hamas commander in the purple shirt, the man who supervised every phase of Operation Four Little Martyrs.


The IDF was given intelligence that on July 16, 2014, at around 4:00 p.m. local time, one or more terrorists would be in the steel container that was part of the Hamas Naval Police post. As far as I can tell, the IDF first hit the post on July 10, 2014, at 2:00 a.m. Hamas then created the fiction that the steel container was a “fisherman’s shack,” and that children played in it.

A shack made of steel, cordoned off with barbed wire, and equipped with metal hoops to support tarpaulins used to hide activity from aerial surveillance.


At around 4:oo p.m. on July 16, 2014, the IDF observed one or more adult males going into the container. The body of Ismail or Mohamed (depending on the source) Bakr was already inside the container. I know this because his wounds didn’t bleed. He had been killed on July 15, 2014, sometime in the afternoon.

The IDF fired a missile at around 4:10 p.m. It had to be small, because the IDF targets individuals with very small munitions. It’s likely that Hamas had placed a command-detonated explosive inside the container, which an observer set off the moment the missile hit.

At 1:26 in this video, it sounds like two explosions.

Also, there are two media eyewitness reports of an explosion behind the four males who ran to the al-Diera Hotel (See timeline.) Hamas wanted to give the appearance that the IDF “chased” the boys with shellfire. The IDF would not have missed, so I think Hamas detonated three explosives on July 16, 2014.

When the first ambulance arrived near the breakwater, the Hamas commander in the purple shirt indicated where it should park. Note that it nosed in.



The paramedics got out.


They ran to the breakwater.


A white truck accompanied them all the way over to the police post. I believe this vehicle took away the body of the adult used as a sacrificial lamb.

The Hamas commander followed.


At the post, the paramedics recovered the body of Ismail-Mohamed Bakr.


Why is a Palestinian journalist in Kevlar helmet and flak vest (green arrow) helping load the victim?

Because he isn’t a journalist. He’s a Hamas terrorist. First he grabs the stretcher, showing the paramedics exactly where he wants them to go.


The paramedics use a longer route down to the beach, allowing for more photos.


The Hamas terrorist (green arrow) watches closely, joined by another familiar terrorist, the demon in the tan shirt (red arrow).



The demon arranges the dead Bakr boy on the stretcher, while his co-demon keeps an eye on the paramedics.


Some choice photos are taken.


The Hamas terrorist masquerading as a journalist walks with the paramedics all the way back to the ambulance.


You can easily recognize the paramedic with the shaven head.



While the paramedics were on the beach, Hamas turned around the ambulance. Ismail-Mohamed Bakr is taken away, and the beach is cleared of western journalists.

A second ambulance arrives, but it parks in the wrong place, in front of the Beach Hotel and Orient House. Hamas operatives and the commander in the purple shirt order it down the street.


The green arrow is the ambulance, the red cross is the Beach Hotel and Orient House, and the light-blue cross is the al-Andalus Wedding Hall and restaurant. Here comes the Hamas commander.


The ambulance backs all the way down the street and waits for the three other bodies to be produced.


When the boys are brought out, the ambulance (red arrow) will drive forward to the purple X. Note the dumpster on the beach (green arrow). The three boys were found around it, but as you can see, there are no bodies in the sand yet. About four Palestinian “journalists” stand near the dumpster, waiting. Note that all the western reporters have cleared out.

At about 5:00 p.m. the bodies of the three other Bakr boys are brought out of the tents and placed in the sand.




The green line shows the route Alex Marquardt of ABC News took. He would’ve run right past the boy in the red shirt.

Now the ambulance moves forward and parks here.


A rescuer picks up the body of the boy in the green shirt. Both ABC News and al-Jazeera published images of the first child being carried past the yellow-and-blue tent.


At the time there were no bodies in the sand.

While the rescuer carries the boy in the green shirt toward the ambulance, others pick up a wounded Wahabbist Salafist, identifiable by his rolled trouser legs.


This is the guy who set off the third explosion, the one that mutilated the corpses of the three boys. Somehow he injured himself in the process. He looks afraid because he knows he’s not long for this world.

The first rescuer walks up the sandy incline toward the ambulance.

Palestinian man carries the body of a boy, whom medics said was killed by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, on a beach in Gaza City

In the background the Hamas terrorist disguised as a journalist races toward the people carrying the wounded, doomed Salafist.

A “journalist” joins the man carrying the boy in the green shirt.


They hand him off to the demon in the tan shirt, as filmed by MSNBC.



The boy is put in the ambulance, and the demon and the Hamas commander get in to keep the paramedics in line.



The Salafist bomber is taken by a Hamas muscle-man.


Say goodnight, Salafist. His face tells us he knows where he’s headed. Looks like they removed his mouth on the way to the ambulance. Just to make sure he wouldn’t spill the beans.

The Hamas commander and the demon in the tan shirt get out so that the mouthless Salafist can be placed in his hearse next to the boy whose fate he’ll soon share.



A third ambulance pulls up across the street; one of the paramedics films the Salafist being placed in beside the dead boy in the green shirt.


You can see the demon in the tan shirt standing guard.

The paramedics from the third ambulance are directed down to the beach, Hamas operatives filming them and almost taking them by the hand.


On the beach a paramedic films a horrendously gruesome video of the final two victims (be warned). Hamas terrorists—led by the operative disguised as a journalist—take over the removal of the bodies.


The fake journalist is marked with a green arrow. Note the terrorist in the green T-shirt (red arrow). Earlier he directed the paramedics who’d parked in front of the Beach Hotel and Orient House.


Most gratifyingly, another virulently anti-Israel “news” outlet gives us unimpeachable evidence that this was a Hamas deception operation.

The gang’s all here!


From the left are the fake journalist who took control of the Bakr boys’ corpses, the fake rescuer who carried the boy in the green shirt, and black-shirted Hamas operatives seen previously—smirking and acting far too casually.



The stretcher bearers race past the Hamas commander in the purple shirt.


Shouting “Allahu akbar!” the terrorist masquerading as a journalist tries to convince himself that his actions are justified.


They wouldn’t have to do this if it weren’t for the damn Jews!

They run up the incline between the al-Andalus Wedding House and Restaurant on the left and the Beach Hotel and Orient House on the right.


The green arrow marks the fake journalist; the man in front is the smirky Hamas operative who motioned “Keep moving!” to the paramedics who stopped in front of the Beach Hotel.

As the murdered boys are loaded into the ambulance, the man in the green t-shirt and the fake journalist stay close.


Then the demon in the tan shirt makes his final appearance.


We end with the commander in the purple shirt heading off for dinner.


* * *

“Lorraine”—the helper who alerted me to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation report that in turn allowed me to see the hijacking of the Bakr boys’ corpses—also sent me a clip that shows a furious Palestinian watching some of this. The individual looks directly at the camera, rolls their eyes, and turns away with an expression of total disgust.

We agreed to not publicize this footage. It would endanger the person.

To that Palestinian I say look to Israel. The Israelis will help you end this nightmare. You can trust them. They’re good people.

Click here for a timeline of the operation. Remember that this is a work in progress, so details change as more information comes in.

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