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No copyright on Pallywood and Gaza beach posts

No copyright on Pallywood and Gaza beach posts

All of the posts I’ve written on Pallywood and the Hamas Gaza beach operation may be used freely by anybody. They can be reposted, edited, changed, and translated without asking permission. Credit is not necessary. Rewrite them and post them under your own name.

This includes professional journalists. I’m not interested in fame or recognition. Take whatever you want, write your piece, get a Pulitzer, go on TV, and make a name for yourself. God bless you. I’m serious. THERE IS NO COPYRIGHT ON THE PALLYWOOD AND GAZA BEACH POSTS. I hereby relinquish all rights to the Pallywood and Gaza beach posts.

This is because the information is too important to keep to myself, and also by disseminating the posts as widely as possible, you protect me.

You MAY NOT edit the posts to change the conclusions. What I mean is, you can’t put words in my mouth. Though I relinquish the copyright to these posts, I’ll sue you for defamation if you use my name to try and debunk my own theories. I relinquish the copyright to ONLY THE PALLYWOOD AND GAZA BEACH POSTS. I retain the copyright to everything else I write, as well as my name.

Therefore you MAY edit the posts to change the language, the order of paragraphs, etc. The information is not mine.

You MAY ALSO use the posts to debunk my conclusions. However, you MAY NOT write that I have changed my mind. If you use the information here to debunk my conclusions, that’s fine, as long as you don’t claim that I agree with you.

I stand by my conclusion: Hamas murdered Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, Zakariya Bakr, and Ismail Bakr on July 15, 2014, and then used their corpses on July 16, 2014, in an elaborate deception operation.

This was confirmed by the Wall Street Journal, whose reporter saw the bodies of the two Hamas terrorists that the IDF targeted with a missile.


Operation Four Little Martyrs—as I call it—was commanded by this man.


This terrorist was second in command. He masqueraded as a TV journalist.


The star of the operation was eleven-year-old Motasem-Muntaser Bakr, a terrorist operative.

His arm was deliberately broken before the operation, and then he and his three cousins ran to the al-Deira Hotel to serve as the faces of those who are “victimized by Israeli brutality.”


Careful study of the photos, video, and stories shows that none of it adds up. It took me months to unravel it, but I had—and continue to have—a lot of help from anonymous sources. That’s one reason why I won’t give interviews on Pallywood or the Hamas beach operation. Though I don’t know who’s sending me information, I won’t endanger them.

Also, there’s no fame to be had from this. The press is hostile because I’ve exposed their complicity, and the whole thing is so ugly and inhuman that talking about it for personal gain is something I can’t do. I just wanted to be a novelist.

These are the most important posts I’ve written.

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The archives for the Hamas beach operation are here.

The archives for Pallywood in general are here.

Those of you who want to stop the lies told about Israelis and Jews have the responsibility to spread the truth. Someone told me that since he isn’t an expert on munitions, he can’t share my posts. By that logic, most of us can’t share any posts on ebola, the Islamic State, quantum physics, computer graphics, Paula Deen’s diabetes—the list is endless.

Believe me, being an expert makes no difference. People who hate Israel tell me I’m wrong, period. That’s the extent of their argument.

So stop being afraid. With courage and determination, you can achieve the seemingly impossible.

Click here for a timeline of Operation Four Little Martyrs. Remember that this is a work in progress, so details change as more information comes in.

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