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Debunking the lies of Human Rights Watch

Debunking the lies of Human Rights Watch

I’ve never had any respect for Human Rights Watch. One of its senior military advisers—Marc Garlasco—was especially critical of Israeli military operations. Turns out he’s also an avid collector of Nazi memorabilia. That didn’t surprise me. It’s one thing to collect memorabilia; it’s another to wear sweatshirts emblazoned with the symbols of German militarism.


Though I collect photos of World War One flamethrowers and assault troops, I belong to no organizations, and I rarely comment on discussion forums. Too many people in the militaria world are deeply disturbed fabulists who playact at being soldiers. This type of collector tends to be unsocialized and psychotically belligerent.

German flamethrower pioneers of World War One were identified by a gray skull-and-crossbones badge on their left sleeves.


There are so many reasons why I would never wear a sweatshirt with a flamethrower death’s head (Totenkopf) on it. For one thing, actual men were awarded that symbol. If I wore it, that would make me a simpering fanboy, a wannabe. It would trivialize a world war in which millions died. Also, even though I study munitions, I hate war. People ask me, “Why do you study war if you hate it?”

Why do oncologists study cancer?

I don’t like military reenacting, I don’t like dagger collecting, and I don’t like pictures of corpses. I’ve turned down offers of rare photos that show dead flamethrower operators, because that was some mother’s son. His death represents pain and fear. I can’t turn what he experienced into a hobby.

So Human Rights Watch had as one of its military advisers a guy who got drunk while wearing German military symbolism. Human Rights Watch also perpetuated the lie that Israel committed a war crime by using the M825A1 smoke shell.

Watch for yourself. The felt wedges of the M825A1 shell go out in midair or the second they hit the ground.

Human Rights Watch deliberately conflated smoke shells and weaponized white phosphorus to create a “war crime” out of thin air. An IDF officer who acted as liaison with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) told me that the people publicly making this war-crime accusation privately acknowledged that it was a lie.

They do this to appease their donors. I have no doubt. Research the Durban Strategy, the blueprint for the global conspiracy to isolate and delegitimize Israel, and then forever after IGNORE EVERYTHING SAID BY “HUMAN RIGHTS” ORGANIZATIONS.

Human Rights Watch in particular is the most pernicious and dishonest.

The founder of Human Rights Watch, Robert Bernstein, wrote this in 2009.

“When I stepped aside in 1998, Human Rights Watch was active in 70 countries, most of them closed societies. Now the organization, with increasing frequency, casts aside its important distinction between open and closed societies.”

Nowhere is this more evident than in its work in the Middle East. The region is populated by authoritarian regimes with appalling human rights records. Yet in recent years Human Rights Watch has written far more condemnations of Israel for violations of international law than of any other country in the region.

This is the sheepish, prissy, cringing, guilty, arrogant, haunted, reluctant, defiant face of Human Rights Watch—Executive Director Kenneth Roth.

Ken Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch

His mouth tells the whole story.

Ken Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch

Hold a mirror in your hand and try to make your mouth look like that. You can’t. That particular set of the lips is achievable only when you know you’re committing great sins. It’s a mesmerizing photo. Watch how the self-disgust emerges and recedes, emerges and recedes.

Kenneth Roth has earned the sickness he feels at his own actions. Human Rights Watch’s latest accusations against Israel are flat-out lies. They cover three events at three schools.

1. July 24, 2014, at Beit Hanoun.

Here’s what Human Rights Watch says.

Two of the three attacks Human Rights Watch investigated – in Beit Hanoun and Jabalya – did not appear to target a military objective or were otherwise unlawfully indiscriminate.

That’s a complete untruth designed to inflame public opinion against Israel.

The IDF acknowledged that ONE mortar shell accidentally landed in the school courtyard, but UAV footage shows that nobody was outside at the time. Israeli forces were returning fire. OF COURSE the school wasn’t a military objective; the IDF never claimed it was. Accidents happen and soldiers are killed EVEN IN TRAINING. When your enemy fires at you from schools, hospitals, and houses, civilians die. It isn’t intentional on the part of the IDF, so it isn’t a war crime.

2. July 30, 2014, the UNRWA School at Jabalia.

Here’s Human Rights Watch.

On July 30, at least 10 Israeli munitions hit in and around the UN-run girls’ elementary school in Jabalya, then sheltering more than 3,200 people. The shelling killed 20 people, including three children. An inspection of the damage and photographs of munition remnants found at the site suggest that Israel fired 155mm artillery rounds, including smoke, illumination, and standard high explosive shells, the last of which produces extensive blast and fragmentation damage.

Unbelievable. Why would the IDF fire smoke shells at a school? To conceal the movements of the terrorists? This claim by itself negates the entire report by proving that morons wrote it.

The IDF acknowledged firing an unspecified number of TANK SHELLS. The initial reports said ONE.


None of the damage is consistent with high-explosive 155mm artillery shells. Each M107 155mm shell produces 2000 fragments. Do you see any fragmentation damage in that photo above? Here’s what it’s like to be on the receiving end of 155mm high-explosive shells.

Listen to the pieces of metal whizzing past.

These are the fragments from a high-explosive artillery shell half the size of the ones that Human Rights Watch says Israel fired at the school.


Where’s the evidence of at least 2000 steel fragments, some of them the size of rice grains?

It’s absolutely clear that the school was hit with heavy machine guns, high-explosive mortar shells, rocket-propelled grenades, probably recoilless rifles, and possibly antitank guided missiles. Hamas fired near the school, and when the IDF responded with likely one tank round, Hamas unloaded everything it had on the school.

The only fragmentation damage we see at the school in Jabalia is in the roofs and ceilings.


That means the IDF would have used a proximity fuse, set to make the shell explode in the air, over a civilian area. The IDF doesn’t do that, BECAUSE IT’S ILLEGAL, AND IT DOESN’T NEED TO. With the Digital Army Program (DAP), the IDF merges UAV video, GPS coordinates, and “other” video streams. It would almost certainly include footage from helmetcams, armored vehicles, and monitoring devices planted by Israeli troops, intelligence officers, and Palestinian double agents.

Despite what you hear, the IDF doesn’t fire blindly. Human Rights Watch knows this, but the organization lies to you because it’s aware that this is esoteric information. Human Rights Watch “special adviser” Fred Abrahams said this.

The Israeli military carried out attacks on or near three well-marked schools where it knew hundreds of people were taking shelter, killing and wounding scores of civilians. Israel has offered no convincing explanation for these attacks on schools where people had gone for protection and the resulting carnage.

They must mean “special” in the sense of “special education.” For one thing, Fred can’t write. He just said that people were taking shelter and killing and wounding civilians, and they went to the schools for protection and carnage.

Also, he has a bachelor’s degree[sic] in German and International Studies and a master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University. Do you think he’s even heard of the Digital Army Program? What does he know about munitions and tactics? He studied liberal arts.

And just so you know that I’m not like Fred, I’ve published books on munitions and tactics. Experts praise them.

In short, this book is probably the best study that any reader could find on German stormtroops of the First World War in this format. Highly recommended.

—Colonel Mesut Uyar (ret), Ph.D., P.D., Turkish Army
Associate Professor of Ottoman Military History
Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
The University of New South Wales, Canberra

German Assault Troops of World War I: Organization, Tactics, Weapons, Equipment, Orders of Battle, Uniforms is the most important book on the development of German assault tactics, units and culture yet authored.

—Simon M. Justice
Haig Scholar 2010
Douglas Haig Fellowship

3. August 3, 2014, at the Rafah Preparatory “A” Boys School.

This is the Human Rights Watch fantasy.

At about 10:45 a.m. on August 3, an apparent Israeli Spike guided missile hit directly outside a UN-run boys’ school in Rafah, killing 12 people, including 8 children, and wounding at least 25. About 3,000 people were taking shelter in the school at the time.

This was a Pallywood extravaganza. First of all, the strike was not “directly outside the school.”


The green arrow marks the school gates. Two terrorists on a motorcycle were targeted with a missile that left a crater about eight inches (20 cm) in diameter.


Human Rights Watch says it was a Spike missile. The only Spikes capable of being fired from an airborne platform are the Spike-ER and the Spike NLOS (non-line of sight). The Spike-ER is about seven inches (17 cm) in diameter. Note that the actual hole in the crater above is only about three inches (8 cm) wide, so that rules out the Spike-ER.

The specifications of the Spike NLOS are classified, except for the weight: 154 pounds (70 kg). Here’s a video of a Spike NLOS killing a terrorist rocket squad.

Note the size of the explosion. It’s as big as a house.


Either Human Rights Watch is lying and knows that the IDF didn’t use a Spike, or else the group is unaware that the Israelis target terrorists on motorcycles with a miniature missile called the Mikholit. Do you see any real damage on this motorcycle?


One terrorist died, and another was wounded.

A Mikholit was used outside the Rafah Preparatory “A” Boys School. The terrorists themselves have only minimal injuries.

Rafah_changed places

In the photo above, the wounded have been dragged onto school property. The two men with their bellies bared are faking, and if anyone other than the two terrorists died, the Palestinians killed them. No question.

Human Rights Watch is a destructive organization that’s now committing active evil. It wants the IDF to answer its trumped-up charges so that Israeli weaponry and tactics will be exposed.

Don’t let them get away with it. I’ve given you all you need to debunk these three lies. Protect your armed forces from the lying, corrupt Human Rights Watch and its self-righteous, self-loathing members.


I just figured out what made the fragmentation holes in the roofs and ceiling of the UNWRA school at Jabalia.


The holes are too big to have come from artillery shells, so I thought they might be the result of high-explosive mortar rounds. But then the light bulb went on over my head.

Hamas used GP-34 grenade launchers in the attack.

This grenade launcher fires two types of airburst grenades. One is the VOG-25P.


The other is the VOG-25PM.


They work the same way: You shoot the grenade in a curving arc, and it hits nose first. A small explosive charge flings it 20 inches to five feet (.5 to 1.5 m) into the air, and then a delay fuse explodes it. The fragments have a lethal radius of 20 feet (6 meters).

Hamas simulated Israeli artillery by firing grenade launchers. The people in the school wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.

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