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How do you know I’m lying about Israel?

How do you know I’m lying about Israel?

Not a day goes by without someone accusing me of lying about Israel.

That’s from Phil. He’s Irish.

Phil has a British clone named Bill.

Hi, Bill!

They both call me a liar, but they both refuse to read my posts. So how do they know I’m lying? Besides, I discuss munitions, the damage they cause, weapons, and military tactics. Do you think Phil and Bill have even the slightest awareness of those?

Of course not.

They call me a liar because they hate Jews, and they assume that anyone who defends Israel must either be Jewish or an employee of the Jewish state. But they have no evidence that I’m lying, since by their own admission they’ve never read anything I’ve written. They’re graduates of the Lawrence O’Donnell Debate and Charm School.

It’s lowest-common-denominator stuff. Red meat for morons. Look at Phil’s photo of an IDF soldier “threatening” a Palestinian toddler.

The soldier has his finger as far away from the trigger as he can, and his M16A2 is not aimed at the child. Note that the soldier and the child are making eye contact. Draw a line between their eyes, and you can see that the soldier has swung the rifle barrel to the right by at least a foot (30 cm). He’s carefully making sure that the child isn’t in the line of fire.

So where are the toddler’s parents? Would you let your little boy go anywhere near an armed soldier?

And look at the other kid! Sauntering up with his hands in his pockets. Terrified to death, obviously.

Someone wasn’t pleased with the original photo, so they doctored it, making the toddler’s mouth turn down at the corner.

That way he looks afraid. You can see the difference in this side-by-side comparison.

In real life, Palestinians aren’t afraid of Israeli soldiers.


Palestinians aren’t idiots. They know that Israeli soldiers won’t hurt them if they don’t engage in violence.

Phil and Bill belong to the Church of Jew-Hate. They’re reciting the tenets of their religion. It’s an article of faith for them that I’m lying, that Israelis are butcher-monsters, and that the IDF goes out of its way to kill children.

Bill loves to ask me to justify “500+ dead children.” How can I justify something that isn’t true? We know that the Palestinian Ministry of Death Health lies about the casualty figures, so there’s absolutely no way in the world that five hundred Palestinian children have been killed. Here’s the proof.

The pro-Hamas side—the Phil and Bill crowd—is using photos of dead Syrian children. If there were over five hundred Palestinian children killed, you can bet that Hamas would have pictures of their corpses plastered everywhere.

Here’s more evidence that there aren’t enough dead children to satisfy Hamas, Phil, and Bill.

A child begs his mother to not die. She was fatally wounded in an Israeli air strike.

Some say it happened in Lebanon in 2006.

Others say it happened in “Palestine.”

Those of us who take nothing for granted know that it never happened at all.

The mother and son are fine. Except for the fact that they live in a society controlled by a terrorist organization—Hezbollah, Hamas, or Fatah. But if they’re happy, why should I care?

All I write about is things that can be proven. Another skeptical Israeli told me that I’m wrong and that this photo is the result of an IDF M825A1 smoke shell.


He’s an IDF veteran. That doesn’t matter: He’s absolutely incorrect. It’s a Hamas mortar round, not an Israeli M825A1.

This is the explosion of another shell over the school.


Smoke shells create a characteristic cloud called the “Medusa.” The Medusa over the school is maybe five feet (1.5 meters) in diameter.

This is the Medusa from an Israeli M825A1 artillery shell.


It’s the size of an apartment building. Also, notice that in the two photos of the school, burning chunks are bouncing high into the air, ricocheting off every hard surface. The Israeli M825A1 smoke shell is filled with felt wedges. Felt doesn’t bounce.

Here are American soldiers firing smoke shells with an 81mm mortar. At 0:55 you’ll see explosions in the background that show how white phosphorus from mortar smoke shells burns much longer than the felt wedges in the M825A1 artillery shell.

For some reason nobody films mortar smoke rounds exploding in the air. This video is the closest I could find.

Note the large chunks of white phosphorus raining down. Unlike the felt wedges in the M825A1 artillery shell, they continue burning on the ground. Almost everyone in the world lied to you about white phosphorus. I didn’t.

The Phils and Bills of the world can’t be reached. When someone says he won’t read your work but also calls you a liar, he’s insane. Bill also likes to pretend that he’s getting the better of me in his endless repetition of Hamas propaganda.

“Your back foot must be getting sore,” he says.

I don’t know what that means, since I don’t speak Middle English.

Bill sent me a link to this video, which is making the rounds for a second time.

“Justify this!” he demanded.

People keep asking me questions about it. Here’s the post I wrote a while back. It has all the answers you need. The fact that the video is being recirculated means the Palestinians have run out of fake atrocities to complain about.

Someone—I won’t say who—sent me a photo of the location where the shooting took place.

The green “X” marks where the Israeli soldiers were, and the green arrow is where the Molotov-cocktail thrower was. It took me about an hour, but I worked out that it’s about 230 feet (70 meters) between the two points. An Israeli sniper could make that shot while being tickled and doused with buckets of ice water.

Remember, this is what a live .300 magnum round does to flesh.


People who tell you that the IDF shot the Molotov-cocktail thrower with live ammunition don’t know what they’re talking about. The Palestinian man simply sat down, and then he scuttled away, holding out his left leg. If he’d been shot with a live .300 magnum bullet, he would’ve been knocked flat, and he would’ve lost his leg. We also would’ve seen a puff of pink mist when the round hit him.

But here’s the most important thing about the video: Israelis don’t shoot rioters with heavy-caliber sniper rifles. The Church of Jew-Hate thinks they do, but members of that congregation have been swept out to sea, never to return. Forget about them.

Finally, I’ve been asked dozens of times if I’m Jewish.

No. I was raised a Catholic, and now I belong to no religion. Though I’m a theist—meaning I believe in God—I don’t partake in organized religion.


These are three of my ancestors in Kansas, a hundred years ago.


Brothers Eli, Levi, and Abram Lower. All were bankers. In censuses their religion was recorded as Catholic. No record of their ancestors’ religion exists. Prior to Eli, Levi, and Abram telling census takers that they were Catholic, none of the Lowers mentioned their religion.

Here I am in 1988.


Quite a nose I’ve got on me, huh?


The hate that can’t stop digging.

In the midst of an alcoholic blackout, Phil contributed his signature disjointed raving.

Bill took issue with my post. He doesn’t hate Jews, and he said Phil is a deeply humane man. Bill and I then had this exchange.


So the gentle, caring Facebook Poet believes that it’s perfectly legitimate to use a faked poster comparing Israelis to Nazis, because it makes a larger point.

Is there a qualitative difference between the mindsets of Bill Homewood, Philip D. Clarke, and Caliph Ibrahim—leader of the Islamic State?

Update Two

An actual poem sent to me by Bill Homewood, the self-proclaimed Facebook Poet. This is not a parody.

It was July when Israel to her shame
Went killing tiny kids in God’s own name.

Update Three

A poetic response from EriStocrat, an Israeli who is not a self-proclaimed poet.

How to fill the void
When one’s unemployed
Jews have you annoyed
Why aren’t they destroyed?
It’s all daddy issues
Would say Sigmund Freud

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