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Proud to make your shit list, Warrior Princess

Proud to make your shit list, Warrior Princess

My posts “A fake atrocity video from Gaza” and “More Palestinian fakery” have drawn the attention of the virulently mentally ill. One goes by the Twitter handle of “Warrior Princess.” I knew I’d heard the name before, but I couldn’t remember where. Then it came to me.

Xena: Warrior Princess, a fantasy TV Series from the nineties, starring Lucy Lawless.


So who names herself after a campy TV series from decades ago? Well, this fine young thang.


God almighty. What brand of clichéd lunacy isn’t in there? What gets me is the sheer unoriginality. She’s exactly like two billion other worker bees. The reason I found out I’m on Warrior Princess’s shit list was because I got this notification on my Twitter feed.


Warrior Princess is trying to intimidate me into silence. She doesn’t know me very well. Periodically people send me death threats because I express my support for Israel. I saved these messages.

Re: jew pig —————where do you live in socal you dirty kike……i actually am living out in compton right now with my cousins and we got lots of toys for your jew ass…….ak/47s, mac 10s and 11s,and a street sweeper…….give me your address and I’ll come thru you little jew bitch……actually you’re probably too scared to let me know where you live…so how bout this..i’ll tell you EXACTLY where i stay……you can find me on comptons eastside…right across from XXXXXX off XXXXXX and XXXXXX……i’m on the XXXXXX block housing projects and my unit is 49…..we be out front all day and night so if you got the balls 2 roll thru….come see me jew…put your money where your mouth is and i guarentee i’ll put you in an oven…ha hahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: gas showered and oven baked - whats it gonna be jew….i’ll come see you right now….bitch made kike motherfucker….you dont even wanna see me…..

Re: PUSSY COWARD - so where you at bitch????? Give me your address and I’ll come thru right now…..naw you too scared for that….lets see how your little piece of shit 40. Carbine holds up to my 7.62, hollow tipped, 100 round clip ak/47…..talkin all that jew shit but cant back it up…..if you got nutz to come where i stay…ask the guys out front for XXXXXX…they’ll come and get me if I aint already there

Re: bitch - you chicken shit jew faggot….i’m getting tired of waiting for your sorry ass over here…..why dont you give me your location and i’ll come see you..put your money where your mouth is

Re: someone will use your kike skin as a lamp shade—- just like i thought…. internet chicken shit bitch made faggot jew……you are all the same…you better watch your ass talking all that shit and then being a bitch and not backing it up cause someone will find out who you are and then you wont be able to take it back

Oddly enough, he told me his real name, so he ended up getting a visit from the FBI. He said he was just kidding and wanted to “teach me a lesson.” I’m not sure what that lesson would be. To not support Israel? How is that a lesson? It assumes that the default position is to be anti-Israel. Well, this is the kind of person that’s anti-Israel.


Ooh, so hot! A graffiti artist with low-rider pants and a bandanna! Never seen that before! There’s a word that she doesn’t know, but I’m sure Twitter does: “actionable.” I’ll be letting Warrior Princess learn what it means in a couple of hours.

Nothing gets past Warrior Princess.


The thing is, someone needs to give the Israeli Defense Forces lessons in human shieldry. If the civilian is at your feet, out of the way, he’s not an effective shield. Here’s how Hamas does it.


See? The kid is held upright against one terrorist’s body, and he’s blocking two more terrorists—one behind and one to the left. He’s also forced to run with them. With just one teenager, Hamas protects three of its mighty, brave, moral fighting men.

I’m no military expert, but I’d say that the photo of the IDF that Warrior Princess posted is actually proof that the Israelis take prisoners. A blindfolded, bound, and squatting human shield isn’t much good.

Warrior Princess is also part of the world of manga, anime, and their real-life counterpart of cosplay. This is a Warrior Princess.


While looking for Warrior Princesses, I found easily the most unfortunate one on the entire Internet.


Who’s bright idea was to shoot her with a fish-eye lens? Her head looks so gigantic that she’s frightening. She looks super deformed, a cousin to the three other dark milieus I mentioned above.

It’s funny that Warrior Princess thinks that by calling me a racist in print (Oops!), I’ll stop supporting Israel. Warrior Princess thinks that deep down, I want her to like me. I want to be in the same mass-produced crowd she’s in.

I get a lot of junk e-mail; this one came recently.


Indeed. There’s great freedom in being on the outside of just about everything. Nobody can threaten me with excommunication because I’m already a pariah.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s only water
In a stranger’s tear
Looks are deceptive
But distinctions are clear
A foreign body
And a foreign mind
Never welcome
In the land of the blind
You may look like we do
Talk like we do
But you know how it is

You’re not one of us
Not one of us
No you’re not one of us
Not one of us
Not one of us
No you’re not one of us

There’s safety in numbers
When you learn to divide
How can we be in
If there is no outside
All shades of opinion
Feed an open mind
But your values are twisted
Let us help you unwind
You may look like we do
Talk like we do
But you know how it is

You’re not one of us
Not one of us
No you’re not one of us
You’re not one of us
Not one of us
No you’re not one of us

No, I’m not one of you malignant twats. I’d rather kill myself than be like you.


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