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A fake atrocity video from Gaza

A fake atrocity video from Gaza

Hooray for Pallywood! If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Pallywood refers to the fraudulent videos that the Palestinians and their supporters put out to try and convince the world that Israel is the new Third Reich. Today the International Solidarity Movement released the most blatantly phony footage I’ve ever seen. A child could deconstruct this fake atrocity video.

First, the Pallywood production. Watch it all the way through. I assure you, NOBODY DIED.

Okay, now let’s expose these creeps for the liars they are. First, the “rescuers” walk past an ambulance. On the Website of the International Solidarity Movement, they say this.

The Israel[sic] military has also shelled Red Crescent ambulances as they attempted to retrieve injured people in the Shajiya neighbourhood, east of Gaza City.

They include photos.


This ambulance has not been shelled by artillery. There’s no glass on the ground because the Palestinians used sledgehammers to smash the windows into the vehicle and indent the windshield. Then they shot the poor Toyota with an AK-47. The damage is absolutely inconsistent with high-explosive artillery shells, which shred everything. This is actual shrapnel damage.


Ironically enough, it was caused by a Hamas rocket fired into a residential area of Haifa, Israel.

The International Solidarity Movement doesn’t know anything about ballistics, as they reveal in their second photo of a destroyed ambulance.


All the ragged edges of the holes are bent outward, meaning the vehicle was exploded from the inside. Either Hamas blew it up themselves, or it was being used to carry munitions and was targeted, creating a secondary explosion.

So both photos are lies. Back to the video.

This is what the International Solidarity Movement says about the young man “killed.”


In the video, however, we first see him at 0:24, transporting an uninjured man on a stretcher to…somewhere. He’s going in the opposite direction as the “rescuers.”


When he realizes he’s being filmed, he turns away from the camera. For some reason he didn’t change his distinctive shirt when he played his next role. Still, he has a beard with no mustache, which means he’s a Hamas operative.

Now to the meat of the video. At :59 there’s a crack. This is a squib, an electrically detonated firecracker. I’ll explain more about that later. They set it off to make you think they’re being shot at. Then at 1:30 the subtitles say, “I don’t know. The tanks are surrounding us.”

Do you hear any tanks? This is what it sounds like inside an Israeli Merkava main battle tank (MBT), insulated by inches of steel, carbon fiber, and ceramic.

An MBT is unbelievably LOUD. The engine, the turret, the treads, the drive sprockets, the wheels, and the suspension make it sound like a house being demolished. The actor pretending to be talking on the phone in the fake atrocity video says they’re surrounded by Israeli tanks. How come we don’t hear them? Why is there nothing but DEAD SILENCE?

At 2:01 in the International Solidarity Movement’s video is another screwup. Green Shirt admits, “There are no injuries here.” That’s because the Israeli Defense Forces warn civilians to leave the area before they attack. Yet the same people also shoot civilians with sniper rifles?

At 2:23 the first “sniper shot” hits Green Shirt. Suddenly he goes from being beside the cameraman to lying in the only cleared-out space in the rubble.

At 2:28 the imbeciles ACTUALLY FILM HIM APPLYING FAKE BLOOD TO HIS LEFT HAND. You can clearly see the plastic squirt-tube here in his right hand.


This is the kind of commercially available product he used.


In response to questions, here’s a larger view of the blood container. It’s not a cell phone because its thick at the top and pinched at the bottom. And look how he’s holding it. Do you curl your ring and pinkie fingers under your cellphone when you’re updating your Facebook page to let everyone know that you’re being shot by a sniper? You can see that he already has “blood” on his left hand before he touches his “wound.” Note the time and check for yourself.


From one angle it looks like a smartphone, but the white nozzle is clearly visible sticking out of the side. Smartphones don’t have big, white nipples on them.


Just for fun, I put “fake blood tube” in Arabic in Google Images.


Lots of wide, smartphone-looking tubes, but none of the thin, round types. Pretty weird, huh?

After Green Shirt squirts blood on his left hand, he then smears it on his butt. The woman says, “In the hand!”; Green Shirt obediently but languidly waves so we can see the gore.

At 2:38 another squib is detonated: crack!

At 2:48 the really horrible actress of the International Solidarity Movement listlessly recites her lines: “Tell them to stop. Tell them to stop.” No urgency whatsoever.

At 2:54 another squib is detonated. You can see the smoke and hear the crack at the same time.


Absolute, 100 percent indisputable evidence that a sniper isn’t firing at him. You don’t hear the firing and the impact of the bullet simultaneously, unless the muzzle of the rifle is pressed to your forehead. Also, Israeli snipers use the Sniper Weapon System (SWS) .338 Lapua Magnum.


Here’s what that it sounds like and the damage it does. Don’t worry: Only cinder blocks were injured, and they’re all bastards anyway. Screw ’em.

Listen to the loud and percussive delayed report of the rifle after the blocks are hit. Does that POAM! even slightly resemble the high-pitched squib-crack on the fake atrocity video?

Now, according to the International Solidarity Movement, the kid was shot three times, including twice as he was lying on the ground. He was shot from the right, from down an alley. This is the trajectory.


You just saw that Lapua blowing the hell out of those cinder blocks. Where are the kid’s wounds? Is the Israeli sniper actually lying beneath him, firing upward?

I could post photos of what people look like after they’ve been hit with high-powered sniper bullets. However, because this worthless propaganda video is so amateurish, it’s not necessary for me to inflict images of mangled corpses on you. Here’s Green Shirt from the other side.


No wounds on his entire body. The “blood” on his wrist has no source. If a .338 round had hit his wrist, he’d have a ragged stump to wave at the camera. And is his female buddy smiling?

After Green Shirt was “dead,” he opened his eyes.


Oopsie! Notice how calm everybody is? It’s because there were no Israelis within miles of where they filmed this clown act. And you know why the International Solidarity Movement never told us the kid’s name? The reason is that the Israelis keep records of every Palestinian who dies in the wars they have with Gaza. If Green Shirt’s name were revealed, the Israelis would’ve informed us that he isn’t dead and that he’s a Hamas operative.

But we already know that, because of the beard, the non-shelled ambulances, the squibs, the terrible acting, the absence of gunshot wounds, and the tube of fake blood.

When you lie it means you know you’re wrong. And for everybody else, don’t believe what you see and hear on the Internet. You may think something must be true, but it can still be fake.


The International Solidarity Movement has provided a name to go with their living corpse. They say it took two days to identify this kid with whom they spent several hours. Since the International Solidarity Movement went to Gaza to “help” the Palestinians, the first thing Green Shirt would’ve done would’ve been to introduce himself. Arab culture requires extreme hospitality to strangers, especially those who say they’re trying to help you. To not introduce himself would’ve been disrespectful. The chances that they didn’t know his name are zero.

It took them two days to come up with a name that isn’t on any Israeli lists of known Hamas operatives.

Here’s their piece, illustrated with a screen grab of the dead guy holding his head up off the uncomfortable rubble.


We’re told that this is Salem Khalil Salem Shammaly, age twenty-three. His sister recognized his unwounded body—with fake blood on his butt—from seeing the video on YouTube. The fiction continues.


Dr. Mohammed Abu Arab has almost no Internet presence. I finally found an article in Danish that references him. He’s a Danish-Palestinian anesthesiologist who went to Gaza during Operation Cast Lead (December 27, 2023 to January 18, 2024). Dr. Arab said of that conflict, “It is a massacre.”

Mohammed Abu Arab does not hesitate to place the responsibility for the dead and wounded Palestinians on Israel. The fact that Hamas also fires rockets at Israeli civilians does not justify in his view so violent a response from Israel.

“It is cruel, absolutely terrible. Ordinary people are being bombed. Women, children, and the elderly. Many of them put in this situation have taken almost eight hours to be brought to the hospital and have lost much blood. Some die on the way. I see it as a war. It is a massacre,” said the anesthetist.

Israel must stop
Mohammed Abu Arab fears that the number of deaths and injuries will increase even more if the war continues. Although there have been new supplies arriving in Gaza recently, the hospital urgently needs a ceasefire.

“We need medication and are still struggling with many power outages. Israel must stop now,” said Mohammed Abu Arab.

Just so you know, after Operation Cast Lead the Israelis released the names of all Palestinians killed. There were 1166 dead, of whom 709 were Hamas terrorists, 162 were men who had not yet been connected to any terror organization, and 295 were civilians.

As Dr. Arab said, it’s a war. When terrorists use human shields, dress in civilian clothes, wear enemy uniforms, emplace their weapons among civilians, and set up ambushes during “humanitarian” ceasefires, the inevitable result is that noncombatants will die.

But the video from the International Solidarity Movement is still entirely bogus. It should have this URL.


Update two

Click here for more definitive proof that Salem Khalil Salem Shammaly was not killed. He was out of the line of fire from the alley, and the section of video that shows him lying on the ground was shot at a different time of day.

Update three

The final world on this completely fake video.

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