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More Palestinian Fakery

More Palestinian Fakery

On July 21, 2014, I wrote a post titled “A fake atrocity video from Gaza.” Several people contacted me, either trying to convince me that I was wrong or that even if this particular video was staged, it represented a greater truth. “Fake but accurate” is the phrase, dating from the 2004 forged Texas Air National Guard memos that painted George W. Bush in an unfavorable light. One woman sent me a photo of a blood-soaked young man. It wasn’t much of an argument against my post, and it turns out that the image is just more Palestinian fakery.

Here’s the photo that I was sent.


According to the caption, the bloody man was injured in an Israeli airstrike in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza strip. I looked around for the photo using Google Images, but this version is the only one available.


Reuters has posted a similar image on their Editor’s Choice blog, which showcases their top photos from the past twenty-four hours.


The same two men, but now the crying man is covered with his father’s blood, spilled during an Israeli artillery strike.

So, we have competing information from the Associated Press and Reuters. In the Reuters photo, the man’s face and hands are totally clean. Notice his hair; it’s dry and fluffy. In the photo that Ms. Farzana Arab sent me, the man’s hair is matted down with blood.


Let’s think about this for a second. If he came in looking like he does on the left, and they washed the blood off his face and hands, would they then blow dry his hair for him? Of course not. Obviously, then, the photo on the left was taken after the photo on the right, which proves that this scene has been faked. He put blood on his face and hands after he came to the hospital. You know how else I can tell this scene is staged?

In the photo on the right, you can see that he wore latex gloves. The blood on his arms stops at his wrists in perfectly straight lines.

And no tears in either image. In the photo on the right, he looks like he’s singing opera, doesn’t he?

Here are Palestinians protesting against Netanyahu.


Now where have I seen that color before?

Don’t get me wrong: There’s heavy fighting going on in Khan Younis. All you have to do is read the Israeli Defense Forces’ daily briefings. On July 23—the day this latest fake scene of tragedy was staged—the Israelis bombed the Khan Younis house of Hamas commander Mohammed Deif. Also in Khan Younis, they targeted Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) commanders.

Acram Salah Mahmmar Sh’ar - A senior PIJ militant. In charge of PIJ’s militant activity in the area of Khan Yunis. Was in charge of executing attacks against IDF forces on the Gaza border and of rockets fired from the area of Khan Yunis at Israeli communities.

Note the past tense. I’m betting Sh’ar sleeps with the fishes.

As for Hamas commander Mohammed Deif, he’s confined to a wheelchair because he lost both arms and legs in an Israeli air strike in 2006. Hamas has a thing for leaders in wheelchairs. Ahmed Yassin co-founded Hamas. He was a quadriplegic.


Despite his appearance, he was a very dangerous man who ordered suicide-bomb attacks on Israel. Therefore on March 22, 2004, the Israelis killed him with a Hellfire missile. I won’t post them, but there are photos of Palestinians rushing to the hospital with a stretcher. On the stretcher is…Yassin’s head. Utterly surreal on every level. At the hospital, did a doctor put a stethoscope on the head and pronounce it an ex-terrorist?

While Palestinians fake their photos of injured civilians, Hamas carries out real attacks. They took over al Wafa Rehabilitation Hospital and used it as a command center and munitions depot. From this position they fired at Israeli soldiers. The IDF called the Palestinians twice and warned them what would happen.

The secondary explosions are proof of the munitions storage.

Meanwhile, the Israelis set up a field hospital for wounded Palestinian civilians. Here’s how Hamas reacted.


They deliberately mortared injured Palestinians civilians. Why? To blame it on Israel.

In this conflict—as in all others—Hamas uses ambulances to transport terrorists and weapons. For some reason the world community doesn’t seem to mind. Hamas knows this and doesn’t try to hide their complete disregard for international law. It’s been caught on film many times.

When the Palestinian Authority is confronted with Hamas supporters throwing rocks, this is what happens.

Where’s the international outcry? The Israelis use rubber bullets, and the world fills its collective diapers in outrage. The Palestinian Authority uses LIVE AMMUNITION on its own people, and the world yawns.

The world is insane. Israel is right to ignore international pressure.

As I was searching for a photo of Hamas co-founder and disembodied head Ahmed Yassin, I found a blog post commemorating his death. It’s decorated with this photo.


I put it in Google Images, and the result made me laugh hysterically. The photo was taken by Canadian photographer Dina GOLDSTEIN! It’s from her Fallen Princesses series, based on Disney characters. That’s Jasmine.


It’s the perfect comment on the childish derangement of Pallywood. A memorial to a virulently anti-Israel, anti-sex, Wahabbist terrorist uses boobalicious artwork by a Jewish woman born in Tel Aviv.

Here’s an excerpt from the ravings of a typical vacuous, TV-addled clown who got into it with me on YouTube.


This is someone who does absolutely no reading whatsoever. I asked this buffoon who he thought armed and trained Hamas, and he said he didn’t know, but it didn’t matter. Well, it actually does matter, because Hamas is armed and trained by Iran’s Quds Force. Hamas is as far from a “ragtag militia” as you can get. The IDF is going from house to house, looking for the tunnel entrances. They’re surviving ambush after ambush after ambush, not because Hamas is a “ragtag militia,” but because the IDF are absolutely spectacular fighters.

The idiot whose prattling I just posted also conveniently overlooks the fact that Hamas starts all of these shindigs. What he’d never admit is that he’s a racist who views Arabs as inferior. To him they’re harmless little rug merchants. The IDF knows better. Anyone with a functioning brain knows better.

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

—William Butler Yeats

I’ll let Dina Goldstein have the last word on Hamas, its sycophants, and the Jew-hating, Israel-hating lunatics who live in a completely fake world that bears no resemblance to my own planet.



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