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Update on phony Gaza sniper video

Update on phony Gaza sniper video

On July 21, 2014, I wrote a post about a blatantly fake video that claimed to show an Israeli sniper shooting to death a Palestinian man named Salem Khalil Salem Shammaly. This made lots of people very angry. Because they hate violence, they’re threatening to kill me. Makes perfect sense. Just now I got an update on the phony Gaza sniper video.

I myself was in a state of rage at the relentless irrationality of my fellow humans when I wrote this post last night, so today—July 27, 2014—I’ve removed the profanity.

This new information on the sniper video came from an angry Irishman who recently made a Flouncing Exit with a Pithy Parting Shot.™

Who talks like that? It’s dialog from some estrogen-soaked romance novel.

And why wouldn’t I sleep well? You cretins are so simpleminded that I’ve completely lost patience with you.

“Who must do the hard things? He who can.”


This war is entirely necessary, so I have no feelings of guilt whatsoever. It’s a tough old world; I know in part because the Irish Republican Army almost murdered my brother and me in Regent’s Park on July 20, 1982. They used a nail bomb that dismembered their victims. Some people are so evil that the only way to stop them is to kill them.

On the other hand, my support for Israel’s actions doesn’t mean I’m handing out candy, dancing, or cheering every time a Palestinian civilian dies. Do you know who hands out candy, dances, and cheers when innocent American civilians die?

The Palestinians.

I don’t stoop to their level. Just because I support this war doesn’t mean I’m jubilant. See, ADULTS understand that sometimes you have a Hobson’s choice: Either let the rockets and missiles fall on your own people, or go in and try to destroy the weapons even though doing so will kill civilians.

Mr. Voodoo Criminology, why aren’t you telling Muslims that they should be ashamed of what they’re doing in this image? For the normal people reading this, DO NOT CLICK UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO SEE A VISION FROM HELL.

There. I finally posted a Muslim beheading photo. Maybe it’s the only way to get through to you sanctimonious, Jew-hating mental patients who live in a fantasy world. The Israelis aren’t committing atrocities. Muslims are. That’s a young Muslim man, holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier AND SMILING. Everyone in the picture is happy. Not one of them is sickened.

The dead man’s head has a wound on his cheek, so they decapitated him sloppily. He died in terror, horror, and agony. Look how proud those anti-humans are. Look how physically repulsive they are. Their lives are in their faces. They revel in gore, sadism, and pain. For this they deserve extermination, not the fluttering eyelashes of groupies like Voodoo Criminology.

You can find THOUSANDS of such photos and videos on the Internet. In the 1970s the publisher of Screw magazine—Al Goldstein—offered a million dollars for a genuine snuff film. He made the offer to prove that snuff films didn’t exist. As the director David Cronenberg points out, they’re now everywhere, and the vast majority of them are made by Muslims.

The Jew-hating, Muslim-atrocity-overlooking Voodoo Criminology sent me another message after he said he was done talking to me.

It’s an NBC News report, claiming they’d found Salem Khalil Salem Shammaly’s body.

Oh no! This means I was wrong, and that I must hang my head in shame.

Here’s an observation: All you mass-produced, generic man-children who tell others they should be ashamed are simultaneously demanding that we stop shaming people. Any alleged male who uses the word “shame” is a hermaphroditic cartoon character. Here’s how I picture you, Voodoo Criminology.


Your inner self is a prissy, miserable, Jew-hating drunk who gets lives vicariously through Muslim men who break all the rules. They sure do, don’t they, Voodoo Criminology? Isn’t it exciting?

The NBC report says that the Israeli Defense Forces deny shooting Salem Khalil Salem Shammaly. Yet these same Jew-liars admit to the much more horrifying killing of four small boys on a Gaza beach. If they’re the sort of Jew-monsters who “indiscriminately slaughter civilians,” as you claimed in one of your lisping messages to me, Voodoo Criminology, why would they fess up? Wouldn’t it be in their best interests to just deny everything, the way Putin does?

By the way, Putin makes you hot too, doesn’t he, Voodoo Criminology?

Of course he does. You don’t have to tell me.

Back to that worthless “proof” you sent me after you’d flounced away.

First they have the obligatory doll-teddy-bear shot, symbolizing all the innocent children the Jew-bombs have killed.

How come they’re never covered in concrete dust? You can see for yourself how much dust is raised when a building collapses.

It’s almost like the dolls or teddy bears are planted or something! How could that be?! These are Palestinians! They never lie!

But now, the proof. Behold the corpse of Salem Khalil Salem Shammaly, identified by his father despite decomposing in the sun for over a week, as the reporter crassly pointed out.

The father recognized the green shirt, the only one ever worn in the entire history of Gaza.

Two questions, Mr. Purse-lipped Jew-hating Voodoo Criminology: Why is he now wearing a polyester button-up shirt, and why is he wearing gray sweatpants? He had on a T-shirt and jeans when he “died.”


Oh, I get it. His last words were, “Sweatpants and a more formal shirt! For I am going to run into the arms of Allah!”

The shirt isn’t even the same shade of green. The colors aren’t even close.

And how convenient that they they planted him immediately. No autopsy to prove that Jew-bullets hit him. And still, NO VISIBLE WOUNDS. All the huffy peevishness being expressed can’t change that fact.

I really despise people like you, Voodoo Criminology. Your obsessive Jew-hate costs lives. The Muslim fanatics believe all the same childish garbage you do, and it makes them start futile wars. At some point the Islamic State will make a move on Israel. The result is a foregone conclusion.

And so imprisoned between water and fire, they had been delivered into the annihilation that was their god.

—Carl Stephensen
“Leiningen versus the Ants”

Get this through your head: YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ISRAEL. She once fought the armed forces of eight nations simultaneously, and she won. In 2006 her troops had slacked off on their training and were totally unprepared for the Second Lebanon War. Yet they adapted, and they inflicted so much damage on Lebanon that Hezbollah hasn’t dared try anything since.

People like you are complicit in the ongoing bloodshed. You ignore REAL atrocities committed by Muslims, and then you hamstring Israel, forcing her to endure what no other nation on the planet would. When Israel finally responds, the enemy has rebuilt his infrastructure to the point that civilians have to die in the process of rooting out the terrorists and destroying their weapons.

You’re a degenerate, Voodoo Criminology. Just like your Islamic State and Hamas lover-boys.


Because you infuriated me with your preachy Jew-hate and your implacable stupidity, Voodoo Criminology, I took another look at the phony sniper video. Thanks to you, I found even more evidence of its fraudulence.

First, a photo of young Salem lying on the ground, pining for the fjords. Note the metal pot marked with a red arrow. This photo was taken with a telephoto lens, so the distances appear compressed. Salem lies far beyond the pot—he lies everywhere he goes, in fact. Look how his feet are touching a piece of rubble in line with a telephone pole.

Here’s the view from the opposite side, seconds after the first shot, which the gang says came from the alley to the right.

The pot is marked with a red arrow. See the wooden telephone pole? Well, guess what, you disgusting Jew-hating pig-lizard? Salem is lying out of the line of fire from the alley.

Go back to the first photo, look at his feet, look at the rubble block at his feet, and look at the telephone pole. Unless the Jew-sniper had Angelina Jolie curve-in-the-air Jew-bullets, our boy Salem could not have been shot from the alley. He was lying somewhere closer to the camera than the blue cross in the lower-left corner of the second photo.

But even that’s not the best. Again, I didn’t notice this at first, but thanks to you, I caught it today. Return to the second photo, above. See the dark, hard-edged shadow of the steel pipe on the toppled concrete pillar? I marked it with a green arrow. Now look at the shadow in the image below, taken only seconds later. See it there next to the green arrow?

Jeepers, it’s all diffuse, as if the photo were taken at, like, a totally different time of day! Wait: Could it have been a cloud? Absolutely. One that materialized overhead instantaneously, hovering there as a heavenly allegory of tragedy, blocking out the life-giving sun until Salem and Allah met with a big, fat, wet kiss.

It was a French kiss, or so I’ve been told.

Update Two

The final word on this completely fake video.

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