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The sick, bigoted cult of Hamas sympathizers

The sick, bigoted cult of Hamas sympathizers

It’s absolutely clear that the press, “human rights” organizations, and the United Nations are Hamas sympathizers. The evidence is overwhelming. Those who support Hamas are actually cultists, and their cultism is based on dual bigotry. One is their Jew-hate, and the other is the insistence on regarding Palestinians as “indigenous people.” Aboriginals, if you will. The war between Hamas and Israel is thus reframed as a contest between Jewish imperialists and heroic native freedom fighters.

Every single deranged, destructive societal trope is shoehorned into this perversion of reality. We’re witnessing a frenzied orgy of suppressed obsessions being given voice. The end result is nearly orgasmic hyperbole and uninhibited spewage, as the cultists are allowed to rant without restraint about Jews and cute little “indigenous people,” two of their all-consuming passions.

The corruption of human rights organizations and the UN

I wrote earlier about the lie of white phosphorus. Israel committed no war crimes, because smoke shells are not weaponized WP, called “Willie Pete” in the US military. The M825A1 smoke shell can’t burn people or dwellings, which is why Israel used it. The entire planet conspired to accuse Israel of something she didn’t do, and in the process, they pointed to photos of Hamas actually doing the thing that the IDF did not.


This is a perfect illustration of how sick Hamas cultists are. The image shows a Hamas smoke mortar shell being deliberately fired at Palestinian civilians in order to blame Israel. The IDF doesn’t do this, but Hamas does. And yet the world uses the genuine Hamas war crime to manufacture a fake war-crime charge against Israel, absolving the guilty and framing the innocent.

“Human rights” organizations and the UN willingly spread terrorist propaganda.

The terrorist Ibrahim Jamal Kamal Naser of the Abu al-Rish Brigades was killed by an Israeli air strike on July 19, 2014. He was memorialized in a poster.


In order to determine the death toll in Gaza, the United Nations relies solely on Palestinian sources. Here’s how the The Palestinian Center for Human Rights reported Naser’s death.

At approximately 01:55, Israeli drones fired 2 missiles at a number of Palestinian civilians who were sitting near their houses in Khan Yunis refugee camp. As a result, 9 civilians, including 3 children, were killed: Yahia and Mohammed Bassam al-Sir, 20 and 17 respectively; Mohammed Mustafa Darwish Slahiya, 32; Mohammed, Mustafa and Wassim Rida Mustafa Salhiya, 22, 21 and 15 respectively; Ibrahim Jamal Kamal Nasser, 13; Mohammed ‘Awadh Fares Nasser, 25; and Rushdi Khaled Fares Nasser, 25.

In death twenty-six-year-old Ibrahim Naser was transformed from a terrorist into a thirteen-year-old civilian. His name was reported as such to the Interior Ministry of the Palestinian Authority—which is run by Hamas—and from there Naser appeared on the list given to the United Nations.


All nine of these dead terrorists from the Abu al-Rish Brigades were listed as civilians.


When even “human rights” organizations are terminally impaired by their Jew-hate and misplaced support of fake “aboriginals,” it’s time to ignore everything they say.

The corruption of the press

A BBC producer posted this.


Many “civilian families”? As opposed to what? Terrorist families? Military families?

Shijaiyah was the center of gravity of Hamas’s military capabilities. The BBC is reluctant to tell you that. Note the minaret in Careem’s photo.


It’s the same one near where Salem Shamaly was “shot.”


A damaged area of a few blocks shows up again and again in photos of Shijaiyah.

A medic helps a Palestinian in the Shejaia neighbourhood, which was heavily shelled by Israel during fighting, in Gaza City

This is because the destruction is localized.


The green squares on the left are Hamas bunkers; the red squares on the right show heavy damage. They match up. Despite laying waste to Hamas’s center of gravity, the IDF didn’t even touch the buildings next to it, as the photo below reveals.


You can see that the windows in the apartments still have glass in them. And the “incomprehensible levels of destruction” that Nicola Careem to tweeted about in outrage? No visible fragmentation damage. The explosions created enormous pressure waves but didn’t send out fragments of metal.

Therefore they could NOT have been caused by Israeli aerial munitions, Israeli tank shells, or Israeli artillery. They were Hamas explosives. Either Hamas set them off deliberately, or they were secondary explosions.

Even high-definition photos show the lack of fragmentation damage in Shijaiyah.


To the right is a concrete building that collapsed. To the left are homes that have very little damage. Rina Andolini and Mohammed Abedullah crouch beside a cinder-block structure that was hit by a pressure wave. Study this photo at your leisure.

No fragmentation damage. Therefore the destruction was not caused by IDF weapons. This is a photo of Hamas IEDs detonating in Gaza.


I can even tell you the explosive used: ammonium nitrate/fuel oil (ANFO). How do I know that? Because of the smoke.

14. Underfueling leads to greater sensitivity, drastic loss of energy, orange smoke, inefficient reaction during detonation.

If you mix the ammonium nitrate and fuel oil in the wrong proportions, the bomb will go off much more easily—say, if the IDF drops an inert bomb on it. The saving grace is that the explosion could’ve been worse, if the Hamas idiots had made a better weapon.

After the ground invasion was over, the press couldn’t wait to tell us that those plucky aboriginal fighters of Hamas were unscathed.


But wait! What about this, from the same article?


Prima facie evidence that the cult of the Hamas sympathizer exists and that the press are members in high standing. The Reuters team couldn’t tell if they were under Israel or not, but they reported exactly what Hamas told them to report.

Because they’re in love.

It doesn’t matter that this love leads to only one thing.


The sick, bigoted cult of Hamas sympathizers thinks that the aboriginals should be allowed to behead a few of us rich, Christian, white folks. And Jews, of course. James Foley atoned for our sins by having his head cut off. “The Islamic State mist have a damn good reason to do something so drastic,” says the therapeutic view of geopolitics.

I’m not a bigot or a racist, so I don’t excuse the behavior of Hamas and the Islamic State. They’re human beings exactly like me. Therefore I expect them to act like human beings. If they don’t, there should be consequences.

Watch as the Kurdish YPG—derided by idiots—drives off one Islamic State tank and massacres the buffons running alongside a second one.

Although armed with main battle tanks, the Islamic State retreated.

This proves what I’ve said all along: The Islamic State can’t fight. Lightly armed men and women who can fight are putting these psychopathic murderers in the ground where they belong. The Kurds are not crippled by a twisted love of terrorists.

My aim, then, was to whip the rebels, to humble their pride, to follow them to their innermost recesses, and make them fear and dread us. Fear is the beginning of wisdom.

—William Tecumseh Sherman

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