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No, it’s not speculation

No, it’s not speculation

Today an Israeli guy on Twitter said he doesn’t read my Pallywood posts because they’re just speculation presented as fact checking. Both points are incorrect.

First of all, I’m not a fact checker. I’m a blogger and failed author. The notion of presenting myself as a fact checker cracks me up. Coverage of Israel is a total disgrace. It’s not that the reports need to be fact checked; they need to be junked. Almost every single news agency should fire all its “journalists.”

Hamas propaganda is printed as gospel, such as when a dead twenty-six-year-old terrorist is listed by the Palestinian Ministry of Death Health as a thirteen-year-old boy, and the mainstream news organizations don’t let that stop them from using casualty figures from the same source.


The Palestinians say the overwhelming number of dead are civilians, so that’s the lie that the press repeats.

Faked photos are published.


Utterly garbled, incoherent accounts are presented.


That piece is totally self-negating. Shells and rockets are not the same thing, and if it were an air strike, they would’ve used missiles or bombs. Words have completely lost their meaning.

And completely fabricated accounts are published unchallenged.

According to [a] senior U.S. officer, who had access to the July 21 Pentagon summary of the previous 24 hours of Israeli operations, the internal report showed that 11 Israeli artillery battalions — a minimum of 258 artillery pieces, according to the officer’s estimate — pumped at least 7,000 high explosive shells into the Gaza neighborhood, which included a barrage of some 4,800 shells during a seven-hour period at the height of the operation. Senior U.S. officers were stunned by the report.

For one thing, the regular Israeli army has only eight battalions of artillery. If eleven battalions were used, it would be 198 guns, not 258, and they’d take up a front eleven miles (18 km) wide. And if 7000 high-explosive 155mm shells were fired, there would be nothing left of Shijaiyah. Yet this photo shows completely undamaged buildings right next to the epicenter of destruction.


Another fabrication: These photos below purport to show before-and-after images of Beit Lahiya bombed to pieces by Israel, but that’s a lie. The July 6, 2023 image depicts the area after trees and greenery were planted.


The July 25, 2014, image is simply shows the same neighborhood before the foliage grew.


There are no craters, and the “formerly green” patches show the tracks of earth-moving equipment such as scrapers and excavators.

The Palestinians provided the imagery and their explanation, and the press obligingly printed it. This is not speculation. There are no craters. How did the Israelis destroy all the trees and grass but leave the earth undisturbed? The “destroyed” houses are actually under construction. Structures being built often look like they were bombed.


But no craters means no munitions.

And this isn’t speculation, either: No fragmentation damage means no Israeli high-explosive munitions were used.

The UN school at Jabalia. This hole was not caused by an Israeli munition.


The IDF has no bomb nor artillery shell that could’ve done it. In this incident, the IDF reported that it fired a tank shell toward a mortar crew engaging Israeli troops. For urban combat, Israeli tanks use the Anti-Personnel/Anti-Material Multipurpose Tank Round M329 Kalanit, which contains six shrapnel canisters. Note that there is no fragmentation damage.

Hamas has the SPG-9 recoilless rifle, a weapon that can blow holes in concrete without causing fragmentation damage. The zombie muttering shows you what it was like when Hamas was firing on the school. For some stupid reason, the terrorists edited the video to change the order of the hits on the Syrian Arab Army outpost. Don’t ask why. It’s fruitless to seek rationality where there is none.

At any rate, the high-explosive antitank (HEAT) round of an SPG-9 makes holes like the ones in the UN school at Jabalia.


Hamas also has the Russian Kornet-E 9M133 antitank guided missile (ATGM).


Look what it can do.


The damage to the UN school doesn’t match Israeli munitions. That’s not speculation.

Terrorists were targeted outside the Rafah Preparatory “A” Boys School on August 3, 2014. This is not speculation. The men were hit with a miniature missile called the Mikholit. A photo taken immediately after the strike confirms that the men were hit far from the school. The green arrow shows the school gates.


The UN initially admitted that the strike did not take place on school grounds.


Then Ban Ki-moon passed written messages of outrage to people who can speak comprehensible English, and the story changed to a strike ON the school that killed ten and wounded thirty-five. All from a missile that left a crater eight inches wide in the asphalt outside the school.


It’s not speculation for me to say that the Palestinians lied, the UN lied, and that it’s impossible for ten people to have been killed by a miniature missile.

Also, it’s not speculation that the press leaves out inconvenient truths. Over 300 Hamas rockets landed in Gaza, Hamas set off over 1000 IEDs, and Hamas uses children as human shields. Here are two terrorists planting an explosively formed penetrator (EFP), knowing the IDF won’t strike them while they’re surrounded by civilians.


Reporters have also lost the ability to read and comprehend, making their articles entirely worthless.


Here’s the source that Christa Case Bryant—Jerusalem BUREAU CHIEF of the Christian Science Monitor—consulted that made her write the phrase I highlighted above.


Fifty-two IDF tanks were damaged, not destroyed. And this is how many did not return to service.

Lebanon _War_tanks.2

Seven. So Christa exaggerated by a factor of 740 percent. Why? Because she’s on the side of the “aboriginal freedom fighters.” Her biases rearranged the letters on the screen, and “damaged” became “destroyed” because she wanted so badly for it to be so.

But my posts aren’t worth reading? Do you not understand that almost the entire global media apparatus is LYING to and about Israel? Sounds crazy, but it’s true. The evidence is overwhelming.

Salem Shamaly had no wounds on the front of his body, and his family told two entirely different stories about how they recovered his “corpse.”


Not speculation.

The Israels never used weaponized white phosphorus on civilians. This photo shows a Hamas mortar shell exploding over a UN school.


Not speculation. The UN, “human rights” groups, the Red Cross, and pretty much every world government conspired to lie about Israel and white phosphorus.

In even the demolished areas of Gaza, there’s very little sign of fragmentation damage.


These buildings were broken apart by pressure waves. Not speculation.

Munitions don’t lie, but journalists do. You decide which to believe—your own eyes, or what people tell you.

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