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Pallywood made by non-Palestinians

Pallywood made by non-Palestinians

I’d like to thank Christina Dickinson for sending me some great Pallywood made by non-Palestinians. This was a tough nut to crack, in the sense that although I knew the video didn’t show what the International Solidarity Movement claims, it took several hours to find the answer. By the end of this piece, you’ll be stunned as I was at the sheer ingenuity and humanity of the Israeli Defense Forces. I had no idea that munitions like this had been developed. Once again, Israel has made science fiction into reality.

First, the video put out by the International Solidarity Movement, the same people who gave us the utterly bogus sniper video from before.

Looks pretty bad, huh? Those Israeli soldiers shot a “youth” and celebrated. The victim had to have surgery on his leg, which was put in a cast.


And here’s patient’s discharge papers from Hebron Hospital, inexplicably written in English. And undated. And with no names of the patient or any doctors.

Doctor's _note

This is the Israeli sniper posing for the photographer of the International Solidarity Movement.


He’s armed with an American Remington M24 Sniper Weapon System, which fires a .300 Winchester Magnum (7.62 X 67 mm) round. You can see four spent casings on the roof beside him. The .300 Winchester Magnum (7.62 X 67 mm) round is huge.


Here’s the damage it does at a much greater range than that between the Israeli sniper and the Palestinian.

If you have the stomach, click the photo to see what the .300 magnum bullet does to flesh, in this case a deer.


Why would an IDF sniper happily let himself be photographed after using such a high-powered rifle to shoot an unarmed “youth”?

In the next image, I believe the sniper is in the middle.

IDF_sniper _team

According to International Solidarity Movement, the sniper said he was proud of what he did, and he asked the prissy Canadian photographer to take his picture.

As Israel fights a war against savages who have the global press on their side, a squad of Israeli soldiers decides to throw gasoline on the fire by shooting a teenager and then posing for photographers? Really?

Of course not. As is always the case, the anti-Israel crowd had to manufacture another fake atrocity, because the IDF simply doesn’t commit enough of them.

First, in case you don’t know, most videos can be made to go full screen. For YouTube, you click the little box I’ve marked with the green arrow.


To leave full-screen mode, just press your escape (ESC) key.

When we go full screen, we see that both “youths”—the one “shot” is actually an eighteen-year-old man—were throwing things off the top of a building.

Here’s 0:05.


And here’s 0:09.


They could be throwing rocks, chunks of metal, massive ball bearings… From that height, heavy objects will damage cars or even kill people. And guess what? They weren’t alone. See the man at the green arrow?


Another Palestinian thrower. I froze him at 0:31, but he comes in earlier. He’s using a sling, a favorite weapon of Palestinian protestors.

The International Solidarity Movement didn’t tell us about him, did they?

Slings are deadly weapons. With practice, you can get really accurate with them.

Here’s something else they did without telling us. At 0:43, they edited the film. Note the crossed ankles of the sniper’s spotter, the man third from left.


We start to blur as we zoom in. The spotter’s ankles are still crossed.


As we get to the blurred closeup, the spotter is now spreadeagled.


And when we focus, there he is, legs apart.


Since the soundtrack is consistent, this means the video was edited to conceal something. An undetermined length of time was taken out in order to manipulate viewers. The people who gave us this video would’ve removed only imagery that was favorable to the soldiers. They rigged up this hatchet job in a studio, which makes it utterly worthless as evidence of a crime.

Still, a man was shot with a .300 Magum (7.62 X 67 mm) bullet, right?

Wrong. But first we need to expose two more lies.

After the thrower is hit, he sits down, gets up, and faces the camera as he scuttles away.


That means he’s holding out his left leg. But the Hebron Hospital put a cast on his right leg.


Are the doctors at Hebron Hospital utterly incompetent? No. Obviously this is a photo of a different person.

Also, the “medical report” says he was shot in the calf. Impossible. The height of the roof ledge prevented that.


The throwers were on the roof of a three-story building, while the sniper was on top of a two- or three-story structure.


Either way, the sniper could not have seen the throwers’ calves.

The sniper observed through his scope where the round struck. Snipers are different from you and me. They take pride in their marksmanship, so they always note where they hit the target. The Israeli sniper told his squad mates which part of the Palestinian thrower he shot.


The buttock, which makes sense on many levels: It’s a much bigger target, it’s less likely to hit bone, and it’s humiliating.

“Got him right in the ass!”

BUT STILL! Shooting someone with ball ammunition—the full metal jacket—just for throwing rocks?

Nope. That’s not what happened. You know what the bullets were made of?


Compressed sand. In 2005, Israel developed bullets made of compressed sand, which they use as nonlethal rounds. I spent hours looking at Israeli Palestinian human rights Websites, trying to find the answer to why an IDF sniper would shoot a rock thrower in full view of hostile cameramen, and not one of these blubbering, whining, dishonest, self-loathing organizations had the integrity to list the sand bullet as part of the Israeli arsenal.

I discovered its existence by finding an Indian article, which then allowed me to reverse-engineer my search back to Israel.

The sand bullets can be fired from any rifle. The IDF announced their adoption, but neither the press nor the “human rights” groups are intellectually honest enough to tell us.


That’s why the Israeli soldiers are laughing. A bunch of Palestinians came to the Jewish quarter of Hebron and began using slings to try and hurt people, so the IDF shot a man in the rump with a sand bullet. It stung him and made him stop throwing stuff. He’s fine.

Try and find any information about the use of sand bullets. I’ve been studying the IDF for almost forty years, and today was the first time I’d heard of them.

There is a global conspiracy to defame Israel. Even Israelis have internalized the slobbering, moronic hate.

Well, I’m no crowd follower, so I want to tip my hat again to the IDF for making such a brilliant technological leap forward. SAND BULLETS! Who would’ve thought?

Admit it: You’d love to shoot destructive nihilists in the rear end with sand bullets.

And thanks again to Christina Dickinson for bringing this utterly idiotic example of Pallywood to my attention. I appreciate it.


Just got a message from a special operator.

Sand bullets are similar in principle to the frangible bullets used in close-quarters battle (CQB) training. Metal powder is compressed at room temperature or glued together to produce a solid bullet. When it hits a hard surface, it’s pulverized, so there’s no danger of ricochets, fragments, or over-penetration. This kind of ammunition is called reduced ricochet, limited penetration (RRLP).

Metal frangible bullets were developed for use on aircraft, ships, or in nuclear reactors. The sand bullet was developed by the Israeli Prisons Authority for use in riots.

While metal frangible bullets disintegrate on hard surfaces, sand bullets do so on soft. That makes them ideal less-than-lethal rounds.

Update Two

Here’s why the soldiers shot the “youth,” He wasn’t throwing rocks or ball bearings.

“In the video in question a Palestinian is seen throwing a Molotov cocktail towards IDF forces that were on the ground,” the spokesperson said. “Following the incident, the soldiers behaved inconsistently with the IDF values. Disciplinary measures were taken by their commanders. The IDF expects its soldiers to maintain a high level of professionalism at all times. Any soldier demonstrating inappropriate behavior will bear the consequences of his actions accordingly.”

The spokesperson said that the soldiers were reprimanded.

The article says “apparently live ammunition,” which means the reporter didn’t bother checking IDF rules of engagement.


Live ammunition is reserved for cases of mortal danger. The IDF absolutely does not fire the .300 Magum (7.62 X 67 mm) round at rioters. Instead, Israeli soldiers use .22 caliber bullets.




These .22 caliber weapons are fired as a last resort, only after a commanding officer gives permission.


Does the video show urgency or mortal danger? If IDF soldiers are required to get permission to shoot .22 rounds when they’re under imminent threat, do you think they’re ever allowed to fire the massively powerful .300 Magum (7.62 X 67 mm) round of the M24, even at Molotov cocktail throwers?

These soldiers were disciplined for merely yucking it up. Imagine what would’ve happened to them if they had used live ammunition. Remember, there are four empty cartridge cases on the rooftop.


They used sand bullets.

Final update

Definitive proof that they did not fire live ammunition.

In the past, soldiers serving in Judea and Samaria were allowed to shoot at Palestinians throwing Molotov cocktails. They were also allowed to shoot in the air to disperse Palestinians throwing rocks.

Under the new rules of engagement, they are only allowed to open fire if the Palestinian is throwing a Molotov cocktail at a civilian car.

That article dates from 2010. Another phony sniper video utterly debunked.

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