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In Hamas, you die twice

In Hamas, you die twice

To be a member of Hamas, you have to be able to use children as human shields, break all agreements you make, fire rockets at civilians, dig like a mole rat, and—most importantly—you must be able to die twice.

Hamas loves death so much that its list of terrorists and alleged civilians who were killed in the war on Israel includes people who were listed twice.

Hamas also included in its death toll…the large number of civilians killed by Hamas’ rockets and mortar shells that fell short of their targets. Others were executed by Hamas for allegedly providing Israel with intelligence information…

[D]eath notices were announced both by Hamas and by Palestinian Authority interior security forces.

“Dual identity allows Hamas to employ many military operatives in the security forces, give their activity governmental legitimacy, and pay them salaries intended for members of the security forces in the Gaza Strip,” [the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC)] explained.

For example, the Facebook page of the National Security Forces Headquarters announced the death of Ibrahim al-Balawi, and Hamas did the same, inflating the casualty list on a “two for the price of one” basis.

So, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem: Hamas includes in its death toll Palestinians that it accidentally killed, Palestinians that it murdered, and men counted twice because they worked for both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

This is why actors should avoid talking about important things and should stick to acting and fondling each others’ rear ends.

EXCLUSIVE... Exclusive...Butt-squeeze Bardem and Cheeky Cruz Heat up Brazil

Such classy people! Never shake hands with them, though.

Of the many ways the Palestinians inflate their death toll, this particular ruse is as stupid as Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.

One soldier serving in Gaza told The Jewish Press that a “civilian” house that was hit by the IDF resulted in the deaths of 14 terrorists, whom Hamas easily could claim as “civilians” because they were in residential building from which they were firing at soldiers.

Only civilians ever occupy houses. Yes. It is physically impossible for terrorists to enter a house. If they try, they melt into goo.

Or maybe the IDF has invented special weapons that kill only military-age men, as was suggested by Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch.

When they say “watch,” I think they mean a timepiece that you wear on your wrist, because they’re about as useful as this when it comes to exposing and stopping genuine atrocities.

Nobody died once or twice in this video

I found a great video that shows exactly how the Israelis dispose of weapons caches and protect Palestinian civilians. It was uploaded as “Israeli air strike on house.” An outrageous outrage, I say!

The house is hit at 0:35, after which a swamp-dweller from Louisiana and a bunch of chickens say, “Allahu akbar!

The reason it was filmed is that the Israelis warned the Palestinians, giving them time to evacuate and set up a camera. Yes, the house exploded, but did you see any flames? Nope. Because it was an inert bomb. I froze it in midair for you.


The dark-blue color means that it’s the BDU-56, a cast-iron casing filled with cement or wet sand.

Here’s an Israeli F-16 taking off with two BDU-56s.


This is the primary impact. It’s not an explosion, because the bomb is inert.

You can see that the munition went all the way down to the lowest floor. The green arrow shows a cloud of concrete dust, but there’s no orange fireball, PROOF that the bomb was inert. All its energy was spent when it ended up in the basement.

Now we have a SECONDARY explosion.

Inert bombs don’t make geysers of smoke and debris; the house was an explosives depot. Since the residents were warned, I’m also betting that the last thing they did before leaving was flip a switch to make sure the explosives went off. That way they could claim that the IDF used an explosive aerial munition. But that’s a lie. There was no primary explosion.

And here’s another possibility for why the smoke is orange.


A BDU-56 will indeed cause a shock compression of explosives.

Finally we see the boiling dark smoke of an IED (green arrow).

Compare that color to the light-gray smoke of the initial impact (red arrow), which is only concrete dust. The darker color is the result of explosives stored in the house.

Looking around, I may have discovered why Israeli inert bombs are so effective.

I think they add a hardened steel nose to the cast-iron body, which would do a fantastic job of piercing any structure.

Totally non-war-crimey. The only people who think so are boneheads, Jew-haters, and coarse millionaires who clutch each others’ buttocks in public.

But I repeat myself.

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