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IDF kills three Hamas commanders

IDF kills three Hamas commanders

The Israeli Defense Forces have killed three Hamas commanders. They were Mohammed Abu Shamalah, Raed Attar, and Mohammed Barhoum. According to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Shin Bet—Israel’s internal counterespionage and counterterrorism agency—located the three terrorists, who were killed in an air strike.

First, the IDF video of the strike.

Now the aftermath.

Since that Reuters report was a little too levelheaded—despite the attempt at ice-cold fury that the American voiceover actor gave to Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri—they put out a second one with much more incendiary language and imagery.

I know, I know: The Jews dropped bombs that sought out and wounded only small children and their parents. Got it.

Okay, now we’ll talk about what happened here on planet Earth. Note that in the photo of the aftermath, there’s no fragmentation damage anywhere.

If the Israeli Air Force had dropped an explosive munition, the buildings surrounding the demolished “house” would be scarred with many small holes from the shattered steel casing of the bomb.

You can see that the building behind the target structure has lost its front. It was knocked off by a pressure wave. However, the buildings to the side are intact. There’s no aerial munition in existence that can channel the shock wave in only one direction. This is further proof that the Israelis dropped an inert bomb.

Note the that yellow excavator removing rubble is sitting in the middle of the ruins. Thus there’s no crater. This too proves that the Israelis did not use an explosive aerial munition.

Finally, the IDF video itself shows that an inert bomb—almost certainly a 2000-lb (907 kg) BDU-56—was dropped.

Here’s the initial impact.

The bomb hit the front or in front of the building, It was guided to fly almost horizontally, like these BDU-56 bombs used in a training exercise.

Another reason I know that it was an inert bomb is that if it were explosive, I wouldn’t have been able to isolate the moment of impact. The explosion would’ve been simultaneous with the impact.

Although the impact looks dark in the video, that’s because the attack was carried out at night, and this is forward-looking infrared (FLIR) imagery. In daylight the impact would’ve been light gray. The kinetic energy heated the dust cloud, but there’s no primary explosion.

However, there are two or maybe three secondary explosions.

You can tell that there are at least two secondaries, because you can see the rounded, separate lobes, like two giant pieces of cauliflower. An explosive Israeli aerial munition would not have caused a double-lobed smoke cloud.

Those explosions are from the weapons depot that was in the building. My guess is that Shin Bet knew the location of the depot and told the pilot to hit it. Inert munitions are often dropped straight down. When they come in at an angle, it means that they’re aiming for a specific place.

This video shows an inert Israeli bomb setting off explosives in a depot under a building.

The impact happens at 0:26. If you listen carefully, you hear two explosions: the first is the BDU-56 hitting, and the second is the weapons depot going off.

I’ve isolated the BDU-56 in flight.


You can even see the light-gray JDAM guidance kit on it.

Now, this is very important, because it PROVES that the IDF uses inert bombs: With my catlike reflexes, I was able to isolate the moment of impact. This frame shows the video at precisely the instant you hear the first explosion.

No fireball, no mushroom cloud, therefore no explosive aerial munition. The boiling black smoke you see is from the Hamas rockets and IEDs that blew up and brought down the building. And that’s exactly what happened to Mohammed Abu Shamalah, Raed Attar, and Mohammed Barhoum. They were killed by their own weapons.


I said earlier that now I know what it feels like to be Israeli. What I meant is that I get a lot—a lot—of messages from completely deranged Jew-haters, like this Chilean mental patient.

I won’t post my answers, because people have politely asked me to please not use profanity, so that they can send my posts to others. My replies to this Jew-hating maniac were full of extremely bad words.

In response to my profanity-laden mockery, he told me to get a job doing hasbara. It’s the standard Neo-Nazi insult. So I said, “Thanks for admitting defeat,” to which he raved this.

As you can see, he’s completely off his rocker. What I’d said was that opposing Israel isn’t antisemitic, but for some odd reason, every single person who opposes Israel just happens to hate Jews. I’d mentioned nothing about wiping out all the Muslims in the world.

He said that because he himself thinks in terms of extermination. All the time. He’s got Jews living in his head twenty-four hours a day. Remember what he said earlier, that there must be a reason that the world hates Jews?

Right. And there had to be a reason why Ted Bundy murdered dozens of women. It’s because he was an evil, homicidal psychopath. The Chilean maniac hates Jews and wants to exterminate them because he’s an evil person. And then he said this to me.

I won’t tell you what I told him to go do to himself.

Imagine being so unhinged that in virtually the same breath you express bloodthirsty hatred and call for compassion, love, and understanding.

You can’t argue with people who are out of their minds. All you can do is impeach them with facts. Ask them to show you the fragmentation damage in photos. If there’s no fragmentation damage, it means that the IDF is NOT the source of the destruction.

End of story.


News from planet Earth.

After being hit with 213 rockets, Israel takes action, and here’s how it’s reported.

Damn you, Israel! Those were 213 TRUCE ROCKETS! They had TRUCE WARHEADS on them! Damn you for shattering the truce with your WAR BOMBS!

Update two

I’ve read several news reports and gotten messages that the Israelis dropped “several one-ton bombs on a house in Rahfah.”

Here’s FLIR video of a single explosive 2000-lb JDAM used in Afghanistan.

Note the characteristic tall, thin mushroom cloud; the scale of the destruction (fragmentation damage for 400 yards [366 meters]) in every direction; and the deep crater.

If the Israelis had dropped several explosive GBU-31 bombs on the building, the whole block would be gone. It doesn’t matter what claims are being made. Look at the evidence. Your eyes don’t lie to you.

With a little more work, I was able to isolate the BDU-56 in midflight.

There it is. Just one. I also isolated the precise moment of impact.

That’s not an explosion. It’s the 2000 pounds of kinetic energy punching through the front of the building. The structure then blew up and collapsed, but not because the IDF used an explosive munition.

“Jihad is our way, and death for Allah our most exalted wish.”

—al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas

May all our wishes come true.

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