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Pallywood bombs

Pallywood bombs

Pallywood bombs. All the time. Its sniper video was transparently fake, the bloodied Crying Man had no dead father to cry about, and the nonexistent market shoppers were blown up by Hamas rockets. A favorite Pallywood production is “unexploded Israeli bombs” lying around...everywhere! This is because Israel is carrying out a genocidal aerial bombing campaign. As you’ll see, this is another lie that’s passed along by the Hamas stenographers and propagandists, otherwise known as the western media.

First some examples of “unexploded Israeli bombs.” All the captions describe them as such.




And this one, which inspired me to write this post.


That’s not an unexploded Israeli bomb, and neither are the others. I’ll explain how I know this in a minute. First, some background. The Israelis use the MK-80 “family” of bombs. The ones in these photos are all the size of the MK-84 2000-lb general-purpose (GP) bomb. This is the cross section.


You can put a fuse in the nose or in the tail. Pay close attention to the tail. It’s very important in identifying what the Palestinians claim are deadly, unexploded Israeli bombs.

The MK-84 has a rolled-steel, machined casing—the bomb’s body. When the 945 lb (428.6 kg) of Tritonal high explosive is detonated, the casing shatters into jagged shards, and a gigantic pressure wave goes smashing out in all directions for 1200 feet (366 meters).

This video shows MK-84 bombs doing what they were built to do. The men on the receiving end are heartless, murdering, raping, child-molesting, Wahabbist fanatics who are trying to impose their religious views on people who reject them.

You can see the bombs in midair. MK-84 bombs are so large that they’re always caught on film. Remember that too. And they form distinct mushroom clouds.

The Israeli MK-84s are generally guided versions fitted with the Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) kit or the Israeli Spice kit. When an MK-84 general-purpose bomb becomes a JDAM, it’s called a GBU-31. In this illustration, the guidance kit is light gray.


Here’s an Israeli MK-84 Spice bomb.


Two things to keep in mind: Guided bombs have extra fittings, and Israeli bombs are painted glossy light blue. Now, some statistics. In Operation Cast Lead (December 27, 2008, to January 18, 2024) 81 percent of the bombs the Israelis dropped were guided. Since 2009 the Israelis have increased the percentage of guided munitions in their arsenal.

Do you see even the vestiges of guidance kits on the “unexploded bombs” in the Pallywood photos?

According to the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict—the Goldstone Report—99 percent of Israeli bombs used in Operation Cast Lead hit their targets accurately.



It’s science fiction that became reality. Nobody else has such capabilities. Nobody. As the Goldstone Report admits, the Israelis took superhuman precautions, and Israeli pilots are so good that it doesn’t matter if they use guided or unguided bombs. The accuracy is the same.

Now, here’s the most important thing you’ll learn about the air campaign against terrorists in Gaza: The Israelis don’t use MK-84 bombs filled with high explosive. They use inert bombs filled with concrete or wet sand. In urban environments like Beirut or Gaza, the Israelis use guided practice bombs.

concrete _bombs

When filled with concrete, the MK-84 is called a “low-yield bomb,” a “dumb bomb,” or an inert bomb. The official name is the BDU-56.


This is what it looks like.


It’s made of cast iron, not steel. See how thick the metal is around the fuse hole in the tail? Go back to the cross section of the Mk-84 above and note the thickness of the metal at the tail. It’s the evidence you need to debunk these Pallywood “unexploded Israeli bomb” photos.

So how much damage can a concrete-filled bomb do? Here’s video of actual BDU-56s hitting targets on a range. Compare the impact to the video of the 2000-lb JDAMs being used in Afghanistan.

A couple of obnoxious British guys made a useful video showing the difference between an explosive aerial bomb and the inert bombs that the Israelis use in Gaza.

This is the reason why you see so many photos of Palestinians standing casually next to “unexploded Israeli bombs.” It’s because THE BOMBS ARE FILLED WITH CONCRETE AND CAN’T EXPLODE.

Not only that, the “unexploded Israeli bombs” are often neither Israeli nor bombs. This image is said to depict an unexploded Israeli bomb in a Lebanese house.


Wrong on three counts. It’s an inert bomb, so it can’t explode; it was obviously carried into the house, put on the floor, and covered with junk found in the street; and it’s the wrong color. This bomb is dark green over a red-brown primer. You know who uses dark-green aerial bombs? Why, the Lebanese army!


That’s the LAF-GS-ER2, a locally made version of an MK-80 series bomb.

Oh no! The Israelis are even bombing UN food-distribution centers! Luckily it was another of the many duds falling from the skies. The proper acronym is UXO, for “unexploded ordnance.”


It is indeed a bomb, since it has two suspension lugs, but see the hole behind the front lug? That’s the charging well. It has no plug, which means the bomb is inert or just an empty casing. Whenever Palestinians cluster around an “unexploded Israeli bomb,” that tells you its inert or empty. They almost never show you the tail opening because that would reveal that there’s nothing inside.

This casing is painted green, red-brown, and sand-yellow in what appears to be a camouflage pattern. Therefore it’s not Israeli. Someone obviously just placed the bomb there. It’s sitting on the ground, not in it. Remember, it weighs 2000 pounds, and it was dropped from a jet fighter. Why is there absolutely no disturbed earth?

The US sells Mk-84 bombs to Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Saudi aerial munitions are camouflaged in brown, green, and sand-yellow.


How hard do you think it would be for Hamas to get their hands on an empty casing or a repainted BDU-56 from a neighboring country that might be sympathetic, due to all the propaganda about Israeli genocide?

Here’s a Palestinian police officer cautiously inspecting an “unexploded Israeli bomb.”


It was gently lowered to the ground by a special Hamas Inert Bomb-Placing Battalion. There aren’t even scratch marks on the street, and there’s no damage to the trees or houses. These weapons have a trajectory; for this bomb to have landed where it is, it had to have come from the right or the left. It obviously didn’t.

(By the way, look at the huge mall in the background. An “open-air prison” with malls?)

Note that you can see the separation line around the nose cone, which reveals that the entire thing has no paint. Somebody sanded off the paint because he was going to sell the steel casing for scrap, and then Hamas came and demanded it for propaganda.

Now we get to another source of these “unexploded Israeli bombs.” Check out the next photo. See how thin the metal of the tail is? Also, almost every tail of every “bomb” in these photos is flattened or dented. This “bomb” has a broken tail. And why is it covered in dried mud?


Look back at the cross section of the MK-84 above and the photo of the inert BDU-56. The metal in the tail of the real bomb is very thick in order to accept a screw-in fuse plug. THEREFORE THIS IS NOT AN ISRAELI BOMB. And this casing is EMPTY. You can see that there’s no explosive inside. It appears to have a charging-well hole, but there’s no plug, and the support lugs have been cut off. Even if it were a bomb, it therefore couldn’t be carried by an aircraft. This is a junkyard artifact that poses no danger to anyone.

To date, I haven’t seen even one photo of an “Israeli unexploded bomb” with the tail fins intact. Behold an inert Mk-83 1000-lb bomb dropped on a range in Arizona.


The tail fins usually survive the impact. Why does every single “unexploded Israeli bomb” in Lebanon and Gaza have no tail fins?

Some of the ordnance in the Pallywood photos might be BDU-56s from years ago, but they’re categorically NOT “unexploded Israeli bombs.” If I were a western reporter in Gaza, I’d just jump into the ocean and start swimming until I sank from sight. Forever. All western reporters in Gaza are disgraces.

So what compels the American Secretary of State to emit sonorous gibberish from his weird, claylike, messed-up, plastic-surgery-disaster face? (His profile is utterly hideous.)

The answer is that he’s been fooled by videos like this, titled “Israeli air strikes within an hour, completely leveled. ‘Precision strikes.'” The American Secretary of State gets all his information from Liveleak and YouTube.

Nope. Sorry. Those aren’t air strikes. Those are buildings being blown up by Hamas. No aerial munitions are seen, there are secondary explosions, and the fireballs expand horizontally. Hamas has turned thousands of houses into bombs.


Israeli solders show how the houses are wired up, the walls packed with explosives.

People watch video of giant explosions, and they think the Israelis are indiscriminately bombing civilians. That’s a total lie. The Israelis use precision-guided INERT bombs that don’t blow up, and then the Palestinians recover the casings, put them where they want, call over a photographer, and gaze in sorrow at the camera because this “unexploded Israeli bomb” is lying there, ready to kill nothing but children.

Palestinian terrorists and the western media have a long, tender, loving relationship.


Hamas could be getting inert BDU-56 bombs or empty casings from Arab neighbors, or they could be making their own prop-bombs from the Syrian M-302 Khaiber-1 rockets, a shipload of which Israeli special forces captured on March 5, 2014. There seems to be no quality control, since every nose cone looks different.


The one in the center background resembles many of the “unexploded Israeli bombs” we see in photos. Also, this missile falls apart into convenient pieces.


You can see in the drawing that the nose-cone line matches the one in the stupid photo below, the one that angered me into exposing the bombs of Pallywood. And like in so many other images, the “bomb” is sitting ON the earth because it’s empty and so light that two guys carried it over and said, “Here! This looks good! Now take a picture, or we’ll kill you, and you four stand there and gawk, or we’ll kill you, and you bend down and look up its butt, or we’ll kill you.”


In conclusion, the Israelis are not massacring anybody except for terrorists. Every single photo of an “unexploded Israeli bomb” I’ve seen is a hoax. The Israelis are making an almost inconceivably valiant effort to spare civilians, as proven by their 99 percent accuracy in bombing and in their use of inert ordnance. The world should be applauding them.

Instead, the Israelis get what I get.


Okay, I’ll watch my back one, and you watch my front one. I can make them both juggle ping-pong balls, sailor-boy. Me love you long time.

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