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The not-dead little girl

The not-dead little girl

On August 3, 2014, The Israeli Defense Forces fired a small missile at two terrorists riding a motorcycle near the Rafah Preparatory “A” Boys School. Human Rights Watch has called this attack a war crime. In reality it was a surgical strike that was immediately exploited by the Palestinians, Hamas, “human rights” groups, and the global press. One of the many “victims” was a not-dead little girl who became a prop in the hands of uncaring fanatics. Now that high-definition photos have been made available, we can prove the fraud.

To recap, the IDF used a tiny missile called the Mikholit. This photo shows the light-blue container under the wing of an Israeli Bell AH1 Cobra gunship.


A photographer accidentally revealed that the two terrorists were hit far from the school. The green arrow marks the school gates.


The crater was tiny.


I was able to calculate that it’s about eight inches (17.6 cm) in diameter. The actual hole is less than three inches (7.7 cm) wide.


The Mikholit causes minimal blast and fragmentation damage. This photo shows the immediate aftermath of another Mikholit attack that killed two terrorists on a motorcycle. It’s somewhat gruesome.


Note that the motorcycle is virtually intact. The two men and the seat were blown off the bike, but there’s no fragmentation damage to the street. More importantly, there are no wounded passersby. This is because the Mikholit is more like an explosive heavy-caliber bullet than a missile.

The Palestinians and Human Rights Watch say that twelve people were killed and thirty-five were wounded in the missile strike outside the Rafah Preparatory “A” Boys School. That’s a lie. By the time the first video was shot, the two wounded terrorists had been dragged onto the school grounds, and people had begun pretending to be injured.

This man is allegedly wounded in the leg. So what do they do? They grab and bend his “injured” leg.


He has no reaction, because that’s fake blood on him.

Everything in this BBC report is a lie. There’s isn’t a single truth in it.

1. There was no carnage, and it wasn’t at the school gates.

2. Death did not rain down, it hit no children, and they weren’t playing.

3. Israel DID target “militants” on a motorbike. They were hit with a tiny munition in the street, far from the school, precisely because the IDF wanted to avoid killing civilians.

4. The UN first admitted that the strike took place outside the school.


Only later did shivering, lying, Israel-hating, UNRWA weirdo Robert Turner claim that the school itself was targeted.

5. Every single “innocent victim” shown in the hospital parking lot has no visible injury. They’re all faking.

6. The thirteen-year-old boy with the sucking chest wound isn’t being given oxygen. Since we saw uninjured people in the parking lot being given oxygen, the hospital obviously has it. The reason the boy isn’t being given any is because he isn’t wounded. He’s playacting.

7. There’s an empty bed beside sad, grim, outraged Orla Guerin.


That means the hospital wasn’t “overwhelmed,” there was no need to “treat” people in the parking lot, and Orla Guerin is in on the fraud.

8. The Palestinian mother didn’t find her fatally wounded son on the school grounds, because the terrorists were targeted on the street, far from the school.

9. None of the “dead boy’s” relatives are crying. They’re using handkerchiefs to wipe dry eyes.

10. As far as I can tell, only one terrorist may have been killed by the Mikholit. Therefore the hospital morgue was not stuffed to capacity, and the corpses in the hospital are props.

The not-dead little girl

Palestinians often get careless in their propaganda, because sympathizers like Orla Guerin discreetly avert their eyes to avoid seeing the blatant lies. In this video a man places what appears to be a dead little girl on the flagstones beside one of the terrorists dragged onto the school grounds.

If she’s dead, the Palestinians killed her. But I don’t think she’s dead. Either she’s acting, or she’s been drugged.

There were several photos of a young man heroically racing off with the little girl, trying desperately to save her life.


He didn’t actually go anywhere but just kept running for the photographers.


I knew the entire scene was fake, and now I have the evidence, thanks to high-definition photos that someone posted in an attempt to smear the IDF.

Here’s the little girl in the school courtyard.


And here she is out on the street.


Total, inarguable fraud. When she’s in the courtyard, her hair is loose, and the “wound” on her left arm is above her wrist.


But later, out on the street, her hair is in a ponytail, and the “wound” now covers the back of her hand.


In the courtyard, you can see that she’s defecated in her pants. What happened was that they first pretended to run her to safety, and then they put her next to the wounded terrorist. They fooled around for hours, and she lost control of her bowels. Somewhere in the process of making this propaganda, her hair came undone and the rubber wound on her arm fell off.


They put the wound back on, but made it bigger. This and the problems with her hair are what’s known in film-making as “continuity errors.” Regardless of how large the wound was, it didn’t bleed, which means it’s fake.

Hopefully the little girl was only acting. Knowing Palestinians, we have no guarantee of that.

Still, the Israelis had nothing to do with her fate. If she is dead, Orla Guerin is more responsible than any member of the IDF.


Someone just sent me this photo.


After that wonderful, loving man put her on the flagstones, the little girl partially closed her mouth.


More proof that she wasn’t dead. The blood on her pants and the “wound” on her arm are makeup.

A Jew-hating Irish mental patient named Greg tweeted this to me.


He’s one of the many who are disappointed when Palestinian children aren’t killed.

Update Two

The Jew-hating Irish mental patient Greg has threatened to sue me for calling him a Jew hater. He’s unaware that he can sue me for libel only if I identified him by his real name—which I don’t think is Greg #ICC4Israel—and if I knew that my allegations were false.

The trial should be fun.








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